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Do Motorcycles Have Cruise Control?

When you're taking your motorcycle out for long rides, it's not uncommon to experience hand fatigue and cramping after hours on the road. This is a part of the experience and why riders pull off the road to give their hands a rest. It's not much fun to keep rolling down the road when your hands hurt, so it's better to take a break for your safety and comfort. Cruise control would help avoid this uncomfortable situation.

Do motorcycles have cruise control?

The answer to this question is that some motorcycles do but most do not. Older model bikes were not made with cruise control. You might find a few of the older bikes that have been modified with a throttle lock, which is similar to cruise control, but it's rare. According to Motoinsanity, the reason why you won't find cruise control in the older motorcycles is that motorcycle technology had not advanced to that point at the time they were designed.

Which motorcycles have cruise control?

Cruise control is a fairly new technology in the motorcycle industry. It hasn't been that long since cruise control was introduced as an optional feature. Some of the motorcycles that come with optional cruise control include BMW's K 1600 GTL, the R1200GS, the S1000XR, KTM's 1290 Super Adventure, the Yamaha FJR1300ES, the Triumph Tiger Explorer, the Ducati 959 Panigale, and Suzuki's Bandit 1250S.

How does cruise control on motorcycles work?

According to Money Control, cruise control for motorcycles first came out for four-wheel ATVs. The technology evolved over the years with new systems that are designed to lock the motorcycle in at a set speed without the need to hold the throttle open. Some later model motorcycles are equipped with adaptive cruise control to help ease hand fatigue during long rides. Some bikes feature simple systems that are added to ride-by-wire-throttles. This is the most common type you find in the KTM 1290 Super Adventure. BMW offers a more advanced type of cruise control that gives riders the option for changing the set speed via electronic switches. Motorcycles that are equipped with the more advanced adaptive cruise control also come with radar sensors featuring a transmitter and receiver. This more sophisticated system will detect the speed of vehicles in the front of the motorcycle and automatically adjust the set speed, decreasing the set speed for slower moving vehicles in front and increasing the set speed when the vehicle ahead speeds up. The electronic control unit collects data to maintain the exact distance from vehicles ahead of the motorcycle, and it can also apply the brakes to maintain a precise distance from the vehicle in the front.

Can you add cruise control to older motorcycles?

According to The Drive, if you have a motorcycle that does not have cruise control, you can usually add a throttle lock to help ease the discomfort of hand cramping. Motorcycle throttle locks are made to fit an assortment of motorcycles. They're not that difficult to install and they can make a difference in your enjoyment of longer rides.

What are the types of motorcycle throttle locks?

There are several different types of motorcycle throttle locks. The most generic is throttle sleeve motorcycle locks. These are universal devices that are made to adapt to most types of motorcycles. They engage and disengage easily with your thumb. Rubber grip throttle locks are another type that is controlled with the thumb and forefinger. They are made of composite material and have no moving parts or switches. It takes seconds to install them but they do take up a fair amount of grip space on the handlebars. Another type is the bar end throttle locks. These are smaller devices that take up less space on the handlebars with a simple design that mounts securely and easily. Finally, throttle assists are another simple type of cruise control that is controlled with the thumb. They allow you to adjust the speed at any speed when the bike is in motion. This type is usually designed for specific motorcycle makes and models so you need to be sure you buy the right one for your bike.

Popular throttle lock brands

The most popular brands of motorcycle throttle lock are Atlas, made by a company in New Zealand. Kemimoto is a brand that has been around for about a decade. They make a variety of spare parts and accessories, including throttle locks. Kaoko has been around for 20 years and is an award-winning manufacturer that offers the Kaoko throttle lock cruise control for motorcycles.

Why use cruise control on motorcycles?

Cruise control can help to improve your riding experience in many ways. Simple systems that are easy to operate can help you to give your hands a break and reduce hand fatigue and cramping. These devices are ideal for bumpy roads and they can help to improve your fuel mileage. You won't need to make as many stops to rest your hands and you'll arrive at your destination much faster when you can just drive straight through.

Final thoughts

Not all riders are fond of the idea of using cruise control on their motorcycles because it's not something they're used to having. Others find the devices to be useful for enhancing their enjoyment of longer rides. Some of the newer motorcycles are available with a choice of simple cruise control or a more sophisticated technology called adaptive cruise control. Throttle locks are available from a variety of manufacturers if you decide that you want to add this feature to your motorcycle. They're usually easy to install and easy to operate. Whether or not to use cruise control is a personal choice and there is no right or wrong. It's just one more modern convenience that is available to make your ride more enjoyable.

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