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20 Things You Didn't Know about Dovetail


What do you know about the research and analytics company Dovetail? You may be very familiar with the company. On the other hand, you may not know anything about them at all. They're one of the more innovative companies to come along in some time, allowing individuals to conduct research on virtually any type of topic and then store that information through their app. The information is then there for anyone else who wants to do research about a similar topic. You might think of it as a giant research library that exists in cyberspace. If you're interested in learning more, here are 20 things about the company that might surprise you.

1. Their system is intuitive

These days, it isn't really all that surprising to work with an intuitive system. There are a lot of companies that are using AI to create these types of systems. That said, there are relatively few of them that are capable of creating something as intuitive as this particular platform. The company has spent a great deal of time ensuring that their system is as intuitive as possible. Furthermore, they continue to work on that aspect of things, ensuring that as technology changes, so too does their system. The goal is to make sure that they always have the system that is most intuitive, as that is a primary aspect of this particular platform to begin with.

2. It’s also considered one of the most collaborative systems of its type

One of the most interesting things about the company is that the system they've created isn't just intuitive, but also collaborative in the extreme. Anyone is capable of uploading data to the system. If you are a marketing manager or you are otherwise in charge of customer development, you can upload key points and then almost immediately, the system allows you to see patterns that you might have missed otherwise. By the same token, you can benefit from the research that has already been undertaken by countless numbers of individuals that have come before you. It truly is one of the most comprehensive systems in existence, allowing you to conduct research in a fraction of the time.

3. They help you find everything you need in one place

One of the best things about this system is that the company has created something that allows you to find everything you need in one place. Gone are the days when you used to have to search through websites, paper reports, customer complaints and anything and everything else you could get your hands on in order to try to figure out where you could reach customers more effectively. Instead of spending almost all of your time chasing down paper trails and going through bits and pieces of information that may or may not make sense, you can find everything you need in one place.

4. You can find information in a fraction of the time it used to take you

Obviously, it's not going to take you as long to do the research you need to do when you don't have to track everything down one piece at a time. It's already been mentioned that this reduces the amount of time it takes you to do effective research, but it's so important that it is worth mentioning again. When you don't spend all of your time tracking down fragmented information and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself, you suddenly have time to do other things that allow you to communicate more effectively with potential customers. That's the entire reason that you're doing this to begin with, so it only makes sense that you would utilize something that allows you to do exactly that.

5. They made $63 million in their first round of fundraising alone

Clearly, investors believe in the company, too. During their very first round of fundraising, they made $63 million. That's not unheard of, but it's not always the easiest thing to get investors to decide that they will back a particular project, especially when you're talking about the first round of fundraising. At that particular point in time, everything is very fresh and new. There's always the potential that it simply won't work out. As such, investors can be hesitant to jump on board. That clearly wasn't the case here and that speaks a great deal about what the company itself is capable of doing.

6. You can transcribe information and let the system help you find patterns

The company created a system that allows you to transcribe information, upload videos and look for other types of documents such as texts, emails, and videos. You can even look through social media platforms. The good news is that you don't have to look through all of these things by yourself and then put it all together in some report. The system is intuitive, remember? It's able to put all of this information together for you and show you something complete without you spending hours upon hours searching for it.

7. It’s all about stripping down the world of personalized advertising

At its core, the company exists to do one thing. They create personalized ads for potential customers. That's what all of the information contained in the database is for. It's all about gaining an innate understanding of how a particular individual goes about their day. The system is able to determine, with a fair amount of accuracy, their likes, dislikes and even certain aspects of their schedule that make personalized advertising more effective.

8. It helps you spend less time on marketing

The end result is that you don't have to spend as much time on marketing as you did before. In addition, the time spent is likely to be far more effective because you're able to Target personalized ads that will actually reach individuals as opposed to sending them something that they will merely ignore. In short, the company helps you reach customers and appeal to the things that are important to them as opposed to just annoying them.

9. You can reach more customers in a matter of seconds

What does all of this mean on your end of things? It means that you're working with a company that allows you to reach countless numbers of potential customers in a matter of seconds. It really does take marketing to the next level, something that would have been impossible to even dream of a few short years ago.

10. They’re not talking about the personalized ads of old

Who hasn't been exposed to the old style of personalized ads, whether it be through social media or simply on their internet browser while they're trying to work? For the most part, it involves information that isn't at all intuitive. As a matter of fact, it's more like copying someone else's homework than anything else. For example, you might look something up about a particular clothing store and the next thing you know, you have clothing ads from all types of stores popping up all over the place. That's not exactly intuitive. Most people would agree that it's more annoying than anything else and in some cases, it has the opposite effect of how it's intended. People can become so annoyed with it that they deliberately refuse to shop at these stores. All of those issues have been stripped away because these personalized ads actually appeal to the customer on a very personal level as opposed to sending out some blanket message based on one piece of information.

11. You can store (and research) all types of files

It's always good news when you can store and research all types of files because it gives you an opportunity to put together a more complete picture. That's exactly what this corporation allows you to do. You never look at only one piece of information. Instead, you're looking at everything as a whole.

12. They put a premium on security

Clearly, the company puts a premium on security. They're constantly changing their security protocols to make sure that people don't hack into their system because if they did, the results could be potentially catastrophic. No one wants to have their personal information stolen. As such, the company uses a number of layers of encryption along with the latest in cyber security technology and they're constantly revising that information with every passing second in order to make sure that they stay a step ahead of anyone who might be so inclined to access information they have no business seeing in the first place.

13. They’re one of Australia’s leading companies

As a matter of fact, this company, based in Sydney, is one of Australia’s leading companies. It shouldn't really come as any surprise that they are a major employer in the area, despite the fact that they haven't really been around that long. After all, they're still a private company that's only recently completed their Series A funding. Nevertheless, they seem to be on everyone's radar and for good reason. They're doing things that were considered impossible until only recently.

14. They’re growing at a rapid pace

As such, they're growing at an extremely rapid pace. Despite the fact that they haven't even entered their Series B funding yet, they currently employ anywhere between 50 and 100 people. There is every reason to believe that this number will continue to grow exponentially in the very near future. As they go through additional rounds of fundraising, they will have the funds to expand their operations and in turn, hire more people. In theory, they could become one of the biggest employers in the region in a relatively short amount of time.

15. The company is on track to become the flagship of their industry

It would not be remiss to say that they're already the flagship of their industry, especially considering the fact that there isn't really any other company out there that is doing things quite the same way they're doing them. Clearly, competitors are going to be coming just around the corner because they've proven that it's possible to do amazing things with the information that they're able to gather. Nevertheless, they're going to be hard to catch. As such, they're likely to remain the example of their industry for quite some time.

16. They can provide interview help, too

Surprisingly, they don't just help you get more customers. They can help you when you're conducting employee interviews because you can use their information to find key people that truly fit the profile you're trying to fill. As such, you can use the information found there for various types of research and all of it helps you increase your bottom line.

17. They designed a system that allows you to import any information you need

If you need to import something so that you can have it stored and at the ready whenever you want to review it again, you can also do that. This is not a system where you have to go and login every single time you want to see the exact same thing. In a truly collaborative effort, they allow you to both provide information in order for analysis and then take information that you can glean from both your own research and the research of others in order to get a more clear picture of things. When it's all said and done, the research you do there can help you get more customers, hire the right people and make more money.

18. They include real-world information, not just filtered and polished feedback

Since they include information that you can get from social media, you have a much better chance of seeing what people really think about something as opposed to only getting the filtered and polished feedback that comes from more formal types of communication. This can make all the difference in the world because it has a tendency to level the playing field a lot more than you might initially think. People tend to watch what they say when they know that someone is asking them a question where they’re expecting a very specific answer. When they're on social media, they have a tendency to drop all of those walls that they put up and say what they really think. Having access to that information can help you see things in an entirely different light.

19. Their services are used by thousands of major brands

Their services are literally used by thousands of brands such as Starbucks, Shopify and others. As a result, these companies have seen their profits increase dramatically. It's a major wake-up call for businesses that aren't currently using their system because they're able to see the difference that doing so can make.

20. They maintain a significant presence on social media

It's true that they maintain a significant presence on social media. They have thousands of tweets on their Twitter account. However, it's about more than simply maintaining a presence on social media. More than anything, it's about connecting with individuals, something that they know a great deal about.

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