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Why The Ducati Exhaust System is Second to None

Ducati Exhaust System

Without an exhaust system, your motorcycle might as well be an extremely heavy bicycle with no pedals. The engine just won't work without something to ignite the mix of fuel and oxygen. But, you don't want one that will ruin the look of your bike. And having something that adds to your performance is a real plus. The Ducati Exhaust system has all those bases covered, creating a system that is second to none. It all starts with the manufacture. For a quality product, you start with quality materials. The titanium alloy Ducati has employed is lightweight, yet can stand up to high temperatures. This lessens the overall weight put on the bike and improves performance plus it lasts an appreciable amount of time. If you want a racing bike that requires little maintenance, putting on a Ducati Exhaust system could be the way to go.

"You shoot me down, but I won't fall, I am titanium" go the lyrics to a popular song by Sia. Titanium's nigh indestructable ability is why Ducati makes titanium the metal of choice for their exhaust systems. Strong as it is, it is a comparitively lightweight metal, which just increases the power to weight ratio. Titanium will not corrode or change colour by being exposed to water. Unlike stainless steel and aluminium, titanium never needs polishing. It dissipates heat twice as fast as stainless steel. Titanium can also take the heat without oxidising or becoming distorted. Iron may be stronger but it's heavy and melts more easily. Aluminum may be lighter but it's weak and melts like butter compared to Titanium. Nothing seems to beat Titanium's melting point of 1668 Celsius.

Racing aficionados will also appreciate the carbon fiber endcaps and the honeycomb grilles at the end of the tailpipe. Motorcycles have a reputation for being obnoxiously loud. The carbon fiber endcaps act as silencers so you can concentrate on the road and break the stereotype of the insufferably loud biker. The honeycomb grilles guards the end of the exhaust pipe from damage. It looks like something right out of Moto Grand Prix. And of course, every biker is looking for performance. The Ducati Exhaust system is lightweight but high in performance. The pair of approved silencers leads to the bike being at least a whole kilogram lighter than most other systems would. What's more, the exhaust system gives the machine both a stronger delivery and a grittier sound.

If you're looking for something with a powerful performance that has a high torque, you may want to try the Diavel 1260 Complete Exhaust. This particular model is made out of steel with endcaps made out of billet aluminium alloy. It utilizes the classic slice cut that really can't be improved on.  The entire range of engine rpm is vastly improved by the Diavel 1260, creating that muscle bike performance. If style and comfort is what you're looking for, you might want to look into the Ducati Panigale 899,959 & 959 Corse Vandemon Titanium Exhaust System. The under-seat design of this system makes it great for both the race track and the street. It also minimalizes the lower fairing heat stress in order to reduce the chances of having the body panels scorched. This titanium beauty has less heat retention which overall leads to a more comfortable ride.

Of course, if you really want some bang for your buck, you might want to go for he Ducati Hyperstrada 821. Its exhaust system gives it just the right amount of power. It's not too high strung to control and it's not some sluggish baby bike either. It has a peak rpm of 8000 and the engine doesn't get too hot. It's got plenty of torque and is rather low maintenance. A lot of this can be chalked up to a superior exhaust system. The Ducati XDiavel Complete Racing Exhaust System certainly has its fans. It comes with an UPMAP key and everything you will need to install it on your bike. You should find it very quick and easy to install at that. Many users are very happy with the smooth delivery. It is a best seller for good reason.

If you want something with a classic look but modern performance, then maybe the Spark Exhaust for Ducati Panigale V4 is what you're looking for. This particular system comes in three options. All of these systems are header-back with the first two selections utilizing the slim "Grid" titanium silencer that features a titanium collector plus another choice that comes with a stainless collector. The titanium system, as expected, weighs an almost negligible 4.67 pounds. The titanium-stainless system is only slightly heavier at 7.67 pounds. Both of them will provide you with more than eleven horse power, making a powerful bike that will get you where you need to go. Of course, both of these options are fairly loud at 112 decibles. For something a little quieter, you may want to go with the "Konix" titanium silencer. It's a little lower of a growl at only 106 decibles. A DB Killer will reduce this just a little more, knocking off three decibles.

Ducati has come a long way since 1926 when Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons were churning out vacuum tubes. Their first real motorcycle was literally a 98 pound weakling. Then the Sixties came and they got good, creating the speedy Mach 1 with powerful V-twin engines. What are they up to now? Well, despite a global pandemic, Ducati now enjoys their best third quarter ever, with 14,694 total motorcycles delivered all over the world. ( All of this is due to a second to none exhaust system. Without it, all you have is an expensive paperweight.

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Written by Benjamin Smith

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