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20 Things You Didn't Know About Equinix


Equinix is a digital infrastructure company that has grown to become a leader in the industry. It has earned the distinction as the largest of its kind in the world today. The company brings organizations that are leaders in their industries together in an interconnection that links transportation, mobility, healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, and finance with one another throughout a cloud-first network. If you're not yet familiar with this organization, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Equinix to bring you up to speed.

1. Equinix is a versatile organization

According to Crunchbase, Equinix is a versatile company that is listed across six industries on the internet. First and foremost it is a cloud data services company. It also provides data center products and services for businesses and organizations. Equinix is also classified as an infrastructure and information technology business that provides software solutions through the internet.

2. It's been around for a while

Equinix was founded in 1998. The company has been in operation for 23 years. With more than two decades in business, Equinix has grown to become the largest provider of cloud-first-based infrastructure and interconnecting solutions for the largest companies in the world. The headquarters for Equinix is located in San Francisco Bay in the Silicon Valley of the USA.

3. Equinix uses a complex array of technologies

The Equinix website requires the use of 178 assorted technologies to power its website. This is a complicated collection of technologies that work together to provide visitors and site users with a smooth and seamless experience when using the website. The technologies are distributed across 81 technology products and services. Some of these include jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, SPF, iPhone Mobile Compatible, Viewport Meta, and dozens of others.

4. The cost of IT of Equinix is high

Equinix lists one of the largest lists of website technologies we've seen for an organization. When you consider the size of the operation, its functionality across the world, and the number of businesses it serves, it stands to reason that the IT costs would be astronomical. Equinix has not yet disclosed how much it spends on IT annually, but in comparison with similar businesses, we estimate that it is more than a million dollars per year.

5. Equinix maintains an edge over the competition

Equinix is a unique infrastructure and technology company that stands out far above its rivals within the various industries that it serves. The enterprise has secured 134 registered patents in the electric communication technique category to protect the intellectual integrity of the technologies it has developed and uses to serve its clientele. These patents guarantee that only Equinix has the legal right to use these unique products and none of its competitors may copy or use them. You can only receive these uniquely designed technologies through Equinix. The company has also secured registration of 59 trademarks within the telecommunications industry which allows it to further stand out from others in the sea of technology products and services.

6. The Equinix Website is one of the largest in the world

Equinix sees a massive volume of web traffic to its official website each month. The statistical and analytical reports for the last thirty days show that there was a total of 4,309,988 visitors who came to the website. This reflects an overall monthly growth rate of 48.44 percent. It's the largest company of its kind in the world, but it is also continuing to grow even larger.

7. The volume of web traffic ranks Equinix high on the list

The statistics that confirm the volume of web traffic to internet sites show that Equinix is among the largest in the world. The high number of monthly visits to the site has resulted in Equinix achieving the ranking of number 13,810 of the millions of websites registered throughout the world on the world wide web and it's continuing to grow monthly.

8. Equinix is the most popular in Sweden

Even though Equinix is a company that is headquartered in the United States of America, the highest number of visitors to the website comes from the country Sweden. Fifty-nine percent of the web traffic comes from this country. The monthly visits growth are over the past thirty days has grown by a remarkable 92.56 percent, giving it the ranking of number 127 in Sweden. Twenty-three percent of web traffic is from Poland reflecting a 772.36 percent monthly visits growth rate. Eleven percent of the web traffic is from the United States. One percent of the web traffic is from Hong Kong, and one percent is from Singapore, which reflects a monthly visits growth rate of 594.65 percent for that country.

9. Equinix has a large executive leadership team

The executive leadership team of Equinix is comprised of 76 members. The core team is made up of a smaller number of key employees and executives in charge of running the operations at the highest levels. Julie Linos is the chief of staff to the chief sales officer. Michael Campbell is the chief sales officer. Bill Long is the vice president of interconnection services. Milind Wagle is the senior vice president and chief information officer. Sara Baack is the chief product officer. Eugene Bergen Henegouwen is the president Equinix EMEA. Lou Najdzin is the senior director of vertical marketing, and Vaughn Eisler is the director of business development for security. This is just one layer of the executive operations team for Equinix.

10. Equinix's board of directors is comprised of 13 members

There are 13 members on the board of directors for Equinix. These board members provide financial and strategic planning advisement to the executive leadership team and key decision-makers for Equinix. John Hughes is chairman of the board of directors for Spectris and currently serves on four boards of directors in advisory roles. Scott Kriens joined the board in July 2000. He is the chairman of the board of directors for Juniper networks and currently serves on 3 boards in advisory roles. He has founded one organization. Christopher Paisley joined the board in July 2007. He is a Dean's Executive professor of accounting at the Leavey School of Business for Santa Clara University. he currently serves on 5 boards of directors in advisory roles. Steve Smith joined the board in April 2007. He currently serves on 3 boards in advisory roles. Mark Worsey joined the board as an advisor in 2014. He is the executive vice president and chief operating officer of MyVest. He currently serves on one board. Peter Van Camp joined the board in April 2007. he is the executive chairman of the board of directors for Equinix and currently serves on 2 boards in advisory roles. Terry Clontz is the senior executive vice president of North American and Europe for ST Telemedia. He currently serves on 10 boards in advisory roles.Lee Theng Kiat is the executive director and CEO of Temasek International for Temasek Holdings. He currently serves on 2 boards in advisory roles.

11. Equinix is a publicly-traded company

Equinix began as a privately owned business. It filed for its IPO and is now a public traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol EQIX. It went public on August 11, 2000, with an opening stock value of $12.00 per share.

12. Equinix has raised billions in fundraising

Equinix attracted the interest and support of venture capital investors before going public. The total amount raised over four rounds, including its Post IPO Debt round on January 9, 2017, is $1.4 billion. Equinix has 16 investors funding its growth and development including Cisco, Crosslink Capital, and several others.

13. Equinix acquired MainOne

According to Techcrunch, Equinix acquired MainOne, one of the largest tech companies in Africa. It reportedly spent $320 million to close the deal. MainOne was established in 2010 providing undersea, high-capacity cable from Portugal to West Africa.

14. Equinix connects competing networks

According to Wikipedia, Equinix has created a unique interconnectedness between competing networks by providing vehicles for them to share data traffic through its data center platform. It is a neutral place that connects with the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and most recently, Latin America and the Middle East, added in 2012.

15. Equinix has spent millions on becoming a global enterprise

It's difficult and expensive to take infrastructure technology into several countries. It involves working with governments to ensure that they observe all requirements for legal operations within each country. It networks together through communication links and infrastructure technologies. Establishing a worldwide network has required signing three contracts with the US agency Customs and Border Protection to ensure that information technology and support equipment meeting standards for security cost more than $5 million. It's taken years for Equinix to arrive at its current status. It's taken a lot of work and collaboration to get there.

16. Equinix merged with i-SST

Part of the expansion and growth plans for Equinix include mergers and acquisitions. The enterprise has made 16 acquisitions so far. Equinix made a move that established its presence in Japan, Australia, Singapore, and China w the merger with i-SST, a subsidiary internet infrastructure company that is a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Telemedia and Pihana Pacific. They completed the deal in 2002.

17. Equinix moved into cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of things more than a decade ago

Equinix has been on the move since its inception in 1998. Its strategy to connect the world has necessitated its growth and international expansion. The firm spent $2 billion to open 50 data centers in London, tripling the number of data centers within seven years. It is a pioneer in cloud computing technologies, along with big data, and the internet of things. It also acquired IXEEurope and its facilities in 2007 as a part of its expansion strategy. Equinix has accomplished expansion into most parts of the world, providing connections with undersea communication lines and networks that allow people and businesses from around the world to share data and traffic.

18. Equinix is hiring

According to LinkedIn, Equinix is a large company that provides over 10,000 jobs worldwide. The company is currently hiring. We observed that there are currently 643 open positions with the enterprise in various countries and cities throughout the world. The ongoing expansion of Equinix is moving at a massive pace. It's already the largest infrastructure tech company in the world, and it's continuing to grow, even picking up speed in its workforce numbers.

19. Equinix is a unicorn company

According to Macroaxis, Equinix goes far beyond the $1 billion requirements for inclusion n the unicorn club of companies. They estimate the most recent valuation for this massive giant tech operation to be $80.6 billion. We don't think there is a term to describe this kind of wealth. It's more of an octa-decacorn corporation if a new descriptor were to categorize the wealth of its holdings. We don't see it losing any ground in the future either.

20. Equinix is a company to keep your eye on

Equinix is an enterprise traded publicly with shares available for sale, purchase, or trade through the NASDAQ stock exchange. It's a company that is worth keeping your eye on if you're looking for fresh additions to expand your current investment portfolio. Equinix has been on the move for the past two decades and consistently performs at high levels. It's gone from a pioneer in the industry to the largest provider of infrastructure tech connections that brings the business world together. It's still expanding and increasing in wealth. Equinix may be a suitable fit for your investment strategy. It's wise to consult with your financial advisor about the possibility of adding Equinix to your current investment plan.

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