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10 Things You Didn't Know About Exelon CEO Christopher Crane

Christopher M. Crane is best known in the business world as the CEO of the Exelon Corporation, which is a Chicago based energy provider. At the helm of one of the biggest companies of its type in the United States, he's frequently in the spotlight. Most of the news that is reported about him involves decisions that are made on behalf of Exelon, and not much has been discussed about his personal life. We did some research and found that he's an interesting personality both professionally and in his personal life. Here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about Christopher M. Crane.

1. His annual bonus is bigger than his salary

As the CEO of Exelon, Crane is well paid. The amount of his total compensation package will blow your mind. He was awarded $10,099,755 in stock. His salary was $1,261,000 and the onus that he received was a whopping $1,585,531. 386,808 in compensation of other types was also given him and his total compensation for the 2017 fiscal year amounted to $13,333,094. He's a very wealthy man indeed.

2. He made it to an elite list

In 2015, Christopher M. Crane was named among the 100 most powerful Chicagoans in the city. This was the perfect opportunity for a pun and we're not convinced that there wasn't one hidden in there somewhere, but it's the truth. Crane's role in the company makes him, in essence, a part of the main supplier of energy for the city. The company he leads makes it possible for industry to move forward and for people to stay warm in the winter.

3. He started on the ground floor

Chris Crane became certified as a senior reactor operator in the nuclear energy industry. It took him 30 years to work his way up in the industry. He moved upwards from the position of reactor operator, gaining greater responsibility and recognition over a three-decade period. He's at the top in his career currently, but he certainly didn't start out there.

4. He's an Ivy league man

Crane attended New Hampshire Technical College studying electrical technology. He earned his bachelor's degree in the discipline before moving on to more advanced studies. He also attended the prestigious Harvard Business School in an Advanced Management program. He was no slouch when it came to laying a good foundation for his future through education.

5. Crain takes a holistic approach

Many top executives develop tunnel vision. It's common because of the overwhelming amount of issues that they must deal with on a day to day basis. Chris Crain doesn't get bogged down with these. He maintains a holistic approach to conducting business that demonstrates a commitment to safety, regulation of the workforce, observing best financial practices and maintaining operational practices that are on the cutting edge of the industry. He multi-tasks well with an even distribution of priorities.

6. He was raised by a single parent

In a YouTube interview, Chris shared that his father passed away when he was still young. He went on to say that his mother has had the greatest influence on his life. She raised Chris and his 2 brothers and sister, and it was she who instilled the work ethic in him that has led to his success in business.

7. His first job was in a construction engineering group

Chris was 21 years old when he began his career as a part of a group that oversaw the engineering and construction aspects of a nuclear plant in Texas. This is where he got his start in the nuclear power industry.

8. He believes in energy conservation

Crane discussed his opinions about where the nuclear industry will be in ten years from now. While Exelon is working diligently towards finding new innovations for clean energy, he shared a concern. He warns that people throughout the world must begin to conserve on the amount of energy that is used. Control of energy consumption will be key over the next decade.

9. He was a VP of the Tennessee Valley Authority

Chris Crane has been integrally involved in the energy industry for more than thirty years. He's occupied several different positions throughout his career and has sat on many boards. For a period of time, he served as the vice president for Tennessee Valley Authority and was involved in the startup of the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant located in Texas as well as Arizona's Palo Verde Nuclear Generating station.

10. He's an ally of consumers

Crane shared that it hasn't been that long since power companies could not tell when a customer was having issues with their individual service. His commitment to investigating and implementing new innovations and technologies within the Exelon system have brought about improvements that now allow the use of smart meters to report important data alerts in the system that let providers know when there is a problem so they can more quickly remedy the issue. Having him at the help is good for power consumers because one of his goals is to improve customer service.

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