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The Most Expensive Motherboards on the Market Today


When it comes to finding the right motherboard to handle all the computer operator's needs, this can become one of the most expensive investments you can make. This is especially true when you happen to be a gamer that wants nothing less than the absolute best money can buy. On average, Intel motherboards tend to be the most expensive motherboards on the market today.

The reason for this is they have better gaming features, as well as a more complicated practice in manufacturing. They also have the fastest processor. Most Intel-designed motherboards also have more glass-filled polymers and durable chipsets. As the most expensive brand of motherboards on the market these days, Intel tends to have a superior performance level, as well as offer additional potential for future upgrades.

Keep in mind, however, that the more performant the motherboard is the more power it will need. If you're into projects such as 3D modeling, the better quality your motherboard is the easier it will be for you as a user.

Why Intel

Not only is Intel the most expensive motherboard brand on the market today for performance reasons, but this is also because of its name and reputation. For gamers, the superior frame rate and lower latency are a huge plus, keeping them hooked to keep playing with enthusiasm.

Intel is also known for using premium materials such as glass-filled polymers. Because of this, their motherboards are more durable and more expensive. The Intel chipset also has a higher manufacturing cost as they're also built for better performance and durability.

Furthermore, motherboards are very complicated that require a specialized manufacturing process. The fact that Intel has the fastest processor available today, makes this brand the official leader in an industry that demands nothing less than the best money can buy.

Intel vs. AMD

When measuring up Intel motherboards against AMD, when it comes to efficiency and scalability, Intel will always come out on top as the clear winner. Intel has a hybrid architecture that allows a productive application development ideal for professionals and expert computer operators.

AMD is the most competitive brand striving to cut in on Intel's marketing edge. As the war of the processors continues, the improvements made for better motherboards have resulted in the rising costs of the computer's most important component. For Intel, the need to stay ahead of the competition, including AMD, means the brand will never stop doing everything it can to remain the dominant force in the market.

While the two have identical graphics card systems, when it comes to the motherboard itself, Intel always comes out on top. Because of the x86 hybrid architecture featured in Intel's motherboards, the superior effectiveness in creating content and productivity applications are most appealing to the professionals who need it. Intel's hybrid design combines two different cores in order to generate a powerful processor that can handle single-threaded tasks just as easily as multi-threaded ones.

While AMD's motherboard architecture is impressive enough in its own right, Intel's pairing of different core performances to the x86 desktop computers has so far proven to be a tough act to follow. In order to avoid sluggish driver updates for its integrated graphics and products, Intel continually brings forth the most up-to-date software in a manner that keeps up with customer demand.

Intel vs. Ryzen

What Intel and Ryzen have in common with each other as far as motherboards go is the desire to improve the video gaming experience for the user. They also focus on improving the experience of content creation for designers who need the best processors in order to keep up with video editing projects.

According to many gamers, Ryzen is the superior product but Intel loyalists are more than ready to challenge this statement. Now that Intel has begun to prioritize the adaptation between motherboards and smartphone technology, this has raised the bar for Ryzen to beef up its own competitive edge when it comes to winning over video game enthusiasts.

Ryzen's chipset allows a multithread performance that's perfect for managing multiple tasks, as well as running more demanding applications. Intel's chipsets are built to handle single-core tasks. Its certainty maximum performance doesn't quite measure up to Ryzen chipsets.

Furthermore, the limiting timer of the GPU processing clusters causes the current Intel chips to have a dramatic reduction in performance. Lately, AMD's Vega 8 graphics have outnumbered Intel's integrated graphics.

You Get What You Pay For

Like most products and services, you literally do get what you pay for. If you cheap out, you fail to benefit from the superior performance level that usually comes with more expensive motherboards. The most expensive motherboards on the market today are not plagued with hardware options such as CPU, GPU, or memory.

They also have superior audio outputs, power regulation components, and faster Ethernet speeds. While motherboards themselves don't really affect performance that much, it does boil down to the types of components that can be stalled and how many.

The more a motherboard can cater to various components and features, the more costly they become. It is the beating heart of your entire computer system as it performs a variety of essential tasks. Without it, there is no energy supply to any of the other components and you have a dead machine on your hands. Superior motherboards will be made with components that are of the highest quality levels and will have more functionalities coming with them.

For gamers, this is extremely important. For musicians who rely on the best possible programs to work with, the superior sound quality enables them to make the most out of their recording projects. Also, the most expensive motherboards allow faster Ethernet speeds.

Some of them have also been known to have two Ethernet ports instead of just one. Capacitors and power regulation components are also superior to more expensive motherboards. They also tend to have more USB ports, more drive space, and a higher performance level.

5. Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Xtreme LGA 1700 Intel Z690 EATX Motherboard ($899.99 @ Amazon)

At Newegg, the cost of $1,841.00 USD for this motherboard comes with the latest technology currently on the market. You can get one for $899.99 when that online site has one in stock. This includes the Intel WiFi 6E, the Intel Thunderbolt 4, and Intel's twelfth generation core.

4. Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme Intel LGA 1700 Extended ATX DDR5 Motherboard ($1,099.99 USD @ Newegg)

On Newegg, Intel's twelfth generation core is featured in Asus's ROG Maximus Z690 as one of the best and most expensive motherboards on the market. Intended for gamers and professionals, the price to pay for a device that can keep up doesn't matter nearly as much as its ability to do the job.

3. MSI Meg Z690 Godlike DDR5 LGA 1700 Intel Z690 SATA 6Gb/s Extended ATX Intel Motherboard ($1,199.99 USD @ Newegg)

Although one of the most expensive and most performant motherboards on the market, some of the users have complained about how difficult it was to install. However, once you get past the $1,199.99 price tag set by Newegg and how to set it up as your new motherboard, these little inconveniences pale from the superior benefits received.

2. Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Xtreme Waterforce LGA 1700 Intel Z690 EATX Motherboard ($1,899.99 USD @ Newegg)

This motherboard's features include all the top-of-the-line components with Intel's twelfth-generation core. Although currently at $1,899.99 USD, this motherboard has also sold as high as $2,458.00 USD, also on Newegg. Regardless of the price tag, there leaves very little room for a reason this is not a superior product. For gamers and video editing experts, anything less than the best money can buy simply isn't acceptable.

1. Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme Glacial (WiFi 6E) LGA 1700 (Intel 12th Gen) EATX Gaming Motherboard ($1,999.99 USD @ Newegg)

At the time of this article's writing, this motherboard was the most expensive on the market when it was listed at $1,999.99 on Newegg. This motherboard features the integrated EK Ultrablock, as well as a flurry of other top-notch features that justify the hefty price tag. For gamers, anything less than the best money can buy won't do. This motherboard has been known to be priced even higher at $2,999.99 USD, also on Newegg, as well as on Amazon.

Don't Cheap Out

The most expensive motherboards tend to stand out due to the cutting-edge technology and features on the market today. They offer more component options and are more durable than the cheaper ones. This is the primary reason why they're more expensive, to begin with. The other reasons include brand reputation and cosmetics. Superior motherboards won't cheap out in key areas they know matter most to a user that won't settle for anything less than the best money can buy.

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