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20 Things You Didn't Know about Fanatics Trading Cards

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Fanatics Trading Cards is a division of an established sports company that designs, produces, and distributes jerseys, fan gear, and trading cards across retail venues. Fanatics Inc is on the move and growing fast. The subsidiary company Fanatics Trading Cards is a leading producer of sports gear with a history that goes back to its original roots under a different name of nearly three decades. Most trading cards and collectors have at least heard of the brand. If not, here are twenty things you didn't know about Fanatics Trading Cards to bring you up to speed.

1. Fanatics Trading Cards is a division of Fanatics Incorporated

WSJ confirms that Fanatics Trading Cards is a company under the umbrella of Fanatics Inc, a company formerly known as Fanatics Football. The business has exploded in popularity and is rising as one of the most successful arms of Fanatics Inc.

2. Fanatics Trading Cards is a disruptor in the collectibles industry

Fanatics Trading Cards is giving the leader in the sports trading card industry a run for its money. Topps Co. is its biggest competitor. Fanatics Trading Cards has disrupted this sector of the sports retail industry. The rising fame of Fanatics Trading Cards upset Topps' plans to go public. Talks with a SPAC fell apart for Topps Co. after news of Fanatics Trading Cards agreements with prolific figures in the sports industry broke. Topps Col and Panini maintained contracts for years, but Fanatics is moving in on their territory and appears to overtake them.

3. Fanatics Trading Cards has an exciting future ahead

We learned that Panini and Topps have agreements in place until 2026. The most lucrative trading card rights in the American sports market will be available at the expiration of those agreements. Fourteen percent of the Fanatics company are now assets of unions and leagues in the sports industry that acquired stakes in the business. They see the handwriting on the wall and want to get in early on the burgeoning business set to become the new leader in the trading card industry.

4. Fanatics Trading Cards hopes to expand the industry further

Leaders at Fanatics Trading Cards confirm that they plan further expansion of the trading card industry and create an appeal to new collectors. Fanatics Trading Cards is in the middle of a lucrative industry. Collectors everywhere are fascinated with collecting trading cards in the rare collectibles market. It's a global phenomenon. Fanatics is securing more agreements to the rights for printing and distribution of cards that they hope will appeal to a new generation of trading card enthusiasts. New generations of sports fans offer a new target audience for the enterprise.

5. Other companies are investing in Fanatics Trading Cards

It's impressive that sports leagues and unions have bought into the Fanatics parent company, but more investors are interested in the Fanatics Trading Cards company. Co-CEO of Silver Lake Greg Mondre is one example. He has invested in Fanatics Inc and hopes to expand the audience of fans to give them more access to the trading and collection of the cards. It's a lofty ambition within reach for the company that has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. The overarching goal of Fanatics Trading Cards is to become a one-stop shop for all things related to the trading card business. Some inclusions are grading cards, storing them, engaging in primary sales, and secondary marketplace agreements. Investors like the scenario, and it inspires confidence.

6. Fanatics Trading Cards seeks to capture the value of trading cards

Fanatics Trading Cards is working to capture the value of trading cards without the middleman bloat that frequently occurs with secondary market retailers and other trading venues such as auctions. Fanatics hopes to capture the card value through a modern business that deletes brokers. It gives consumers choices and improves their trading experience. They hope to retain purity in the valuation of the cards and avoid overpricing, which will make collectibles more accessible to a larger group of collectors with a better value for the cost.

7. Fanatics Trading Cards assigns more value to the players

Players represented on the trading cards are attracted to the Fanatics Trading Cards platform because they get more from the company than previous offers by the competition. Fanatics Trading Cards ensure that players and leagues receive equity stakes. It's a bold new move in the industry that previously did not exist. It also grants consumers access to the chain in one convenient location. Fanatics secured connections that will ensure they hold original rights to valuable properties.

8. The National Football League is Fanatics Trading Cards' largest backer

Techcrunch confirms that the NFL is the most prolific and largest supporter of Fanatics Trading Cards. The League joined in a round of fundraising with an investment that contributed to the $1.5 billion that Fanatics Inc raised when the event closed. The NFL's portion of the investment was $320 million. They were joined by Major League Baseball and its owners, investments from the MLB Players Association, the National Hockey League, the NFL Players Association, Joe Tsai, Brooklyn BNets owner's Blue Pool Capital fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, and others.

9. Revenue is up for Fanatics

We can't talk about Fanatics Trading Cards without paying respects to the parent company Fanatics Inc. Revenues continue to climb thanks to the commercial ventures of the company. Previous revenue statistics from 2017 were $2.2 billion. As of April 2022, projections suggest that by the end of the year, the revenue figures will reach around $5 billion.

10. Fanatics Trading Cards is a unicorn company

CNBC reports that Fanatics Trading Cards has reached a milestone in its development. The company's current valuation is over $10 billion after the most recent funding round closed. Unicorn companies are those that achieve a valuation of at least $1 billion or more. They're exclusive businesses that achieve high value. In the case of Fanatics Trading Cards, the $10 billion valuations, qualifies it as a Decacorn, indicating the valuation is ten times that of a unicorn company.

11. Fanatics Trading Card hires the best

Part of the success of Fanatics inc is the leadership's ability to put qualified leaders in place. Fanatics hired Glenn Schiffman, former IAC chief financial officer as an executive leader. Fanatics is known to bet on its management and having the right people in place has made all the difference. Leaders with a propensity for putting the best people in management positions to enhance all aspects of the operation help to maximize the full potential of the company, which is amid massive opportunities at the present.

12. Fanatics Trading Cards is strategically positioned

Fanatics Trading ards is postured to capitalize on opportunities in the present and those that will arise in the future. Its strategic plan for the trading card industry involves direct-to-consumer offers, but there's much more. Fanatics launched an NFT company called Candy Digital to position Fanatics for the future. The strategic plan includes a physical trading card space on an expanding platform that opens the market. It will offer insurance of the asset and grade and will store them or put them on the marketplace for trading and selling and it will all happen from one convenient location. Fanatics plans to collect transaction fees for the services.

13. Fanatics has plans to grow exponentially

Fanatics Trading Cards fueled tremendous growth for its parent company Fanatics. It led to exponential growth that recently created a decacorn with its last funding round, but that's just the beginning. The company established a lofty goal of increasing the valuation of Fanatics by ten times its current status. Fanatics seeks to become a $100 billion company. The rapid growth of the company including the $10 billion valuations of Fanatics Trading Cards has reached a valuation of $27 billion. It's more than a quarter of the way to reaching its latest publicized goal of $100 billion.

14. There's speculation about an IPO

Rumors about the possibility of Fanatics going public are beginning to circulate. When asked about the timing, sources for the company confirmed that you won't see Fanatics Inc going public in 2022. Although an initial public offering won't happen in this calendar year, you can bet that where there's smoke, there is fire. There's a good chance that we'll hear news of the announcement of an IPO that could happen as soon as 2023, but there is no confirmation at this point. It's speculation for now.

15. Josh Luber is the chief vision officer at Fanatics Collectibles

Forbes reports that Josh Luber who is the founder of StockX joined Fanatics as the chief vision officer of Fanatics Collectibles. He is in charge of pricing and distribution. Josh is involved in strategic planning for the years ahead. He has experience in the reselling market with his StockX company. He's eyeing the similarities between the collectible sneaker industry and trading cards as collectibles and looking at ways to bring new customers into the fold.

16. Fanatics Inc is a privately held company

Crunchbase confirms that Fanatics is a privately owned enterprise. The owners maintain 80 percent control and ownership of the operation with investors holding twenty percent of the stakes. You won't find shares of Fanatics stocks listed on any of the public stock exchanges because it doesn't exist. The business has done remarkably well with private financial backing from its wealthy investors in the sports industry and other segments of the business world.

17. Fanatics acquired

Crunchbase confirms that Fanatics Inc acquired a company called on August 1, 2013. The amount spent on the acquisition is unknown. The company is based in Miramar Beach, Florida. it is a leading authentic autographed product from professional sports stars in the online retail market.

18. Fanatics acquired KitBag

Fanatics purchased a company called KitBag on February 2, 2016. is an eCommerce shop that sells football training gear, fan apparel, sporting equipment, and collectibles. Fanatics paid $17 million to close the deal. The company is in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. The acquisition represents a move into international territory. Fanatics is on its way to becoming a global company. The purchase of KitBag was one of seven companies that Fanatics brought into the fold under its umbrella.

19. Fanatics bought Mitchell & Ness

Fanatics acquired Mitchell & Ness, a notable maker, and seller of sports apparel in the nostalgia category. The company is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fanatics Inc company paid $250 million to complete the transaction on February 18, 2022. This move marks partial fulfillment of Fanatics' strategy to grow and expand its operations by acquiring companies that offer similar or complementary services and products. It also reduces the competition.

20. Fanatics acquired Topps Sports & Entertainment

On January 3, 2022, Fanatics acquired its largest competitor. It bought Topps Sports & Entertainment for a reported $500 million. Topps produces both sports and non-sports-themed trading cards. The company is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Topps will now function as a subsidiary of the Fanatics Inc. parent company. The transaction is a significant business move that combines the massive companies with their appeal to collectors across the world together in one organization. Fanatics continues to add to its base of affiliates and subsidiaries. Each company it absorbs adds to its expansive reach in the trading card market and asset base. Fanatics has $33 billion to go to reach its goal of a $100 billion valuation. If it continues on its current path, it's foreseeable for the near future. Fanatics Trading Cards is a company to keep your eye on. We expect it to become a leader in the industry.

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