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The 10 Finest Frederique Constant Watches of All Time


Since it was established in 1988, Frederique Constant has been a respected watch manufacturer. Peter Stas and his wife, Aletta Bax, founded the company to bring innovative, beautifully designed, attractive timepieces to the market, and now Frederique Constant is sported by celebrities, dignitaries, and watch aficionados around the world.

The movements integrated into Frederique Constant are an exquisite melding of technology, precision, and aesthetic beauty. In addition to its watches, the brand has become known for its charitable contributions to organizations including the American Heart Association, World Heart Federation, and the International Children's Heart Foundation.

Here are the ten finest Frederique Constant watches of all time.

1. Classics Index GMT, $2,495

Classics Index GMT

Classics Index GMT is a line of timepieces that shows how well crafted and engineered Frederique Constant watches are. Four separate hands accurately track times and date, while the indexes, strap, and case reflect classical styling -- it's a gorgeous mix of cutting edge technology and time tested traditional details. This is the type of watch that looks great at the office, with casual attire, or even with a formal suit -- versatility and accessible luxury were at the forefront when it was designed. The Classics Index GMT has automatic movement with 26 jewels, a 38 hour power reserve, and is water resistant to 5 ATM.

2. Classic Moonphase, $3,995

Classic Moonphase

The precision of Frederique Constant watches allows them to accurately keep not just the time and date but moon phase. The Classic Moonphase timepiece features automatic movement with 26 jewels, a 42 hour power reserve, and a display that includes hours, minutes, seconds, the date, and current phase of the moon. The engineering of this watch is a prime example of what makes the brand exemplary.

The aesthetic of this collection is stylish, clean, and sophisticated. A 40.5 mm rose gold plated case, indexes plated with rose gold, silver accents, and a supple strap all work together to create a style that can truly be called classic.

3. Heart Beat, $15,500

Miniature Heartbeat

Heart Beat was the first in-house movement developed by Frederique Constant, and it's the highlight of this timepiece. To accurately display moon phases, hours, and minutes, its escapement, level, double roller, and wheel are made of high tech materials. The rose gold case measures 42 mm, and guilloche and Roman numerals decorate the face. A classic alligator strap completes the limited edition design, and just 888 pieces were created.

4. Classic Art Deco, $8,995

Classics Art Deco

One of the finest ladies' watches from Frederique Constant is the Classic Art Deco. A satin textured strap, 18k rose gold case set with diamonds, and a mother of pearl face combine to create a design that's elegant and chic. This watch has Quartz movement with seven jewels and a 63 month battery life. Classic Roman numerals decorate the face, and the hands of the watch reflect the Art Deco style. There are other iterations of this watch that feature alternate color palettes, including an all yellow gold version, all stainless steel iteration, and a silver and black combo.

5. Slimline Perpetual Automatic, $8,995

Slimline Perpetual Calendar

The Slimline Perpetual Automatic is part of Frederique Constant's range of ultra flat, lightweight timepieces and it has a house made full per perpetual calendar. The distinguished style of the watch features a navy blue strap and face with a rose gold case, accents, and hands. An alternate color combination includes a black strap, clean white face, and rose gold accents. In addition to hours and minutes, this watch displays the month, day of the week, and date.

6. Horological Smartwatch, $1,295

Horological Smartwatch

The Horological Smartwatch features a movement powered by MotionX and connected components. You can sync your iPhone or Android smartphone to this watch to track work productivity, sleeping times, exercise, and the like, and it can also functional autonomously. Because of its smart design, the Horological Smartwatch doesn't need recharging and has a 25 month battery life. The Navy dial and rose gold iteration of the collection is especially beautiful, and it's also available in five other color combinations.

7. Classics Art of Porcelain, $2,195

Classics Art of Porcelain

What sets the Classics Art of Porcelain watch apart is that it contains a dial comprised of handmade porcelain that was skillfully crafted by artisans from the iconic Hungarian Zsolnay. While ordinary porcelain pieces have the tendency to discolor over the years, the materials used in this watch are guaranteed to last for its lifetime. A black strap, black Roman numerals on the face, and stainless steel case perfectly complement each other. Production of this Frederique Constant watch was limited to 188 pieces.

8. Runabout Automatic, $1,550

Runabout Automatic

The Runabout Automatic watch was inspired by the Riva Historical Society, which helps preserve historical Riva boats and roundabout yachts. Just as those early 20th century vessels were made of wood and polished chrome, this watch series has richly colored leather straps with polished metal three-part cases. The case measures 43 mm and features a see-through backing. Luminous pearl numerals and dials, a date displayed at 6 o'clock, and hand-polished hour and minute hands complete the face. The Runabout Automatic's movement consists of 26 jewels and the watch has a 38 hour power reserve.

9. Vintage Rally Peking to Paris, $1,595

Vintage Rally Peking to Paris

Vintage Rally Peking to Paris is the Frederique Constant tribute to classic racing and iconic Healey cars. Since the brand has sponsored many races around the world and created timepieces to serve as racing timekeepers, it's a fitting theme. This watch has a sporty look and a dark grey leather strap with contrast stitching. The luminous display features the date at 3 o'clock, a silver colored dial, and rich burgundy accents. On the back of the face is an engraved map with a burgundy line drawn from Paris, France to Peking (Beijing), China. Just 1,888 of the Vintage Rally was produced.

10. Classics Delight, $1,795

Classics Delight

The Frederique Constant Classics Delight has a name that perfectly fits its aesthetic: clean, timeless, and sophisticated. The 33 mm stainless steel case is polished, and the hands of the watch are also a polished silver color. At 6 o'clock is a date display, while mother of pearl and eight diamonds decorate the face. This is the type of watch that can easily compliment any attire, and it will look as great and on-trend decades from now as it does today.

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