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A Closer Look at The Casio Oceanus Manta Titanium OCWS600

Casio created its Oceanus collection of watches to represent the high-end of its lineup some years back. The collection features six styles within the Oceanus family. Among them is the Manta line. The first Casio Oceanus Manta was introduced to the public in 2007, according to Wikipedia. All members of the Oceanus family share certain characteristics that make them identifiable. They each feature analog watch faces with a few featuring hybrid digital and analog faces, a multiband feature for auto-synchronization in Japan, China, North America, and Europe, and a sapphire crystal lens to provide enhanced resistance to scratching. The Casio Oceanus Manta has made a resurgence with a new model in the line that replaces the 18k gold case with titanium in the 2022 newcomer, the Casio Oceanus Manta Titanium OCWS600.

The Casio Oceanus Manta Titanium OCWS600 at a glance

The first thing about the new Oceanus in titanium that catches the eye is the deep blue color of the bezel, complemented by the slightly brighter blue subdials on the face of the watch, and a few splashes of light blue in an otherwise black background. Chamfering of the bezel gives the wearer plenty of finger grips for adjustment of the geometric styling with twelve sides. It's used to adjust the current time zone with a city name scale that is smaller than most others for consistency and a more fluid appearance. The bezel is an innovative design created from a sapphire crystal that has undergone a series of processes that produce a brilliant blue hue. It's heavier than previous editions by four grams due to the new bezel, giving the watch a larger appearance but a smaller and more comfortable fit against the wrist, which is another exceptional feat accomplished by Casio. In the case of the new Manta, the bezel takes the center spotlight with its stunning and futuristic aesthetic.

A closer look at the Casio Oceanus Manta Titanium OCWS600

Wrist Watch explains that the most recent Oceanus Manta departs slightly from other versions with a weight of 85 grams. It's a multifunction dress watch that combines form with function in an artistic expression. The case is made of titanium material with a width of 42.5 mm versus the previous 42.3 mm for a slightly larger case size. The thickness of the old model was 9.5 mm but Casio reduced the depth of the OCWS600 to 8.7 mm. A Blog to Watch staff commends the watchmaker for making this version more comfortable on the wrist with a better balance of the weight. The case is resistant to water up to 100 meters. The distance from lug to lug is 47.1 mm, a reduction from its previous 48,8 mm. The case is treated with a coating of titanium carbide for durability. The case back is solid with an engraving of the specifications and brand name.

The new Casio Oceanus Manta Titanium OCWS600 is a technical and complicated timepiece with features an auto receive function for its multi-band atomic timekeeping technology within the US, UK, Germany, and Japan that receives radio signals for time calibration to display accurate time when you cross from one country to another. It works with an auto receive function that updates six times daily or a manual receive function offering twenty-nine time zones in 27 cities throughout the world. The new version does not include the daily alarm offered in previous models. It does come with a pre-programmed auto-calendar that will function accurately through the year 2099 with an accuracy of up to 20 seconds per month without signal calibration. The movement is solar power with a power-saving function and a power reserve of 24 months at full charge. The movement is high-functioning with Bluetooth-enabled features that allow you to connect it to an app on your smartphone. You can download the Casio Oceanus app to connect the timepiece for various options for making adjustments via your smartphone, although it's not technically classified as a smartwatch. You can set the alarm and dual0time functions as well as adjust the time. When you look at the dial you will find three subdials that can be adjusted either manually or via the app from your phone. A total of eight hands provide for plenty of complications and functions including a stopwatch and unique display features with a date window disc. The Casio Oceanus Manta OCWS600 is also a chronograph. It comes with a metal bracelet that matches the case, featuring a comfortable style that is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes.

Pricing and availability

The Casio Oceanus Manta Titanium OCWSS600 is available through the official Casio website. It's a worldtimer chronograph that represents numerous functions in a high-end timepiece that comes with a luxury watch price. It's available for a cost of USD 2,400. This model is not listed as a limited edition, but Casio has not disclosed how many examples it will release. You can find complete details of the model and order your edition from Casio's official website here.

Final thoughts

The Casio Oceanus Manta Titanium OCWS600 is the latest model in the Oceanus Manta collection. It's making its debut in 2022 as the newest iteration of the Manta that made its first appearance in 2007. It's been fifteen years since the first model was released and Casio reimagined the Manta in a titanium version that maintains the original DNA of the Oceanus family with a few modernizations and a change to a slightly heavier version with a thinner depth for a more comfortable fit on the wrist. The new titanium Oceanus Manta features wonderful and innovative complications with Bluetooth compatibility that allows owners to sync the timepiece with their smartphones for unlocking and controlling various features. It's an expensive timepiece, but it's loaded with reasons to add it to your collection of Oceanus models.

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