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A Closer Look at the Casio Limited-Edition G-Shock GA110A

Casio Limited-Edition G-Shock GA110A

The Casio Limited-Edition G-Shock GA110 ALIFE21-8A watch was released following a collaboration between Casio and ALIFE. They made this watch to pay homage to the arts, streetwear, and downtown culture scene of New York. To depict the New York theme, the watch is light grey. The color is meant to reflect the ominous feel of New York after dark. On the midnight hour section of this watch, they imprinted the words, "The Witching Hour." According to Tuft and Needle, the witching hour occurs at 3 am, and it is believed to be the time when demonic forces are most active. Although the watch is visually appealing due to its ominous colorway, we must discuss what it offers in terms of functionality. Here are the functional features of this watch below.

Glass Type

The type of glass used in this watch is mineral glass. You are probably wondering what it looks or feels like. Mineral glass is the same material used for your house windows. Now that you know what it looks like, we need to know why this material is suitable for this watch and watches in general. The material is quite resistant to scratches. That is because the material is made from tempered glass. Tempering is the process of hardening glass by reheating and cooling it. Even though it can withstand some pressure without developing scratches, that does not mean it cannot develop scratches. However, you can get rid of them with basic buffing and polishing. Also, the material improves a watch's aesthetics. According to Jack Mason, the material makes the watch attractive since it is often coated with an anti-reflexive coating. Although the coating is meant to eliminate glare to enhance visibility, you cannot help but admire the brightness it brings to this glass.

Shock Resistance

Have you ever wanted to purchase a watch for your child but then changed your mind? Perhaps, you felt that they would ruin it by dropping it. Fortunately, you can buy this watch for your child due to its shock resistance. Due to its shock resistance, it can still function even when dropped from a high point. First, its ability to absorb shocks is due to its protruding bezel. When the watch is dropped, the bezel is the first part that will feel the impact of the drop and not the buttons or surface of the crystal. Although its shock-absorbing feature is due to its toughness, its curved shape also makes it able to withstand shock. Its curved shape prevents direct shocks to the back of the case. Lastly, the watch has protective cushioning. The cushioning is on the crystal oscillator and other critical internal parts of the watch. So, in case of any direct impact, the cushioning will be distorted but not the critical parts of the watch.

World Time Function

If you are a habitual traveler, this watch is the best one for you. This watch has 29 time zones, allowing you to travel to 48 selected cities. For it to be able to work in different time zones, the watch uses a radio-controlled signal called WWVB. According to Lacrosse Technology, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) broadcasts this signal from Fort Collins, Colorado. The signal keeps this watch as accurate as possible and automatically sets your watch depending on your time zone. To set the time zone, you have to press and hold the watch's top-left button. Ensure you do this while still in regular Timekeeping Mode. Once you do that, the watch should display the city code. Next, press the bottom right button to highlight the required city code for your time zone. Select a time zone by pressing the top right button. When you go back to your city's time zone, the watch will automatically revert to the region's time zone.

Water Resistance

Most people love to swim, but sometimes you are forced to take off your watch. In most instances, you will not even know where to keep it since someone may steal it. Luckily, this watch has a water resistance of 200m, so you can swim with it. With such water resistance of 200m, you can dive without worrying about shattering its glass. For non-resistant watches, the force from the water shatters the glass and allows water in, which damages its internal components. Besides swimming, you can use it while snorkeling and jet skiing. Unfortunately, you cannot use this watch while scuba diving. This is because scuba divers swim past 200m, so the watch will gradually lose its resistance the deeper you go underwater. Another tip to keep in mind is to ensure that the water doesn't contain detergents. Generally, watches lose their water resistance when in such water.

Magnetism Resistance

Every watch enthusiast should consider accuracy. Most watches lose time despite setting the correct time. Watches lose time due to the effect of magnetism from the Earth. Magnetism typically targets the balance spring. The balance spring is the thin coil that maintains the release of energy on the balance wheel. When the balance spring gets magnetized, it sticks to itself and becomes shorter. As a result, there will be friction in the watch's movement since it will not maintain the optimal energy on the balance wheel. As a result, the watch will rapidly lose or gain time. To combat magnetism, the watch has a magnetic-resistant plate on its module. Therefore, the plate will receive magnetism without transferring it to the balance spring.


It is debatable whether this watch's grey palette is visually appealing. Some people are more drawn to brighter colors. Even if you do not like the watch's color, you can appreciate its functionalities. Its functionalities make this watch one of the most accurate. For instance, you do not have to worry about constantly winding your watch after losing or gaining time or setting your watch when you go to a different time zone. Besides staying accurate, the watch can withstand any force you inflict on it. So, even if you accidentally drop it on the ground or in water, you will not have to worry about repairing it. Therefore, this is the watch to get if you value accuracy and durability.

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