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The 10 Best Antique Patek Philippe Models Money Can Buy

Patek Philippe Reference 2592 Calatrava

Patek Philippe is a brand that has been in business with high-quality luxury timepieces for over a century. Quality, innovation, and complications have been the hallmarks of the brand. The examples here made their introduction to the world more than 50 years ago. Here are the ten best antique Patek Philippe watches that money can buy.

Patek Philippe Platinum Reference 34424P

10. Patek Philippe Platinum Reference 34424P

Price available upon request

The Platinum Reference 34424P was made and sold in 1961. Only four of them were made. It is the design of Gilbert Albert, who worked at Patek Philippe. The watch is extremely rare because of its limited numbers. The case measures 38.4 mm in diameter. It is made of platinum material with a dial that is silvered featuring black diagonal painted hour markers. This antique watch is powered by a Caliber 8."1 85 movements.

Patek Philippe Vintage 18Karat Yellow Gold Mechanical Unisex Geneve Swiss Watch Ref.#3491

9. Patek Philippe Vintage 18Karat Yellow Gold Mechanical Unisex Geneve Swiss Watch Ref.#3491

Price: $6,450

The Ref 3491 was made in 1967. The watch turned 53 years old in 2020. It features a case that measures 27 mm x 27 mm and is made of 18k yellow gold with a matching genuine gold bracelet. The dial is made of solid 18k gold. The crown is signed and the dial is protected with a sapphire glass crystal. It runs off an 18 jewel hand mechanical movement. We found an example for sale in excellent near mint condition.

1959 Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref 2589

8. 1959 Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref 2589

Price: $7,590

The Calatrava Reference 2589 emerged in 1959. The watch features a case of 18k yellow gold n a round bombe styling. The case measures 37 mm in length and 32.5 mm in diameter. The inner case back features the engraving Patek Philippe & Co Geneve Swiss with the reference number. The crown is made of gold and features the raised Calatrava cross. The movement is an in-house Patek Philippe 23-300 hand-wound movement with 18 jewels and Geneva seal stamping on the main plate and train bridge with a power reserve of 40 + hours. The dial is an off white color with hour markers in a stick design made of 18k gold with gold indices and hands. A mineral glass crystal covers the dial and protects the movement beneath.

Patek Philippe Early No. 8 Cushion Vintage Watch, circa 1923

7. Patek Philippe Early No. 8 Cushion Vintage Watch, circa 1923

Price: $16,000

The Patek Philippe Early No. 8 is an antique watch that is triple signed. It's nearly a century in age and features a signed 18k gold case measuring 38 mm x 30 mm in width and 8 mm in thickness. This Swiss-made watch is a prime example of the quality of the brand during the early 20th century. The dial is white porcelain enamel with radium hour markers and hands. The power source is a manual-winding 12" caliber movement. The straps are interchangeable with hinged lugs that are rare for its time.

6. Patek Philippe Manta-Ray Reference 2554/7J

Price: Available upon request

The Manta Ray made its appearance in 1964. The case is made of 18k yellow gold and measures 28mm x 40 mm in width. The dial also features 18k yellow gold with a unique textured pattern. The rectangular shape sets this watch apart as an example aesthetically. It runs off a caliber 9-90 manual wound in-house movement.

Patek Philippe Vintage Reference 530 Chronograph

5. Patek Philippe Vintage Reference 530 Chronograph

Price: $290,000

The Reference 530 was made in 1941. This antique Patek Philippe features a case that is made of 18k gold with a width of 37 mm. This is a somewhat rare piece with just 30 examples of the model produced between later in the 1930s through the end of the 1950s era. The alternating mirror and brushed finished surfaces with oval-shaped chronograph pushers give it a unique aesthetic. The dial is silver with Arabic numerals and indices in gold, applied. The Feuille hands are also made of gold. Two subdials are sunken into the main dial displaying constant seconds and the chronograph 30-minute totalizer. The watch is powered by a manual wound Caliber 13-130 with Breguet balance spring, a micrometer regulator, and 23 jewels.

Patek Philippe Reference 600 1R

4. Patek Philippe Reference 600/1R

Price: $45,000

The Reference 600/1R first appeared in 1956. The watch was designed in 1953, commissioned to commemorate a celebratory timepiece of the life of King Saud Bin Abdulaziz al Saud. This rare timepiece features a pocket watch platform made of rose gold. It features an imported case from Wenger. The dial is ivory or darker amber enamel with a picture of the King in his younger years set at the top of the dial through the artistry and technical placement of Stern Freres for Patek Philippe. The 6001/R has a collection of round cut and baguette-cut rubies. Each setting riveted through the dial for the permanence of the stones. This open face pocket watch features the use of pink gold for the case and bracelet.

2. 1937 Patek Philippe Tegolino Vintage Watch

Price: $7,395

The Patek Philippe Tegolino Vintage model made its introduction in 1937. This rare antique features a case made of 18k gold measuring 20.3 mm in width excluding the crown x 42 mm in length with a thickness of 8 mm. The dial is silver with gold faceted baton indexes applied, a subsidiary guilloche seconds dial, and a mineral glass crystal. It's powered by tonneau-shaped rhodium-plated Caliber 9-90 movement with 18 jewels and a self-compensating Breguet balance spring with hours and minutes functions. The crown features a Calatrava cross with the Patek Philippe signature. This watch appeared from the 1930s through the 1950s.

Patek Philippe Reference 2592 Calatrava

1. Patek Philippe Reference 2592 Calatrava

Price: $5,800.00

The Reference 2592 Calatrava is rare. Patek Philippe introduced it during the 1950s. The case features 18k yellow gold with a width of 33 mm and a depth of 7.55 mm. The watch is triple signed with rare barrel lugs and sharp hallmarks. The dial features Roman numeral applications. It runs on a caliber 23-300 flat manual wound mechanical movement with 18 jewels and the Patek Philippe signature.

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