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10 of the Finest Sinn-Spezialuhren Watches in the World

U1000 Blue Dial

German watch manufacturer Sinn-Spezialuhren launched in 1961, and since then the company has become known for its aviation watches and navigation cockpit clocks. The award winning brand was founded by a pilot, Helmut Sinn, so it's no surprise that Sinn-Spezialuhren watches feature cutting edge technology, accurate movements, and precise engineering. While it was hard to pin them down into one list, here are our picks for ten of the finest Sinn-Spezialuhren watches in the world.

1. White Gold Regulateur - $11,027.95


The Sinn-Spezialuhren White Gold Regulateur has an artful display and gorgeous classic details. A 44 mm 18 carat white gold case, transparent back made of sapphire crystal, and gray electroplated guilloche dial are just the beginning. It features a house made hand-wound movement with 17 jewels and a glucydur screw balance. Not only is this watch a pleasure to look at, it's also shock resistant and water resistant up to 100 meters. Production of the White Gold Regulateur was limited to 45 pieces.

2. U1000 B Diving Watch - $128,000


Sinn-Spezialuhren's U1000 B Diving Watch is a diver's dream. It's made of submarine grade steel for extreme durability and resilience, and it features TEGIMENT Technology to make it virtually scratch-proof. Dehumidifying features, a captive safety diver's bezel that prevents misadjustment, and DNV GL certification make it one of the best sports timepieces around.

The U1000 B Diving Watch also has a self winding movement with 25 jewels that produces 28,800 beats per hour. As far as aesthetics go, its matte blue dial and complementary strap look great and can easily be worn outside of the water with different types of attire.

3. Jagduhr - $1,895.15


Sinn-Spezialuhren is famous for creating outstanding technical and sports watches, and the Jagduhr is its timepiece that was specially developed to meet the needs of hunters. Above all, this is a high quality watch with maximum readability, resilience, and durability. However, the Jagduhr is also a good looking timepiece with a dark brown and forest green color scheme that's ideal for hunting.

The Jagduhr has a self-winding shock resistant movement with 25 jewels. Anti-glare glass and water resistance up to 200 meters make this watch all the more practical. As a limited edition timepiece, just 100 units of the Jagduhr are available worldwide.

4. 917 GR - $3,139


The 917 GR chronograph watch was created by Sinn-Spezialuhren to be an ideal rallying accessory. A highly accurate countdown bezel, non-reflective sapphire crystal glass, and reserve indicator that mimics a fuel gauge make this watch a distinctive timepiece. Its aesthetic is stylish with a sporty edge, and the dial perfectly pays homage to rally racing. The 917 GR has a self-winding movement, is water resistant up to 100 meters, and displays hours, minutes, subsidiary seconds, and the date.

5. 2008 Limited Edition EZM 1 - $6,360


Sinn-Spezialuhren developed the 2008 Limited Edition EZM 1 for tactical and special units, and it has a mission timer that is as close to perfect as one can be. Quick time measurement, optimal readability, and a uniquely positioned and protected push mechanism make this timepiece work well for a variety of applications.

Those who simply want a very accurate and precise watch that has a modern and attractive look will also appreciate the 2008 Limited Edition EZM 1. It has a 40 mm bead blasted titanium case, stopwatch chronograph, pilot's bezel, and is waterproof. Only 250 pieces of this model were produced.

6. 901 - $3,086.90


One of the most technically sound watches from Sinn-Spezialuhren is the 901, a sporty chronograph with complex engineering. Its strap can be shortened or lengthened just by adjusting the lugs, ensuring a customized fit and superior comfort. The 901 is also highly scratch and temperature resistant, has a self-winding movement with 25 jewels, and displays the date, hours, minutes, and subsidiary seconds. Production of this timepiece was limited to 150 units.

7. 1746 Porcelain - $33,073.95


The 1746 Porcelain, also known as the Frankfurt Porcelain Watch, has a beautiful hand painted dial. Seven different iterations of this watch are available: one that depicts the Frankfurt am Main coat of arms, three different river landscapes, and three unique scenes of Frankfurt, Germany. Each motif is painted on Hochst porcelain, and the landscapes and city scenes are available in blue, gray, and purple.

Alternatively, this model can be customized with the owner's monogram or coat of arms. Roman numeral indexes circle the display, the back of the watch is transparent, and the 42 mm case is made of polished stainless steel. Each motif and color combination of the 1746 Porcelain is limited to 25 pieces.

8. 1800 S Damaszener -$3,020.75


Damascus steel is a combination of several different types of steel that have been layered together. It's been used for centuries in weapon making, but Sinn-Spezialuhren put the material to work as the backbone of the 1800 S Damaszener. This striking timepiece showcases the organic texture of Damascus steel, and the result is a watch with a classic profile and a very modern appeal. Inside of the 1800 S Damaszener is a self-winding movement with 21 jewels and a seconds stop function. Twelve indexes encircle the dial, and each hand and index is luminescent. Sinn-Spezialuhren produced just 100 units of the 1800 S Damaszener.

9. Modell 2300 - $31,971.49


The Modell 2300 is a stunning timepiece that features an incredible skeletonized gold chronograph. A sapphire crystal transparent back gives a fascinating view of the watch's inner workings from both sides. The exquisitely crafted 38 mm 18 carat gold case is the perfect complement to this watch's ornamental movement, which contains 17 jewels and produces 18,000 beats per hour. A dial with blue hands and a display with subsidiary seconds, minutes, and hours completes the technical and visual masterpiece. Only 25 of the Modell 2300 were produced.

10. 857 UTC TESTAF LH Cargo - $2,081


Sinn-Spezialuhren collaborated with German airline Lufthansa Cargo to create the 857 UTC TESTAF LH Cargo. Previously, the two companies teamed up to launch the limited edition 144 GMT Cargo in 2001, and their latest effort is even more impressive. It's one of the most precise and reliable instrumental pilot's watches in the world and is TESTAF certified for use by actual pilots.

Those who aren't in the professional will still be taken by the style and impeccable function of this timepiece -- if performance is most important to you, the 857 UTC TESTAF LH Cargo won't disappoint. The dial features a silhouette of a Boeing 777F, and the captive pilot's bezel has minute ratcheting capability. In addition to displaying the date, hours, minutes, and seconds, the watch displays a second time zone on a 24 hour basis. Just 777 units of this model were produced.

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