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Five Incredible Luxury Villas Located in Italy

Are you looking for the ultimate Italian vacation? If you want the very best that Italy has to offer, then you don’t want to stay at a hotel. Rather, you want to find the perfect villa to spend your time in. These can be anything from elaborate estates to beautifully refurbished farm houses in the country, but whatever form they ultimately take, they’re hidden gems, tucked away in out of the way corners of the countryside. Close enough to the action to get to it if you’re interested, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle to make you feel as though you’re in a secluded paradise reserved just for you. Below, you’ll find five of the most gorgeous Italian Villas available, so read on, and start planning your next vacation.

Villa Oliveto

Villa Oliveto

A converted farm house, completely renovated in 2008, Villa Oliveto sits a scant fifteen minutes outside of the city of Florence. Come and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Tuscany. Drive into the city by day to experience all that Florence has to offer, then return to your perfect nest of solitude in the evenings for a quiet dinner among friends, family, and attentive staff, and lounge in a decadent Turkish Bath afterwards.

With five generously sized bedrooms filled with all the modern conveniences and an attentive, accommodating staff, you’re sure to fall in love with Villa Oliveto, and want to come back year after year. This five bedroom piece of Italian history has a maximum guest capacity of just ten, and you’ll find prices here ranging from a low of $2400 per night, to a high of $2500 per night, and worth every penny.

Villa Orfea

Villa Orfea

Only a ten minute drive away from the city sits Orfea, a superb luxury villa that dates back to the 15th century and now completely and painstakingly renovated to transport you to the an era of modern beauty and sublime elegance.

No matter what your ideal vacation looks like, the medieval city of Lucca and its surroundings offer so many opportunities: if you like to keep up with your workout, the city’s 16th century walls are a glorious backdrop to stroll, powerwalk, jog or cycle to; for the beach lovers the coastal strip of Versilia, reachable within 30 minute drive, is the place to be; for the music aficionados many classical and rock/pop music festivals are held here throughout the year. That’s why Lucca is becoming one among the elite summer destinations in Tuscany.

Many features make this property perfect for kids: the estate is gated and completely fenced, the swimming pool has a shallow side, there is a children playground and the nearby city of Lucca offers a wide range of things to see and it is mostly car-free.

Pieve A Pava

Pieve A Pava

If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, then Pieva A Pava is your destination of choice. The villa itself is located perhaps a half hour’s drive from the lovely city of Siena, which is itself a bit of a lesser known, hidden gem of a city in Italy.

A beautiful combination of rustic charm and modern convenience, the centuries’ old villa has been meticulously restored and brought up to date, while not losing any of its Medieval feel or magic. You’ll be treated to breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your stay here, have access to a full range of concierge services, and if you’d like help planning a hike or sightseeing trip, the accommodating staff will be glad to assist.

The villa’s slogan is “in the beauty of silence,” and those are well chosen words. You’ll feel as though you’re a thousand miles from anywhere, even though you are but a short drive to all that the city of Siena has to offer. A simply wonderful place to stay. Maximum capacity is twelve in this six bedroom villa, and prices start at $1378 per night, and range as high as $1905 per night.

Villa Lucchese

Villa Lucchese

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of the Old World, then look no further than Villa Lucchese. Once a thriving Medieval hamlet, the property has been beautifully restored, and stands as proud today as it did hundreds of years ago. You’ll love whiling away the afternoon by the pool, or exploring the gardens and lakes that dot the estate.

One wing of Villa Luccese is an old hunting lodge, where Lords of distinction would gather before going on wild board hunts circa 1000AD. The old chapel on the property constitutes another wing, and guests can stay in either, in addition to choosing suites in the main house.

All the buildings have been beautifully restored, and all suites offer the latest in modern comforts and conveniences, including Jacuzzi tubs in some suites. This villa has a maximum capacity of twenty-two, with rates starting at $3839 per night, and ranging as high as $4613 per night.



Nestled in the countryside, about an hour’s drive from Florence, villa Bice offers style, seclusion and comfort for the most discerning of travelers. The villa’s suites feature queen/twin bedrooms with en-suites bathrooms and showers, and you’ll find all the comforts you’re accustomed to, from a luxurious pool, high speed wi-fi, satellite TV, full concierge service, and a full gym. For golfers, you should know that Villa Bice is located quite near to a fabulous 18-hole course, giving you plenty to keep yourself occupied with if the grounds themselves aren’t sufficient. You’ll love the pool and the carefully manicured gardens so much that you may not want to leave the grounds at all.

Villa Bice has a maximum capacity of ten guests at any given time, with prices starting at $1479 per night, and ranging as high as $2337 per night.

Italy is, of course, dotted with hidden gems like the luxurious villas we’ve described and linked to here, but in our opinion, these are the best of the best. Try one, or try them all. You’ll be absolutely captivated by any of the properties listed here, and enchanted by this magical aspect of Italy. Book your vacation today.

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