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10 Awesome Flea Markets to Check Out in Vermont

Flea Market

Vermont is a mountainous State in the North-Eastern area of the United States. The State is naturally forested, and it is the only State where you are not allowed to construct buildings taller than 124 feet. The mountainous and forested landscape is perfect for skiing and hiking on the slopes. There are various mountains in the area which support an alpine ecosystem. Vermont is also famous for producing the best maple syrup in the world. The state also holds an annual maple festival where visitors can witness the crowning of the year’s maple ambassadors. If you plan to visit Vermont, here are ten awesome flea markets you can explore.

10. The original Newfane Flea Market- Newfane, VT

Flea markets are exciting markets where you enjoy shopping for clothes, antiques, and quirky items at discount prices. The Newfane flea market is open every Sunday from Halloween till late April. It is the oldest flea market in Vermont, which hosts thousands of generations. The market is enormous, attracting sundry sellers because it has spacious stalls that they rent at just $20. According to Yelp, it is located on Route 30, Newfane, VT. The market is open daily from 6. Am to noon.

9. Waterbury Flea Market- Waterbury, VT

The flea market is in the northern part of Waterbury. It is spread across a ten-acre piece of land where vendors sell new commodities and classic antiques. Some stalls sell delicious, hot, fresh meals for breakfast and lunch if you shop and feel hungry. The market is open in early October from 8 am to 5 pm.

8. The Wilmington Antique and Flea Market- Wilmington, VT

Wilmington flea market has been in existence for thirty years. The market is known for its impressive décor, fresh produce, and artisan crafts. It is known to have vendors who sell unique salt and pepper shakers, vintage treasure lamps, and precisely everything you desire to purchase. Locals and visitors rate it as one of the best flea markets. They have budget-friendly prices, and it is nothing compared to the amount of shopping you will buy. It is open on weekends from mid-May to mid-October. They also offer a free parking slot, which is available from 9 am to 6 pm.

7. Champlain Islands Farmers Market- South Hero, VT

It is a seasonal market in South Hero. The best thing about this market is that it connects the local farmers with the community and other artisans. The vendors in this market distribute fresh farm produce, tasty home-cooked meals, and handcraft antiques. There is a second story where visitors sit and relax and enjoy the view of the market. It is open from the beginning of the harvest season until May, when it ends. The market is open from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

6. Jonesville Indoor Flea Market- Richmond, VT

Jonesville flea market is one of the few markets that are open all year round. The market is situated along the Winooski River in northern Vermont. The vendors in the market are known to sell epic décor, handmade antiques, unique crafts, vintage skis, snowboards, beautiful dishes, books, farming tools, and several quirky items which you might find interesting. The market offers a comforting shopping ambiance and an informal vibe that most visitors enjoy.

5. East Corinth Flea Market- East Corinth, VT

If you are looking for unique, beautiful, and vintage kitchen supplies, visit this market. Vendors sell them at a friendly price. The market has various items, including fresh farm produce, baked goods, sushi, pizza, and seafood. They also sell different household décor, new and old merchandise, and fashion. The market opens monthly on a few Sundays. It is also open from October to May.

4. Manchester Flea Market- Manchester, VT

It is a great flea market that is open from April to October. According to Flea Market Malls, the market is open on weekends. On Saturday evenings, there is a food vendor who prepares and sells sumptuous home-cooked meals in Wondrous Park. You can relax and meditate in the park as you enjoy your meal after a long shopping day.

3. Waitsfield Farmers Market- Main Street Waitsfield, VT

The market is near the famous Mad River Green, a popular joint where locals and travelers gather. There are various items and gadgets you can purchase from this market. The market has vintage clothes and accessories. There is also live entertainment and free wifi which travelers can enjoy. There is a specific spot where people love to relax in the evening while watching the sunset. According to Fleamapket, it is open every first Saturday of the month from 9 am to 1 pm.

2. Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace- Burlington, VT

The market is situated in an old building made from pure brick. It is considered an indoor flea market. As the name suggests, the market hosts a vintage-inspired lifestyle on Sundays where they sell vintage art, household goods, and delicious food. The market is also famous because the vendors have small workshops that offer nature paintings and other exciting activities.

1. West Brattleboro Indoor-Outdoor Flea Market- Brattleboro, VT

It is one of the best flea markets in Vermont you need to check out. There are fantastic thrift stores that sell household goods, clothing, electrical items, and beauty products, and there are different cuisines. According to Tripsavvy, as the name suggests, the flea market is both an indoor and outdoor flea market. They open from mid-June to mid-October. The prices are budget-friendly, and there is nothing more exciting than coming home with a handful of shopping that you have purchased at a bargain price. The charm of epic antiques will leave you with a memorable experience.

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