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10 Things You Didn't Know About Francesco Simoneschi

Francesco Simoneschi is a businessman and entrepreneur who serves as the current CEO of a company called TrueLayer. The startup is in the United Kingdom. It has recently made business news with its remarkable growth and advancement as the leader in the FinTech industry. He is a strong leader with innovative creativity that is helping to transform the financial landscape of the United Kingdom. We wanted to know more about him and looked into his personal and professional history to see what we could learn about his strategies for success. We made some interesting discoveries about him. Here are ten things you probably didn't know about Francesco Simoneschi you might find inspiring.

1. Francesco Simoneschi is also the founder of TrueLayer

Mr. Simoneschi is not only the chief executive officer at TrueLayer, but he is also a co-founder of the startup. According to Crunchbase, he partnered with Luca Martinetti to build the company that officially launched its operations in 2016. He has held his position at the helm of the organization for the past five years. He leads the company for which he is also a co-owner.

2. Simoneschi is leading a new revolution

TrueLayer's platform is helping to grow the open banking economy within Europe by providing a global platform for developers. The tools that TrueLayer provides opens up new avenues of alternative financial services for a new modern age. It puts more options for payments into the hands of merchants and consumers. He's getting in on the ground floor of a new financial system as a pioneer in the open banking industry, which is becoming more popular throughout Europe.

3. He grew TrueLayer to an industry leader in 3 years

Remarkably, it has taken TrueLayer just three years to become one of the world's leading financial API providers. Simoneschi along with his co-founding partner Luca Martinetti built TrueLayer into one of the pioneers in the new open banking economy that is currently trending in Europe.

4. Francesco is a serial entrepreneur

TrueLayer is not the first company that Francesco Simoneschi has established. He founded a company called in 2012. He grew the company into a thriving organization, then sold it to PlayHaven. was an analytics platform that was acquired by a mobile game developer. He also launched an organization called Mision and Market. He has founded and managed several tech companies that have gone on to become successes.

5. He's a good negotiator

Francesco Simoneschi is a master when it comes to negotiating and striking business agreements with other companies. Under his leadership, he established multiple partnerships for integrating TrueLayer's platform into their financial operations. He earned the trust and respect of several of Europe's major banks, along with Visa, in a global partnership, Tencent, Temasek, and many others.

6. He is an engineer

According to his LinkedIn profile, Francesco Simoneschi attended La Sapienza University in Rome where he studied computer engineering. He also attended the London School of Economics and Political Science at the University of London where he majored in Economics and Information Management. He graduated with his degree in Information Management in 2013. He has a strong background in computer engineering, information management, and economics which is a winning combination for the leader of a tech company. He laid a solid educational foundation.

7. He started his career as a CEO

The first job that Mr. Simoneschi listed on his resume was an executive-level position. He was the chief executive officer for a company called Phatsoft S.r.l. from 2004 through 2008. While still employed at Phatsoft, he worked as the vice president of product development for DomainsBot S.r.l. from January of 2006 through October of 2012. He left the job after 6 years and 10 months to pursue other business endeavors. He started his career strong and continued to pick up momentum. Francesco has shown a strong commitment to his profession by often working more than one highly responsible job at a time. He has a strong work ethic which has helped to lead to his current level of success as a business executive and entrepreneur.

8. He is an angel investor

In addition to being a busy executive and business owner, Francesco Simoneschi is also an angel investor. So far, he has invested in two startups during their seed rounds of fundraising. He invested $10.1 million in a company called Ramp on June 2, 2021. He also invested an undisclosed amount in a company called Fortu on May 3, 2021. These are listed as personal investments that are outside of his scope of responsibilities at TrueLayer. He has several irons in the fire at one time.

9. Francesco Simoneschi helps other entrepreneurs

Mr. Simoneschi recognized that there is a deficit in the options for funding for small to medium-sized startups that are just getting established. This led to his founding of the Mission and Market organization. It is a small angel fund that helps founders of companies with the capital that they need to succeed. The fund has invested in 50 companies from diverse industries, but one requirement is that they must have bold missions in huge markets to receive funding.

10. Francesco Simoneschi is a multi-talented and well-rounded businessman

Altfi gives us a good summary of the dynamics that make Francesco Simoneschi such a powerful and successful leader. He has many talents but he has put in the time and effort to learn the ins and outs of the businesses he creates. His experience spans tech development, financial technology, venture capitalism, and more. He also has global experience with companies founded in Europe and the United States. He also developed the first eye-tracking virtual reality headset in the world when he was the vice president of strategy for FOVE. He is also the holder of one patent and he has published research findings. He's done a lot in his life, and he is still young. Francesco Simoneschi is a solid role model for young entrepreneurs who wonder how to achieve business success.

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