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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sergio Jimenez

Sergio Jimenez

Sergio Jiménez Amozurrutia is the CEO of Flink, a Mexican-based banking company that offers its clients a reliable technological platform from, which they can open an account within a few minutes. The company offers their clients international MasterCards, online banking services that clients can use to pay services and track their spending, budget management tools, options for bill payment, among other important features. Sergio Jiménez has focused on improving customers experience with neobanks by introducing more features that meet the needs of their clients. Here is a List of 10 Things that You Probably Didn’t Know About Sergio Jiménez

10. Aside from being the CEO, He is also the Founder of Flink

Aside from being the current CEO of the neobank, Flink, Sergio Jiménez is also the founder of the company. He started the banking company to improve Latin America’s banking practices. He was also focused on ensuring that the banking business that he created would promote a healthy relationship between Mexicans and their money by offering them tools like budgeting management and goal-based saving accounts, which would improve their accountability and increase their likelihood of developing a money-saving culture.

9. Born in Mexico City

Sergio Jiménez was born in Mexico City and was raised in Veracruz. Since he grew up in Mexico, he understands the dynamics of the Mexican business market, Mexicans interaction with money, and other factors related to the banking needs of his target customers. Additionally, being born and brought up in Mexico means that he has experienced the challenges that clients face when interacting with the traditional banks and their bank accounts. As such, being a Mexican and having gone through the traditional banking systems made him the suitable candidate to address the gap in the banking industry.

8. He Uses His Position to Educate Clients About Banking and Investing

Sergio Jiménez uses his knowledge and position as Flink’s CEO and founder to educate the public about banking investments, and other money matters. Sergio Jiménez utilizes his social media platforms to share his banking knowledge. For instance, he wrote a Twitter post on May 13, 2021, that addressed the difference between a savings account and an investment account to help his followers understand the benefits linked to both accounts. The information he shared could help both his clients and the overall public differentiate between savings and investment accounts offered by banks.

7. He is Hardworking

Sergio Jiménez is a hardworking man that is focused on success. He believes that the only way for people to succeed in anything that they set out to do is to outwork everyone else in their industry. His determination and hard work can be seen through the success of his company over the years. Although there are numerous banks in Mexico, Sergio Jiménez was still determined to join the banking industry. Despite being a new banking system that most people were not familiar with, Sergio Jiménez focused on outworking the existing competition in the market to carve a place for his company. Sergio Jiménez believes the success of his company is based on his commitment and his hard work. In an article that reviewed the best neobanks in Mexico, Sergio Jimenez’s Flink was included in the top ten new banks in the country.

6. He is Quality Oriented

Sergio Jiménez values quality and is always focused on ensuring that his clients get the best services. Although he believes that building new markets is important, his main priority in the banking industry is ensuring that clients get the best services that would improve their interaction with their money. His focus on building a quality-oriented company has attracted many people to his bank.

5. He Studies Business Administration

Sergio Jiménez has a business administration degree. His interest in the banking business does not come as a surprise because he has a business administration background. He studies the course at the Universidad Anáhuac Xalapa and developed an understanding of the banking industry while he was at the university. The knowledge and skills he gained while he was at the university have helped him build a successful banking career.

4. He Discovered His Passion for Financial Service while he was at The Anáhuac University

Sergio Jimenez discovered his passion to become an entrepreneur in the financial services market while he was still studying at the Universidad Anáhuac Xalapa. Sergio Jimenez wishes to start his neobank was based on a combination of the need to improve the banking system in Mexico by providing Mexicans with quality financial services. Aside from his hard work and need to become an entrepreneur, his passion also contributed to his success.

3. He Worked in Other Companies

Sergio Jiménez worked in another company before founding Flink. After his university education, he worked for four years at a different company before following the entrepreneurial path. Working at Crece, a Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Múltiple (SOFOM) and consumer lending company in Veracruz. SOFOM are enterprises under Mexican law whose key objective is to provide loans or credit to clients. Working at the company significantly contributed to his understanding of Mexicans, particularly those who lived in his home town, relationship with money.

2. He Met His Cofounder at a Hackathon

Sergio Jiménez met his cofounder at a hackathon at Tech de Monterrey in 2015. Flink is a fintech company that combines the competency of Sergio Jiménez financial services knowledge in the banking industry and his cofounder, Rick Rafael’s knowledge in modern technology. Rick Rafael had started building a different consumer lending fintech company, Easy Credit, but the two sold the company in 2016 and founded Flink.

1. He prides Himself on Being A Developer of the First Consumer Stock-Trading Bank in Mexico

Sergio Jiménez prides himself as being the first person in the banking business to develop the first consumer stock-trading platform in Latin America. In a news article published on Crunch Base News, which addressed the banking industry in Latin America, the writer shared Flink’s success in getting more than 1 million customers and raising $12 million for its brokerage product. The company plans to use the $12 million to improve its brokerage product, infrastructure, and security.


Sergio Jiménez is a breath of fresh air in Mexico’s banking industry. His background in business administration, the knowledge he gained while working at Crece, and his first-hand experience with the Mexican banking industry gives him a competitive advantage over other companies. Sergio Jiménez commitment to quality has made Flink one of the best neo banks in Mexico.

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