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10 Things You Didn't Know About Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser is a remarkable woman. Her ability to forsee outcomes and translate that into multiple successes have helped to make her a woman of note in financial circles. In September of 2020 Jane became the first woman CEO of a major banking institution. Born in 1967 in St. Andrews, Scotland, Jane's been able to secure many astonishing feats in the financial world which have garnered her many accolades from partners and employees alike. This fascinating woman is the loving wife of Alberto Piedra, and mother of two sons, Gordon and Cameron. Gordon is currently working in the field of physics, and Cameron is a professional golfer. But that's not all. We've gathered 10 interesting facts surrounding Ms. Fraser, designed to provide you with additional insight into the world of this force of finance.

1. Named One of CNBC's Rebels, Icons and Leaders

In 2014, Jane Fraser's name was added to CNBC's list of Rebels, Icons and Leaders. This list was a compilation of leaders who they believed would challenge the status quo on everything from technological innovations, finance to politics within the next 25 years. The list includes the likes of Jack Ma, LeBron James, Tyler Perry, Gwynne Shotwell, and Susan Wojcicki. At the time, Jane Fraser was the CEO of U.S. and Commercial Banking, Citimortgage.

2. In 2016 Jane Fraser was Named One of Fortune's Most Powerful Women

Once a year, Fortune magazine puts together their list of the most powerful women in business. The women on the list are carefully chosen from Fortune magazines' own editors. These editors examine criteria such as, the importance of the business, how the business affects the global economy, how strong the business is, her resume, and how influential she is in regards to culture and society. Jane's qualifications included heading Citi's Latin American Division, cutting expenses and centering the business on a more profitable path. As a result of her efforts her first year, profits increased.

3. One of U.S. Bankers Women to Watch

Way back in 2009, Jane Fraser was considered one of U.S. Bankers 25 Women to Watch. Clearly, they were onto something, considering where she is today. Acting as Citigroup's head of Global Private Banking, she became known for her leadership in getting Citigroup back on track by increasing their capital. In fact, Fraser stated the during that time, she crossed the Atlantic around 40 times, as last year was a little unusual.

4. Jane Fraser Volunteers in Rebuilding a Community

In 2015, Jane Fraser took her unstoppable drive and energy to help revitalize a Liberty Square, a community housing project in Miami, Florida. We're painting. We're putting in plants and we're really trying to make a difference in this important center for the kids. Jane was put in charge of the eager and productive volunteers, who were able to create positive change at the projects. Citi's Global Community Day was initiated in 2006, and has since provided much needed assistance to people across the globe.

5. She is the Co-Chairman of the Citi Women Affinity Group

In order to facilitate a sense of belonging as well as diversity, Citigroup created Affinity's. Affinity's are groups which cater to the needs of Citi's vast employee culture. Jane is currently the co-chair of Citi's Women's Affinity Group. This group strives to incorporate the special needs of women into the corporate culture. It's important to Citigroup that it does not lose valuable talent. This translates into ensuring women obtain the healthcare and pregnancy assistance required. Working in conjunction with Gavin Michael, Head of Technology, Global Consumer Bank, they work closely with women to promote, retain and hire.

6. She is is Published

In 1999, a young, talented and driven Jane Fraser contributed to the publication, Race for the World: Strategies to Build a Great Global Firm HBS Press, 1999. Together with Lowell L. Bryan, Eilhelm Rall, and Jeremy Oppenheim, she and her colleagues made the case for specialization based on the transformation of the global economy, Twenty years from now, some $50, trillion of globally integrated economic activity will permit an extraordinary degree of specialization. They emphasized the importance of slivers and micro industries, a dynamic transition economy, and the erosion of geographic walls between markets.

7. Jane Credits Her Husband for His Support and Love

Being the first woman CEO of a banking institution was tough sailing. Just one look at her credentials, and you're left with no doubt as to her tremendous talent and perseverance when it comes to achieving life and career goals. However, much of her success she credits to her amazing husband, Alberto Piedra of Cuba. Jane and Alberto married in 1996. Alberto enjoyed a fruitful and highly successful career in finance until 2008 when he left all to center on being a family man, and support his wife's burgeoning career, and take care of their two sons.

8. She is an Active Member of Several Financial Organizations

Jane enjoys a life where her plate is full, and her enrichment is high. She is currently enjoying the position of being the first woman CEO for a major banking institution. However, did you know that she remains an active participant in other financial organizations? Never one to sit and watch the paint dry, Jane is currently a board member of Citigroup, Inc., as well as a board member of Banamex SA, and up until 2018 the vice chairman of Banco de Chile SA. She is currently a member of the Council on foreign Relations.

9. Jane's Philosophy on Success

Well, lets just say it's a part of her philosophy of success. When asked if it's possible to 'have it all', she answered "Yes, but not all at once". She went on to say that she received a good bit of advice from a previous employer, which is basically this: You can have it all, but not at once. Your career will span decades, realize that, and proceed accordingly. By realizing that you can accomplish much over a stretch of time, it lessens the pressure to perform, giving you room to achieve your goals

10. She Led the Citigroup Covid-19 Response Group Team for North America

In a June 24, 2020 interview by Bloomberg Live's Sonali Basak, Jane relates her experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, and her views on moving from the office to the home. As we know, many companies have their employees working from home, and it's proven to be very beneficial to both the worker and the business, especially when cutting costs. The employee saves on clothing, food and transportation, while the business saves on supplies, space and so on. Jane believes that the way businesses work has changed, and that working from home has proven to be beneficial for both parties.

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