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10 Things You Didn't Know about Eric Friedrichsen

Eric Friedrichsen

Eric Friedrichsen is an American businessman recently appointed as the CEO of a new tech company called Emburse. He's a high-powered executive who has carved a niche in the fintech industry. He brings years of experience to the job and is making business news with his accomplishments. We wanted to learn more about Eric and his secret to success as a leader in a competitive industry. We looked into his personal and professional life and we made some fascinating discoveries. Here are ten things you didn't know about Eric Friedrichsen that you might find inspiring.

1. He was educated in Iowa

Eric's LinkedIn profile confirms that Friedrichsen attended school at the University of Iowa. He enrolled in the bachelor of business administration program in 1987. He completed his degree requirements in 1991. Eric graduated from the University of Iowa with his bachelor of business administration with a concentration in management information systems.

2. Eric started in sales

Friedrichsen started his career after college as a consultant for Arthur Andersen in Chicago, Illinois, in June of 1991. He had a job upon graduating from college. He stayed with the company for 2 years and 1 month, leaving in 1993 to accept a job as a software safes engineer for Greenbrier & Russel in Chicago. He worked at the job for 7 months and was promoted to software sales executive of its Milwaukee location. In 1995, the company named him sales director of the Dallas Fort Worth region. In January 1999 he was promoted to regional vice president and general manager. He spent more than ten and a half years at the company with consistent promotions to higher levels of leadership.

3. Friedrichsen has a diverse work history

Eric Friedrichsen built a diverse and powerful work resume that took him across the country in various industries. It's evidence that he is capable of learning new things and applying the basic principles of leadership to any work situation or company. He worked for Information Builders as a senior sales executive for 3 years, moving laterally to a company called Business Objects in 2007. He worked as an Enterprise sales executive at SAP Concur from 2008 to 2012. He was moved to sales director for higher education in 2013 in Denver, Colorado. In 2013 he became vice president of vertical markets and within two years, was promoted to senior vice president of SMB and nationals with the company. He spent nearly nine years at SAP Concur.

4. Eric speaks on podcasts

Eric Friedrichsen has a lot to say about spending management at the organizational level. His company Emburse helps to automate processes that previously ate up workers' time. It saves money and time, enhancing productivity. He's been the guest on podcasts for Money Alignment Academy, to share his expertise on the topic.

5. Eric takes time to have a personal life

Green Biz shares some interesting information about Eric Friedrichsen's personal life. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado. He takes time away from his busy career to unwind and embrace the wonders of nature. Denver is the ideal place for him to pursue his enjoyment of mountain biking and spending time in the outdoors. He understands the value of getting away from it all to recharge his batteries to live a balanced life between his identity as a professional and as an individual with outside interests.

6. He is a family man

Friedrichsen is careful to spend time with his family. He's a hard worker, but he has responsibilities to his family and his career. He is married with three children. He takes the time to serve as a coach to stay connected with people outside of the work environment and stay active in his kids' lives and the greater community around him.

7. Eric Friedrichsen is an inspiration to hard-working people

Friedrichsen is known to speak when invited to podcasts. He has a lot to say about a great many topics. You'll hear him emphasize is the need for people in the business world and outside of it to stop and assess their situations when roadblocks appear. He advises not to let them get in your way when others depend on you. He's an expert on the topic as he's navigated his share of risks in business. When faced with a challenge, you find ways to deal with them. It could be to find a route around them or tunnel through them, but you can't let the obstacles stop you. His words are inspiring. The sentiments come from personal experience.

8. Eric has a heart for the people of Ukraine

Eric recently commented about his involvement with tech contractors in the war-torn country of Ukraine. Emburse is responding to the needs of Ukrainian families by helping relocate families to Spain. It's where the company has its headquarters. Executives of Emburse are personally funding the housing costs for Ukrainian colleagues who made it out and escaped to Poland. Emburse has faced obstacles in doing so, but he feels that Emburse has a moral obligation to help and that it's showing their values.

9. Eric Friedrichsen has a high approval rating from staff

Glassdoor is a rating site that gathers opinions about CEOs from people who work for the company. They polled 98 Emburse staff members to ask about the current CEO, Eric Friedrichsen. Fifty-seven respondents reported an 85 percent approval of Eric. They commend him for fostering an environment that allows people to be themselves. They work in a growing company that offers a healthy work-life balance with exceptional benefits like health, vision, dental, and snacks and drinks available in the offices.

10. Eric Friedrichsen is a well-rounded leader

Eric has a proven track record of business success. He's a role model for people in the business world who aspire to become executive leaders. Eric models strengths and values that build companies while building the people responsible for the growth and smooth operation of the organizations. He supports core values for the company culture with care for others and community involvement.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

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