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20 Things You Didn't Know About Bastian Lehmann

Bastian Lehmann

Bastian Lehmann is a German/American businessman and entrepreneur who is best known for his work as the CEO of the logistics company Postmates. We were interested in learning more about this highly successful company developer and to learn about his history, what he's up to now, and what has made him so very successful in his business endeavors. We made some interesting discoveries about him that you might find to be inspirational and of value. Here are 20 things that you probably didn't know about Bastian Lehmann.

1. He is the co-founder of Postmates

Bastian Lehmann combined his efforts with Sam Street and Sean Plaice to establish the logistics company Postmates. The company was founded on May 1, 12011, and it has been in business for 8 years. Postmates is headquartered in San Francisco, California and remains a private company. Mr. Lehmann serves as the chief operating officer of the firm. Under his leadership, the company has provided mobile app and website products as well as the delivery of commerce services.

2. He leads a billion-dollar company

Postmates has been a successful venture for Lehmann and his partners. Sean Plaice, Kristin Schaefer, and Vivek Patel make up the management team for the company. Board members include Scott Banister, Brian Singerman, and Nabeel Hyatt. The revenue generated by the company in the 2018 fiscal year was $1.0 billion. There are approximately 5,341 employees working at Postmates as of 2019 as the operation has grown and expanded since it was first established 8 years ago.

3. Postmates has made significant progress

Under the leadership of Bastian Lehmann, Postmates has grown rapidly. The firm reached a major goal in June of 2015 when it exceeded 2.5 million deliveries. At that time it was serving 28 markets and it had made a major expansion of its fleet to include 13,000 couriers. Just a few months later, Postmate updated their app and the addition to delivery tracking as well as delivering git meals to others, along with the estimated time of delivery was a popular move that brought in even more customers for the company.

4. He took his company international

Mr. Lehmann spearheaded the effort to take the company international in 2017. By November of that year, the first services were launched in Mexico City, Mexico. This was Postmates' first location that was outside of the United States. Although this was a bold move that showed some potential, it didn't work out and Postmates recently shut down their operations in Mexico in December of 2019, because of a failure for it to grow, and they returned their focus to the United States operations.

5. He has managed some controversy recently

Postmates recently changed the pay structure for its workers and they took away the minimum guarantee that was formerly in place. This upset many of the couriers and they organized a strike that encouraged couriers to refuse to take jobs on Postmates in June of 2019. This was one of the most unpopular decisions that Mr. Lehmann had allowed to be implemented for his company.

6. Lehmann is an innovative thinker

In December of 2018, Postmates revealed an innovation that made the company unique within its niche. It developed an autonomous delivery rover internally. They call the new rover Serve. Serve is an autonomous robot that performs a series of tasks through the implementation of a type of artificial intelligence and information engineering in an autonomous form that is capable of doing some jobs that were previously accomplished by humans.

7. His company is still expanding

Postmates raised $100 million in investment funds in January of 2019, for expansion. After the hundred million, the company had a valuation of $1.85 billion. During 2018, Postmates launched its services in 134 new US cities which brings the total of US cities served by the company to 550. It is still growing and on the move. Lehmann is credited with doing an excellent job of leadership in guiding the company through its multiple growth phases and although he has made a few decisions tht have not been popular with couriers, there is no disputing the fact that Postmates has experienced significant growth.

8. His passion is creating

Bastian Lehmann shared that one of his greatest passions is creating products along with considering ideas for doing so. He speaks openly about his many accomplishments as a businessman and entrepreneur and they center around his ideas, and how he has turned them into technology products.

9. He is a man of many talents

Bastian is a type of creative genius and he has used this talent to get ahead in the business world. He has many gifts and abilities and one of them is in the technology arena. His specialties include interaction design, technology, and product development and by using these skills he has built a company that is worth nearly $2 billion currently. He is also skilled in the art of leadership as we see evidenced in his contributions to Postmate as its CEO.

10. He is the co-founder of

Another company that Mr. Lehmann co-founded is an online company that was called "" This was a company that specialized in featuring a collection of topics and interests with which everyone who was involved made edits, organization, and curation for. It was a novel idea and the company was established in September of 2009. Lehmann's work with ended in December of 2010 after just 1 year and 4 months.

11. He is the founder of Zensify Ltd

Yet another company that Bastian Lehmann founded is called Zensify. He served as the vice president of product development for the company from 2007 through November of 2009. He is the creator of Zensify which was the iPhone's first social network aggregator.

12. He worked for Refresh Mobile Ltd internationally

Prior to founding his own companies, Mr. Lehmann worked for the Refresh Mobile Ltd firm. He was employed with teh company from June of 2006 through August of 2007. He served as its German Country Manager. His job was to establish and manage the German unit of the company and to aid in the acquisition of media companies, and those related to PC games Men's health and other markets. He built strategic partnerships with network operators and mobile marketing agencies and it was here that the gained useful knowledge and experience tht would help him to found his own very successful business based on some of the things that he learned.

13. He also worked for 12 Snap

Lehmann also worked for the German company 12Snap, as the global account manager. He was employed with the company from May 2004 through June of 2006. The company creates mobile marketing campaigns for some of the largest businesses and firms in the world including Mcdonalds, Adidas Nokia, and many others. Mr. Lehmann was highly skilled in marketing , in designing advertisement campaigns and for developing the technology that would make it easier and more profitable, but he was also very good at dealing with prospective clients.

14. He is a successful entrepreneur

Mr. Bastian Lehman has made a habit of either founding or co-founding companies in the tech sector that become successful. He is also the co-founder of Germany GmbH. He worked at the business from August of 2002 through May of 2004. His key responsibilities at the company included building the M-Commerce business unit through the establishment of direct connections with aggregators and network operators. He was instrumental in defining the SMS brokerage business and executing the strategies. He served as the chief operating officer of this company. While working with, he was also employed as a project manager and business development manager for NOVA D.O. C. GmbH from February of 2001 through August of 2003. His responsibilities were to manage the technical projects of the company as well as to develop a web-based German ring tone and mobile wallpaper premium SMS billing solutions.

15. He started out as a network consultant

In 1999, Mr. Lehmann joined the Westag & Getalit AG company where he was employed as a network consultant. He served at the company for 1 year and 2 months planning and administering Windows and Novell based networks, as well as integrating the SAP/R3 system. He left Westag & Getalit AG in March of 2000. We can see that Lehmann has worked his way up from serving as a network consultant for other companies to becoming the owner and executive leader of several of his own companies. Although most of his jobs with the various companies that he has worked at have been extremely short in duration, he has gained a lot of knowledge and developed skills from each. He has used the skills and information that he has gained to become extremely successful in founding and running a variety of different companies within the tech services and products sector.

16. He was born in Germany

Bastian Lehmann's native country is Germany. This is where he developed his first businesses, and his work led him to different countries throughout the world. He moved to London, where he also achieved a measure of success in business. His life journey brought him to San Francisco, California, in the United States, where he co-founded Postmates and he now makes his home in the city. He has lived in three different countries throughout his lifetime and is very well-traveled.

18. He is pondering the notion of going public

Lehmann has been weighing the pros and cons of taking Postmates public. He has noted that the issue that has been encountered by Uber and Lyft has made him think twice about the wisdom of taking that action at this point in the development of his company. There is always a big risk involved with going public, particularly when the market is choppy, as it is currently. It can either increase the valuation of a company or take it down to its lowest level. The company filed for an IPO several months ago, but they are in no hurry to execute the filing, at least not until the time is right. He made the decision to wait for now and to focus on the efficient growth of the Postmates company and see what happens in the months to come.

19. Lehmann is focusing on yet more innovations

Bastian Lehmann has earned a reputation for thinking outside of the box and for being a skilled innovator. Although he has already achieved a high level of innovation through is autonomous robot Serve, this is an area that he believed can be further developed and expanded. At this point in time, and while the IPO execution has been put on hold for the time being, he is turning his focus towards conducting more research on autonomous delivery. He isn't planning to become fully autonomous, but he rather believes tht the bots will augment the fleet of couriers that are currently in place and when the time comes for automation to complete full deliveries, the other Postmates employed will be reassigned to perform other functions. He is not planning to take away any human jobs with his strategies for autonomous technology. This is a promise that he has made to his employees.

20. He believes in having a backup plan

We learned that Bastian Lehmann didn't intend to become an entrepreneur when he began his career. He started out as a network consultant and he was also a brilliant product developer but the circumstances of his life led him to become an entrepreneur. He also didn't plan on Postmates being the type of business that it is in food delivery, as well as serving 27 other industries. It was originally intended to be a furniture delivery service, but it didn't work out, so he was prepared to improvise. This is thematic throughout his life, but the reasons for his tremendous success in his ventures lie in the fact that he is good at having a backup plan if the first idea doesn't work out. He is a thinker and an idea man who is versatile and adaptable.Making smart adjustments is just one more of his many strengths.

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