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10 Things You Didn't Know about Tiana Wilson

Tiana Wilson is a teenage British YouTube star whose channel is called Toys And Me. She is best known for her videos where she unboxes toys and reviews them. Here are ten things about her that you may not know.

1. She Was Born And Raised In Nottingham

She was born in the city of Nottingham in the UK on Christmas Eve 2007. She is the daughter of Nigel and Cherina Wilson. Nottingham is a city that is best known for its association with the legend of Robin Hood and it is located in the East Midlands. She has lived here with her family for her whole life. Many of the videos that she has uploaded have been filmed in their family home. Their house and gardens are very spacious and it does not look as if they live in the city center.

2. She Started Uploading Videos When She Was Seven Years Old

When she was around seven she started to upload her own videos with the help of her father. She used to enjoy watching videos that other people had posted and thought that it was something she would be good at. Her dad was more than happy to help her get started. Her channel is called Toys and Me, and it mainly featured Tiana unboxing toys and reviewing them. As she has got older, the focus has moved away slightly from toys but she has always kept the name of the channel.

3. Many Of Her Videos Feature Pranks Pulled On Her Parents

Some of the most popular videos on the site feature her pulling pranks on her parents. She sometimes works with her dad to play pranks on her mom and other times she will prank them both. According to The Talko, one of the reason why Tiana's pranks are so popular with children and parents is that they are always very family friendly. Her pranks never involve anything that is really mean, but this does not stop them being funny.

4. Her Brother Also Appears In Her Videos

Her brother Jordon also makes regular appearances in her videos. He is ten years older than Tiana but they have always had a close relationship. He no longer lives at home and so they were unable to see each other during the Covid-19 pandemic as they were isolating in different households. She spoke on social media about how happy she was to see him again when they were able to reunite. Jordon has his own YouTube channel, which mainly focuses on pranks and challenges. He recently reached one million subscribers and did a skydive to celebrate.

5. Her Channel Has 16 Million Subscribers

Her channel has been running for around five years and in this time she has gained over 16 million subscribers. Endemol Shine reports that she was the youngest girl to ever reach 10 million subscribers. Her videos have had billions of views. She has also received recognition for both of these achievements from YouTube. This is something that she is understandably very proud of. Her family also have their own channel called The Wilsons that she also appears on. Her own channel remains the one with the most subscribers.

6. She Is An Excellent Gymnast

She is a keen gymnast and often posts photos of the awards that she has won on her Instagram account. She has her level two proficiency award and is working towards level one. She often has a busy life between her school work and making her videos, and gymnastics is a way for her to relax. It is something that she has been involved in from a young age. She has not given any indication that she intends to stop taking part in it any time soon.

7. She Has Her Own Line Of Merchandise Called Hearts By Tiana

She has launched her own range of merchandise called Hearts by Tiana. The products she sells includes clothing, bags and jewellery. She has had a lot of input into the design of the clothing range that her fans can purchase. She has recently introduced a range of personalized birthday cards where people can add their own photos alongside a picture of Tiana. All products are available from her website and can be shipped to several countries around the world. New products are being added to the website all the time.

8. She Has A Dog Called Charlie

The family have a dog Charlie who they have owned since he was a puppy. She likes to share photos of the two of them together with her followers on Instagram. He also features on her Puppy Squad merchandise. One of her favorite pastimes is taking Charlie for a walk and she sometimes films this to post on her channel. The dog is a much loved part of the family and they even had a birthday party for him when he turned one.

9. She Has Made Friends With Other YouTubers

Her online career has also led to her to become friends with other YouTubers in real life. Famous Birthdays reports that she is friends with fellow YouTuber Ruby Rube and the two have appeared in videos together. Ruby started her own channel around the same time as Tiana. She is only a year older and the two girls have a lot in common, which is probably why they have become such good friends. Ruby Rube makes comedy videos and is best known for her After 3am series of videos.

10. She Has Recently Started Making Gaming Videos

As she has gotten older, she has moved away from making the toy videos that she started her channel with. The prank videos that she makes have already been mentioned, but she has also started to branch out into gaming videos. These videos will be posted on The Wilsons channel and they are sure to be popular with her friends. Her family have recently set up their computer to make it easier to film these videos.

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