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10 Things You Didn't Know about Adrien Menard

Adrien Menard

What do you know about Adrien Menard, the CEO of Botify? Botify is one of those unique companies that helps other companies create an online presence, one that truly helps them get the most out of their efforts to sell goods to customers. Learning how to have an effective online presence can be difficult, something that Botify has set out to help businesses manage more successfully.

It's all the brainchild of Adrien Menard. He is not only the CEO, but also the co-founder of the company. Like most entrepreneurs who get involved with these types of projects, he has a rather interesting story behind it all. In fact, here are 10 things about him that you might find interesting as well.

1. His efforts with Botify were born out of personal experience

Before he founded Botify, he was working on an entirely different startup, this time in Paris. He discovered that despite his efforts to market that particular startup in the most effective manner possible, roughly 50% of the people that looked for similar businesses on major search engines such as Google completely ignored the fact that his company existed at all.

That is precisely when he realized that there had to be a better way to do business. Based on his own experiences, he set out to help other businesses market themselves successfully on social media and via the Internet. The goal was to make these businesses have an online presence that simply cannot be ignored, one that would instead stand out among everything else in their particular area of expertise.

2. He knows a thing or two about software development

Botify is a company that works with software in order to help businesses get ahead in the digital world. When everything is stripped down, the majority of it comes down to using business analytics in order to figure out what businesses need to be doing in order to increase their online presence.

If he didn't have an extensive understanding of software, he never would have been able to create these algorithms in the first place. As such, it would be virtually impossible to be successful with a company like Botify.

3. He’s learned that you can’t always do everything yourself

Nevertheless, he is the first to comment that it is impossible for anyone to do everything on their own, all the time. That's why he co-founded the company with two other people.

While he wanted to head up the company himself and make it an operation that originated entirely out of France, he quickly realized that he needed to team up with other individuals who also specialized in this type of software, effectively making it a company that shares its roots between France and America. At the end of the day, it's all about being successful. Ultimately, he felt that this was the best way to make that happen.

4. He knows that you have to be willing to change strategy in order to remain relevant

One of the things that he always points out is that when it comes to the digital world, you have to be able to remain flexible. If you're not willing to change your outlook on things as well as learn new ways to do things, you will become obsolete before you even get started. He's quick to point out that even in the process of building a website, everything has changed with regard to the way it is done now versus the way people did it only a couple of years ago. As a matter of fact, he says that the only constant in digital business is constant change.

5. He also writes a lot of his own material

One of the things that he routinely does which surprises a lot of people is write his own material for blog posts at Botify. The reason it comes as such a surprise is that most CEOs simply won't take the time to do this type of work, especially when they co-founded the company. However, he looks at things from a different perspective, one in which he is willing to use his gifts and talents as needed in order to help his company as well as the companies of others succeed.

6. He has no time for the usual CEO ego trip

A lot of CEOs have a tendency to have a bit of an ego problem. They want to give orders but they don't necessarily want to do projects on their own. He has commented that he thinks this is absolute rubbish and he has no time for that type of thinking whatsoever.

7. He chooses to work with others as opposed to having them work for him

Because of his disdain for the typical ego of many CEO’s, he far prefers to work with other people and share both the responsibility and the glory as opposed to barking orders and then taking all the credit for himself.

8. He understands the importance of learning something new every day

He's always keen to point out that anyone interested in running a business should learn something new about that business every day, whether that involves learning about a competitor or a new way of carrying out day-to-day operations.

9. He sometimes worries that the digital world is moving too quickly

He says that he sometimes worries that the digital world is moving too fast for its own good. As a matter of fact, he is gravely concerned that there are far too many startups working on the digital platform and that the industry will eventually become unable to support them all.

He has commented a number of times that he fears that it will eventually mean that businesses that would have otherwise been successful will end up being pushed out of the digital arena entirely, with no recourse but to cease operations. While he's excited to see growth in business, he's also quick to point out that when growth happens too quickly, it has a habit of burning out just as quickly, often leaving people to pay the price for it.

10. He knows there is a fine line between technology and human rights

He's also concerned that technology will eventually develop to a point that basic human rights are ignored in order to find out everything possible about a person just to keep them employed. He says that from his point of view, everyone is walking a fine line between better knowledge and respecting privacy. He also says that this will test the strength of humanity as much as anything else.

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