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10 Things You Didn't Know About Meagan Metzger

Meagan Metzger

Meagan Metzger is the current CEO of the DCode company. She has achieved a huge level of success at a young age. The American entrepreneur serves as a role model for young women who have the dreams and aspirations of becoming business owners in the tech industry. If you're not familiar with Metzger and her role in the tech arena, here are 10 things about her you probably didn't know.

1. Meagan Metzger founded a tech company

Meagan Metzger not only leads the DCode42 company as the chief executive operating officer, but she also found the firm. According to Techonomy, the young entrepreneur established DCode42 to assist tech companies that are small to medium-sized in negotiating government contracts for their services. The federal government is a huge market but it's difficult to get your foot in the door unless you have a few connections. Metzger is a whiz at connecting tech companies with federal agencies looking for services they provide. That's what DCode42 is all about.

2. Metzer is good at breaking down barriers

Meagan identified a problem for tech companies before she established her own company She saw that it was hard for companies to establish meaningful communications with government agencies about the services and goods they offer. Metzger identified the barriers that exist to prevent open communication and she launched a program to address the issues. Her job is breaking down the barriers that exist between private industry and government. The services her company provides cut through the red tape to connect private tech businesses with federal agencies to bring the two sectors together.

3. She maintains a focus on helping startups

DCode42 is good news for small new tech startups. The first few years of business are the most critical for most young companies. Within just two years, Meagan and her team of professionals have provided programs for approximately 12 new firms to help them win bids for large contracts with government agencies. DCode42 calls these tools GWACS. The acronym stands for Government Wide Contract Vehicles.

4. She has a background in tech

Before launching her own business, Meagan worked for a government IT consulting firm. She served as the Chief Strategy officer where she built a successful track record of assisting the company to increase in growth from a revenue of $500K to an astronomical $12 million in a span of 2 years. This is an incredible success and it helped her build a stellar reputation in the industry. After this position, she was hired as a chief operating officer of a mobile and cloud services company. She helped them to contract with the government for the sale of goods and services.

5. Meagan has a decade of experience with civilian and government entities

Par of Metzger's success is due to her years of experience working with both government and civilian/private businesses to form linkages and meaningful connections. She earned a spot on the Washington Technology Fast 50 list for her role as founder and CEO of one of the most rapidly growing small businesses in Washington DC. She earned this distinction for three years consecutively, according to Tech Connect World.

6. She thinks outside the box

Meagan shared her strategy for success on her LinkedIn page. She has a passion for building. For her, "building" can mean launching a company or a program within that company, a team of dedicated workers, or even a new product. She enjoys taking an idea and then populating the outline with the nitty-gritty details. Both sides of her brain work in conjunction with one another so she takes in the big picture while considering the small details simultaneously. She likes looking for new ways to work with people and partners to get them where they want to be in their business goals.

7. Meagan attended George Washington University

Before launching her very successful career in the tech and consultation industry, Meagan started with a good foundation in education. She attained a bachelor of business administration in the marketing and applied science and technology field. Her academic degree is specific to the field that she planned to enter. This gave her the basic knowledge that she would need about business theory and strategies in both applied science and tech, as well as in marketing.

8. She is a gymnast

While Meagan Metzger was enrolled in courses at George Washington University, she became involved with the NCAA Gymnastics team. She is physically fit and also has a talent for acrobatics. She performed with the team as a part of her extracurricular activities schedule. She served as captain of the team that is nationally ranked.

9. Meagan is also a mentor

After college, she stayed connected as a volunteer member of the GW Gymnastics Career Advisory Board. She has served on the board from 2013 to the present. The purpose of the board is to provide an extended network of current athletes and alumni. She mentors current athletes and provides them with guidance, training, and mentorship on how to network to enhance their athletic careers. She is very much motivated to help others achieve success in their chosen fields.

10. She is a Springboard Coach

Meagan Metzger is a busy professional but she has her priorities neatly ordered. She began serving as a volunteer coach for a company named Springboard Enterprises in 2015. The group is concerned with providing coaching for women entrepreneurs for long term success in business. Meagan has been involved with this volunteer work for which she does not receive a salary or compensation for nearly 6 years. She has achieved success in her business endeavors and she believes in spreading her message of encouragement to provide women in business with economic empowerment. Meagan believes in giving back to the community and in trying to help others become successful. Although her company is compensated for the help that they provide, she gives encouragement and advice at no charge.

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