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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dominik Angerer

Dominik Angerer and Alexander Feiglstorfer were colleagues at Neutral. The CEO of Neutral, Albert Ortig, had never thought about introducing a content management system (CMS) to the agency. Luckily, developer Feiglstorfer teamed up with Angerer, who had a passion for coding, to create Storyblok. Storyblok was created in 2017 as a prototype to facilitate content management and digital experience orchestration, and the company has been growing since then. It has recently raised $47 million to expand the headless CMS to non-technical users, so let’s tell you more about the person at the helm, Angerer.

1. Why He Preferred Running His Company Remotely

According to an interview with Storyblok, Angerer disclosed that location during the recruitment does not matter to him. He said that the inspiration to overlook the location of his potential employees was from a video uploaded by The Family, a French accelerator program, that advised on what to look out for during talent recruitment. Consequently, Angerer takes pride in not having any physical office but still operating with 40 people from 18 different nationalities.

2. He Dreams Big

They say that if your dreams do not scare you, you are limiting yourself. Angerer believes that his company can be the biggest CMS in the world, a vision he hopes to accomplish. He even said that it might sound crazy for him to believe that Storyblok can achieve such a feat, but the CEO opines that being ambitious is essential for his team as well. That way, they also push themselves to be better.

3. He Focuses on the Journey, Not the Destination

When Angerer talked to TechRound about his goal of being the biggest CMS worldwide, he added that the excitement is in the journey towards achieving his vision. The CEO explained that he looked forward to making the journey worthwhile and was curious to see how he and his employees would get to the destination. Angerer was eager to forge partnerships that would be critical to attaining the objective, and to him, that is what matters most.

4. His Take on What to Consider When Choosing a CMS

Angerer may want to be the force to reckon with in the CMS sector, but he also wants enterprises to make the right decision when picking a solution for their companies. He wrote an article published by More Than Digital outlining the six aspects one should consider when selecting a CMS for an enterprise. According to the CEO, you should go for a CMS that will grow with you, not one that is only capable of fulfilling your needs in your startup stage. He added that you should choose a secure CMS, with great performance features, permits teamwork, and is easy to use.

5. Why He Chose to Adopt Working Remotely

Although Angerer was inspired to go for a remote workforce during the recruitment process to avoid locking out great talent from his company, he also had his reasons. He and his partner believed that it was essential to adopt a balanced work and life, and the only way to do so was to establish a company that encouraged working remotely. The fully remote set-up came in handy during the COVID-19 pandemic because they did not experience many changes in the operations of the business.

6. His Ideal Place to Fly Out to Lunch

Angerer would love to fly out to Japan for lunch, a destination he did not hesitate to come up with, which shows how much he loves the country. Although he does not detail his reasons for “100% wanting” to go to Japan for lunch, there is a lot that could attract the CEO. From the themed cafes to the delicious food, Angerer would have lots of options.

7. He Has a Very Good Memory

The effects of bad memory are grave. Frankie Muniz, who suffers from severe memory loss, had to rely on his wife to help him remember the things they enjoyed doing together by writing them in a journal. For Muniz, the memory loss is due to a concussion and a mini-stroke, but for other celebrities like Courtney Cox, she cannot explain how she has such a poor memory. Angerer does not have to write anything down for future reference; he revealed that he has such a great memory that it could be his superpower.

8. Why He and His Partner Named the Company “Storyblok”

Inc Magazine argues that the name of a company, like a handshake, says a lot about a person and creates a first impression. Therefore, being picky about the company name is advisable. Angerer and his business partner figured that since they were telling stories using blocks, Storyblock was perfect. Unfortunately, the domain name was already taken, so they had to remove the “c” and ended up with “Storyblok.” They were unsure about striking out the “c,” but the name has stuck to date.

9. How He and His Business Partner Met

Angerer describes his meeting with Feiglstorfer as love at first sight. The two met at a Christmas party thrown by Neutral, the agency where they worked. Feiglstorfer had just joined the company, and it was his first time to meet his colleagues, Angerer being one of them. The pair began chatting, and the chemistry between them was undeniable.

10. He Believes Storyblok Would Not Exist Without Coffee

Angerer disclosed that when he and his partner were in the process of developing Storyblok, they needed a lot of time to discuss the idea. They had to avoid being at their desks since customers would go up to them for questions leaving them with little time to talk about the business. Consequently, the two took advantage of the coffee culture at Neutral and kept filling their cups and sitting at the coffee table in the kitchen for uninterrupted discussions. The coffee breaks paid off because they closed off their first customer there.

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