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20 Things You Didn't Know About Future Family

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Couples struggling with fertility issues often find themselves childless because they can't afford the expense of treatment. Future Family is a fertility company that offers IVF and eff freezing plans to help make the process more affordable and within the reach of more people in need of the services. The company is gaining notoriety for its compassionate approach to helping people start their families without breaking their bank accounts. If you're not yet familiar with this impactful startup, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Future Family.

1. Future Family is still a new company

Crunchbase confirms that Future Family has only been in operation for a few years. The company launched its services in 2016. It's entering its sixth year of operation. If you haven't heard about it until now, don't feel bad. It's still in the developmental stages of its life cycle.

2. Future Family is a woman-founded organization

Future Family is the result of the efforts of its female founders Claire Tomkins and Eve Blossom. The startup earned a diversity spotlight status in the United States in business circles. The two women have extensive experience in business, but from different sectors than reproduction. They share a passion for helping people with reproductive issues, and they put their passion to work in Future Family.

2. Claire Tomkins is a first-time entrepreneur

Future Family is Tomkins' first business venture. Before Future Family, she served at SolarCity as a director of product marketing. She was instrumental in building one of the country's largest consumer finance companies. Clair earned her Ph.D. from Stanford University. She is a Kauffman Fellow and a National Science Foundation Fellow. This venture is something new for Claire, although the finance aspect is where her expertise shines. She combines her connections, skills, and passion for fertility help and puts them to work at Future Family.

3. Eve Blossom is a Tulane graduate

Eve Blossom is the other half of the founding team for Future Family. She attended Tulane University, earning her master's in Architecture. She's spent time in Vietnam restoring homes there. Her experiences traveling through Southeast Asia led her to see the need for systemic social change in the country. She worked to help artisans in the country achieve social change and economic stability to combat the high incidences of human trafficking. She is a lecturer on sustainable integrated design throughout the world, speaking about innovative business methods. She's also a TED speaker, and an Aspen Institute Liberty Fellow. Eve Blossom is a serial entrepreneur with the launch of three companies to her credit.

4. Future Family has a solid website

The website for Future Family has been well-laid out and easy to navigate. The IT team ensures that the forty-six actively used technologies work together to provide users with a smooth and seamless experience when they visit or use the site. Some of the tech products and services included SSL by Default, iPhone Mobile Compatible, for ease of access via mobile, Viewport Meta, and many others. Although Future Family has not disclosed the annual expenses of this complex array of tech services, we estimate it's nearly $100k per year.

5. Interest in the Future Family website is picking up

The analytics report for the Future Family website shows that interest in the services offered is increasing. Over the past thirty days, the number of monthly visits was 34,732. The data shows an increase in the monthly visits by 316.15 percent. The Future Family website is ranked at number 1,015,077 of the millions of websites registered on the World Wide Web.

6. Future Family is the most popular in the United States

Analytics show that the highest volume of web traffic comes from people within the borders of the United States. Ninety-nine percent of the visits are from the home country of the organization, reflecting a 334.01 percent monthly visits growth. One percent of the visitors are from Australia and Canada. These statistics are essential for strategic planning. They show that there is some level of interest from Canada and Australia. The two nations are potential targets for expanding Future Family services in the future.

7. Future Family has a five-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Future Family has five members. Carolyn Walters is the regional sales manager for the East Coast. Angela Boccardo is the fertility nurse consultant. Eve Blossom is co-founder and chief operations, officer. Claire Tomkins is a founder and chief executive officer. Frey Waid is the head of engineering.

8. Future Family has a five-member board of directors

The board of directors at Future Family has five members. The board provides Future Family executives with strategic planning and financial advice that aligns with the goals of the companies they represent as investors. Lauren Kolodny is a founding partner at Acrew Capital with one portfolio company. She currently serves on eight boards of directors in advisory roles. Oshri Kaplan is an investment director at Munich Re Ventures. he currently serves on seven boards of directors in advisory roles. Antoine Nivard is a Principal at Inovia Capital. he currently serves on three boards of directors in advisory roles. Levi King joined the Future Family Board in December 2020. he is a founder and Executive Chairman at Nav with two portfolio companies and one exit. Michel Geva is a board observer. Geva is co-founder and managing partner at Triventures. Michal has founded one organization and currently serves on three boards of directors in advisory roles.

9. Future Family is a venture capital-backed organization

Future Family has participated in seven rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series B funding was completed on April 4, 2022. The total amount raised for Future Family is 4148.2 million.

10. Investor confidence in Future Family is high

Future Family has a solid business plan that investors found attractive. The company's representatives attracted the interest and financial support of twenty-three investors, four of them lead investors. A partial list of Future Family investors includes Munich Re Ventures, Mindset Ventures, Atalaya Capital, Aspect Ventures, Triventures, MS&AD Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, OurCrowd, ORIX Group, and many others. The number of investors is high. They have confidence in Future Family's likelihood of returning a profit on the funds invested in its growth and expansion.

11. Future Family negotiates the terms with fertility clinics

Techcrunch reports that Future Family goes ahead of its clients and sits with clinic leaders to pre-negotiate the terms. They ensure that there are no surprise charges for clients. The negotiations help to bring substantial upfront costs down to an affordable installment plan paid monthly. Additionally, clients receive a fertility coach to help them to navigate the processes involved in their fertility treatments.

12. Future Family is dedicating recent funding to expansion

Future Family will use the $9 million raised in the April 2022 round of fundraising to expand its network. The funds allow them to go out into the nation and broker deals with clinics to bring them into their growing network of providers. They're going out into local communities to help make fertility treatments accessible to a broader segment of the population in more areas of the United States. They're using funds from the most recent round combined with the $10 million raised in a previous round for the venture into new territories.

13. Claire Tompkin understands the struggles of infertility

We learned that Claire Tompkins started Future Family because of the struggles she encountered with infertility and expensive treatments. She understands what it means to try to navigate the complicated processes involved with fertility treatment and the financial commitments required. She spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments to become pregnant with her first child. She knew there had to be a better way to handle the processes. She also experienced billing surprises after the large upfront expenses. Her experiences helped her to know how to best address the issues involved to create an affordable and streamlined way to help people receive fertility treatments to bear a child.

14. 2021 was a good year for Future Family

The recent pandemic hit Future Family hard, as with many other businesses. People decided to hold off on fertility treatments for pregnancy because of the high risk of contracting Covid-19 during the pandemic. People took a backseat and waited it out. Now that restrictions are beginning to lift, clients are ready to pursue their dreams of having a family. They're requesting services for help to become pregnant in record numbers. Future Family executives expect the latter part of 2021 to be their most active time in history. The outlook for rebounding after a rough year is sunny.

15. Demand is spiking for Future Family services leading to more major cities

Future Family is seeing a spike in the demand for its services. It's spurred them to go out and increase the number of clinics in their network. Part of the strategic plan for Future Family includes adding fertility groups in major metropolitan areas throughout the country. Among them are Denver, Houston, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and other cities. Their addition to a fertility group called CCRM will add numerous cities to the network.

16. Future Family offers all-inclusive monthly IVF plans

Future confirms that the startup has thought of everything involved with IVF treatments. The founder has been through the murky waters and has designed a program similar to a subscription service that provides IVF treatments at local clinics for one monthly charge, period. Clients do not receive outside bills from providers because all of the treatment costs are covered under the plan, and it requires just one monthly payment.

17. Future Family services are affordable

The average IVF plan through Future Family starts at a monthly rate between $300 to $475. Financing plans run for sixty months. Financing charges are based on your credit score, the local clinic, and the approved expenses related to IVF. It covers medications, lab work, clinic procedures, and other costs. The plans sponsored by Future Family are offered at competitive rates with low interest. They also offer exclusive discounts on medications and labs and a fertility expert's support, and there are no prepayment penalties for paying it off early.

18. Some clients may qualify for lower-cost services

Future Family confined has a dedicated 100MM financing fund. The fund allows them to offer plans for egg freezing and IVF for as low as $250 a month for those who qualify. They provide financing along with coaching and support for every client.

19. Future Family is currently hiring

Future Family is looking for three talented and caring professionals to join their team. They've recently advertised for a creative director in the San Francisco area or any part of the US as a remote worker. They're also looking for a data engineer and a software engineer to help keep the website running smoothly.

20. Future Family is getting the word out

Future Family started as a small organization that was largely unknown to most of the world. They're working hard to get the word out about the IVF and egg freezing services they offer. With the rapid expansion of its network of clinics, more people can jump on board to receive the services they need at a monthly price they can afford. Future Family is gaining traction in the mainstream media. It's getting attention for the work they do to improve the lives of Americans throughout the nation. TechCrunch, Forbes, NBC, BuzzFeed, Venture Beat, Business Insider, and Cheddar ran feature stories on Future Family. Future Family is providing an essential service for families with fertility problems. IVF and egg freezing are expensive processes, and they can be confusing at times. FF strives to work with clinics to provide a straightforward and affordable pathway for everyone to experience the joys of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood.

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