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How Hans Zimmer Achieved a Net Worth of $200 Million

Hans Zimmer

German composer Hans Zimmer is well-known in his field and he has become perhaps one of the most famous composers in the world today. He has amassed a fortune over his lifetime. As of early 2020, his estimated net worth is at $200 million, but how did he come to be so rich?

Was it strictly through the works that he has composed over the decades or did he make other investments that have contributed to his current net worth? We looked into his career history and here is what we discovered.

His early years

He was born in Frankfurt, West Germany on September 12, 1957. His parents named him Hans Florian Zimmer. It is important to know a little bit about his interesting past to fully grasp his passion for musical composition. Zimmer began playing piano when he was just a young boy, and he only had a few formal lessons because he preferred learning on his own.

Hans was the kind of unique individual who heard the music in his head, and he frequently butted heads with others in authority. He wasn't big on formality and discipline and this led to his being tossed out of 8 schools of piano and resulted in him becoming a self-taught musician.

He relocated to London, England

When Zimmer was a teenager, he moved to London. It was here that he attended Hurtwood House school to complete his education. He was an avid movie watcher and it was the scores of the films that caught his attention. Zimmer was strongly influenced by the score of "Once Upon a Time in the West." and this is what lit a fire under him to become a film composer.

He was sent to Canton Bern, Switzerland to attend a boarding school and spent his time between there and England. His father passed away when he was just a child and with the absence of this guidance in his life, he turned to music and developed a strong passion for music as an escape from that harsh reality.

As a younger child, he would play modified tunes on the piano that his father had encouraged while his mother felt horror. His mom was a musician and his father an inventor and engineer. It's not difficult to see where Hans got his sense of wonder and creativity.

Zimmer has written countless musical scores and the list that would include them would likely take up volumes. He's written for many of the most popular major blockbuster films. We'll begin with some of the more well-known. He wrote the scores fro "Inception," for "The Dark Knight" trilogy, For "Gladiator" with Russell Crow, and for "Pirates of the Caribbean."

He is also the genius behind the musical score behind "Interstellar," "The Lion King," and most recently, the new Bond film set for release titled "No Time To Die." These are just a few of the hundreds of pieces that Zimmer has composed.

Hans Zimmer is an award-winning composer

Zimmer won his first Golden Globe Award for "The Lion King" in 1994, and the win also netted him an Oscar win for the Best Original Score in the same year. He won his second Golden Globe Award in 2001 for composing the score for "Gladiator," in collaboration with Lisa Gerrard.

Hans won two awards for his score for "The Dark Knight, and then he turned around and did the same thing for the scores that he wrote for "The Last Samurai," "Interstellar," and "Inception." He was on a positive trajectory forward with his career in the musical aspect of the film industry.

Hans Zimmer has so far won a total of 23 different awards, among them four Grammys, three Classical Brit awards, and one Academy Award in addition to the Golden Globes.

"The World of Hans Zimmer"

"The World of Hans Zimmer is a concert tour that has been making international rounds to bring the music of Hans Zimmer to everyone around the globe. The orchestra played all of the popular tunes that have been included on his album "The World of Hans Zimmer and this was a huge promotion for sales of the album.

While Zimmer himself was not accompanying the tour it' was wonderful publicity and a great opportunity for fans of his music from around the world to hear his scores performed. Ticket sales for the 2019 tour did remarkably well prior to the closure of all public events due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Zimmer has two albums released

Zimmer also brings in a load of royalties from the sales of his two album releases which are "Hans Zimmer Live in Prague" from 2017, and "The World of Hans Zimmer- A Symphonic Celebration" from 2019. It's only fitting that some of his greatest works are placed together in these collections for a public that enjoys listening to his brilliant works.

Zimmer has also received royalties from the numerous soundtracks which have been released to accompany the films that he scored. This amounts to a significant income. Zimmer has not needed to do anything but compose music for film to make his fortune. His net worth of $200 million has been obtained through following his passion for the music that he loves and hears in his head.

He has the uncanny ability to review a film script and then come up with the most appropriate segments of music to score the film in a manner that enhances its entertainment. He is considered to be a musical genius and perhaps the best music composer of our time.

Hans Zimmer is nothing short of brilliant when it comes to matching the mood of a piece with the intention of a film. For this, he remains in high demand for his tremendous composing abilities. The film industry has been good for Hans Zimmern, but he in turn has been good for them as well.

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