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How Terence Crawford Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

Terence Crawford

What comes to your mind when you hear an undefeated boxer? You probably thought of Floyd Mayweather. That would be correct since, according to Talk Sport, he remains unbeaten at 50-0 as of 2022. However, there is another undefeated boxer called Terence Crawford. According to Sports Brief, he remains undefeated at 37-0 as of 2022. He won the WBO Lightweight title, the Pan American Games Box-Offs, the National PAL Championships, and many more titles. Terence Crawford's net worth is a result of his endless victories. For instance, he would earn millions in each fight. To understand how he achieved his net worth, we will mention some of his notable matches and his endorsement with Everlast below.

Everlast Endorsement

Boxing is a risky sport. If you were to fight in a boxing ring daily, you would risk getting serious injuries. So, sometimes boxers need time away from the ring. But, even when the boxer is not fighting, they still need to earn somehow. Fortunately, he managed to sign an endorsement deal with Everlast. Everlast is a company that sells sports apparel like boxing gloves, sneakers, hand wraps, boxing robes, and so on. Terence signed an endorsement deal with the company in 2017. He decided to enter into a deal with them because he acknowledged that the company supported him throughout his boxing career. Through the partnership, he would be able to own some of the boxing gear from the company. Besides owning their gear, he would also advertise their products. Even though his earnings from this endorsement haven't been publicized, you can be sure that he earns a lot. According to Go Banking Rates, celebrities can earn as little as $1 million and as much as $ 55 million. Even with the lowest pay in the bracket, that is still a lot of money for the average person.

Terence Crawford vs Jeff Horn (2018)

Prior to this match, Jeff Horn had defeated Manny Pacquiao in 2017. That meant Jeff was not a novice boxer by any means. Terence, however, felt that defeating Manny was not anything to brag about. He reminded Jeff that he was bigger, stronger, and younger than Manny during their face-off. Basically, he told Jeff that he was fighting with a boxer way past his prime. During their match, Terence would be proven right. For the first eight rounds, Terence was moving slowly. However, in the ninth round, he rained blows on his opponent, culminating in a win by knockout. Terence's technique involved going upstairs and downstairs. As he moved in this manner, he directed his blows to his opponent's head. Terence bagged $3 million while his opponent bagged $ 1.25 million.

Terence Crawford vs Egidijus Kavaliauskas (2019)

This match was the first time Egidijus was going up against Terence. Egidijus fell several times in the ring despite not appearing hurt. When Egidijus fell many times, Terence admitted that he was trying to give him a knockout in an interview. However, during the match, he instead focused on landing fatal shots. Terence knocked down his opponent once in the seventh round and twice in the ninth round. Since Egidijus fell many times, the referee briefly stopped the match. However, Egidijus was not entirely weak. Crawford admitted that he did punch him quite a number of times during the fight. However, he felt like a strong fighter when he eventually overpowered Egidijus. Terence eventually defeated his opponent by using a three-punch combination. First, he gave him a right uppercut and then threw a right hook which sent him to the ground. Immediately, the fight was waved off. From this fight, Terence received $4 million.

Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan (2019)

If you were an Amir fan at the time, you might have been extremely nervous. During the opening round, Amir was floored. Amir received savage beatings, and at one point, Terence accidentally punched him below the belt. Punching below the belt is an offense that attracts consequences like a warning, point deduction or disqualification. Fortunately, the referee ruled the punch as an accident and allowed Amir five minutes to recover. Afterwards, the match continued, but Amir's trainer felt he would be unable to continue. As a result, the match ended, and Terence won by a technical knockout. He received $5.5 million from this match, while Amir garnered $5 million.

Terence Crawford vs Kell Brook (2020)

At first, Terence started slow. He was not the ruthless boxer people recognized up until the fourth round. So, Kell dominated Terence for the first three rounds. Terence even acknowledged that he was quite tough in the ring. During the fourth round, Terence sent Kell into the ropes with his right hand. As a result, the referee had to call for an eight-count. However, Kell was still strong enough to continue fighting. As the fight continued, Terence was able to master his opponent's fighting techniques. He discovered that Kell used his jab and speed to win the early rounds. Terence then decided to switch from an orthodox stance to southpaw and began raining blows at a fast pace. The endless blows caused Kell to stagger in the ring. When Kell was receiving endless blows, he was entangled by the ropes. Terence won the fight through a knockout and received $3 million.


Terence's net worth is a testament to how talent pays. So, if you intend to be a professional boxer, there is a chance that you can earn as much as him. First, however, you have to bear the pain of boxing. First, you have to be ready to persevere through the physical pain. If you do not, you may quit, and your dream of being a professional boxer will end. Even though Terence is undefeated, there were moments when it seemed he would be overpowered yet still won. Through persisting in his boxing career, he became famous. As your fame grows, you get endorsements. Endorsements are a nice way of earning because there are moments when Terence may not be in a position to fight. So, if you can persevere the pain that comes with boxing, you can be the next Terence Crawford.

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