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How Ashton Meem Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Ashton Meem is an American advertising operations assistant. She is best known as the ex-wife of American quarterback Russell Wilson. Ashton and Russell began dating during their high school days in the early 2000s. They lived five miles apart yet met occasionally. Their relationship took off after they attended a high school summer party. This relationship was soon tested after they went to different colleges. Ashton was admitted to the University of Georgia, while Russell went to North Carolina State University. The long-distance between the two would pose hurdles, but they soon tied the knot after they graduated in 2010. In 2012, the wedding preparations began. Now that we know a little about Ashton, we can identify how she became wealthy. Here are details on how she achieved her net worth of $4 million.


Ashton studied communication in her alma mater. After her graduation, she joined the advertising industry. She worked as an intern at Lewis Media Partners and McKinney. After gaining enough experience from this firm, she joined Richmond-based Morton Consulting as an account executive in 2011. She worked at Morton Consulting for some time before finally joining the American Family Insurance company. According to LinkedIn, she currently works there and has been there since 2011.


Ashton currently runs her own businesses, in addition to working for Morton Consulting. Although her ventures have kept her wealthy, ultimately her divorce from Russell increased her net worth. The couple divorced in 2014 after being married for two years. They have largely remained secretive about what caused their divorce. However, it did not stop people from peddling rumors that Ashton cheated on him with Golden Tate, Russell’s teammate. The couple shut down those rumors and asked people not to peddle such malicious rumors.

After the divorce settlement, Ashton’s net worth increased massively. However, she already had a job and some businesses, which means she would still be fine financially either way. Russell was not significantly affected by the divorce since he was already very affluent. According to Players Bio, Russell has a net worth of $165 million. That meant paying a settlement of about $3 million was like pocket change to him. After the divorce, he still went on to sign a 4-year $140 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks in 2019. The contract included a $65 million signing bonus and $107 million in guaranteed money overall.

Divorce Aftermath

After the divorce, Russell went on to marry Ciara in 2017. He sired two kids with her and became a stepfather to one of her children. On the other hand, Ashton has remained largely secretive about her personal life. Instead, she has been focusing on her flourishing career at American Family Insurance. Interestingly, some people in Ashton’s position would have done anything to cling to their fame. We cannot say for sure why she took herself out of the limelight. Perhaps, she would be known as the ex-wife of an athlete, something she may not have wanted. After all, she is more than just an ex-wife to Russell. As for her relationship, it appears she is single. However, it is hard to determine whether or not it is by choice.

Her Social Media Activity

We have established that Ashton took herself out of the limelight. This also applies to her social media activity. She has three social media accounts; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, yet is not active in any of them. According to Freshers News, she has not been active on Instagram since 2017. If you want to keep up with her, your only hope would be waiting for a televised interview from her.

It is Still Okay to Work Even After Getting Millions of Dollars in Divorce Settlements

Ashton’s divorce settlement increased her net worth, yet she did not abandon her career. Some people in her position would have abandoned their careers and misused the money on frivolous items. Within no time, they would be broke. That means they will end up pushing their luck by asking for more settlements. She probably acknowledged that her career is pumping more money into her pockets. Meanwhile, a divorce settlement is an amount you get once. Therefore, you cannot depend on it fully. However, you can still leave your job and use the divorce settlement well. You can use it to start your dream business. One thing to bear in mind is that your business will take a while to make a lot of money for you.

You Do Not Need to Cling to Fame

People all over the world have become famous for varying reasons. In this era, you do not need to be famous because of your acting or singing skills. Ashton is a good example since she became known after marrying a famous athlete. Nevertheless, she had other things going on in her life. So, she never needed fame to survive. This is because fame does not always translate to riches. It simply means many people know you. Knowing that, it becomes pointless to cling to something that may not change your life.

Divorce is a Devastating Event, Though Something Good Can Come Out of It

Ashton and Russell have a beautiful love story. However, not all love stories lead to happy endings, as evidenced by her story. Divorces are painful, but Ashton and Russell appear to be doing well for themselves. Ashton got a divorce settlement, which is simply an addition to the money she gets from her jobs. On the other hand, Russell meets a woman who makes him happy. However, this does not mean you should seek divorce for selfish gains. Before you seek one, ensure your reason is legally accepted for divorce.


It is difficult to predict her fate since she is no longer in the limelight. However, we know how dedicated she is in her career. If she continues with this path, she could, in the future, bypass her net worth. With the money from her current jobs, she could invest in her current businesses. These businesses could become large enough for her to earn millions annually.

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