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How Selena Gomez Achieved a Net Worth of $95 Million

Selena Gomez has been making music and starring in TV shows for over two decades. Now, at the age of 30, she’s proving to be more popular than ever. She’s also a smart businesswoman. Selena Gomez net worth has been estimated to be around $95 million.

Who is Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez started acting at the age of 10. Since then, she has been credited as a singer, songwriter, actress, and producer. She has had a successful music career and has starred in TV shows and movies alike.

Gomez has also been active as an entrepreneur. She is associated with such well-known brands as Rare Beauty and Serendipity.

The singer also rose to fame because of starring on the Disney Show, Wizards of Waverly Place.

When she began her music career, she also experienced more popularity because of who she was dating – pop star Justin Bieber. According to People Magazine, the two had an on-and-off romance for nearly a decade. They dated between 2010 and 2018. The breakups also served as fuel for both of them when they continued to write and produce music.

Selena Gomez had a number of important TV and movie roles including:

  • The voice of Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania franchise
  • Lead role in Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Lead role in Ramona and Beezus
  • Lead role in Another Cinderella Story

How Selena Has Amassed Her Fortune

Selena Gomez may only be 30 years old, but she has been active in a variety of industries at a very young age.

Selena as an Actress

Her first role was at the age of 10 with Barney & Friends. From there, she went on to star in the Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place – and that went on to become a movie in 2009, too.

From Wizards of Waverly Place, she starred in a variety of movies. And most recently, she’s been on the Hulu show with Martin Short and Steve Martin, “Only Murders in the Building.”

Some of her earnings are as follows:

SHOW/MOVIE Year Earnings
Wizards of Waverly Place 2007-2012 $30,000 per episode
Only Murders in the Building 2021-Current $600,000 per episode
Hotel Transylvania 2012 $1.25 million
The Dead Don’t Die 2019 Royalties only


The Dead Don’t Die was the first movie that Selena Gomez starred in as a live action star – and it likely won’t be the last. She and the rest of the crew earned royalties only to keep the movie’s budget low.

Gomez has said, “My fans are so important to me, and I would never want to disappoint them.” This lets us know that she will continue to take on new roles – and likely roles that we will want to see her in.

As she continues to prove herself as an older and more serious actress, there’s no telling how much she will earn for future roles.

Selena as a Musician

Her music career began in 2009, when she released three albums with her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene. She proceeded to release another three albums as part of her solo music career.

Throughout her music career, she went on a total of five music tours, many of which were not only in the US but internationally.

Gomez managed to hit the US Billboard Hot 100, has been nominated for several Billboard Music Awards, and won the iHeartRadio music award for being the “Biggest Triple Threat.”

Her music has made her a significant amount of money. By 2017, she had sold over 3 million albums and over 24 million songs. It is also reported that she made $35 million from her Stars Dance Tour, which took place in 2013 and 2014.

Selena as an Entrepreneur

Selena Gomez has been quite entrepreneurial in the past few years. She is looking to stand behind companies that have a purpose – and that has gotten her involved in quite a few companies that are helping her to amass her fortune.

Rare Beauty is her makeup and skincare company. She stands behind the brand because it is both vegan and cruelty-free. Parade was quick to report that the company made over $60 million in sales during its first year (2021).

Entrepreneur recently reported that Gomez will also be a cofounder in a mental health media company. This is not too surprising considering that the actress and singer has opened up about some of her own mental health struggles over the years.

She has made comments like “Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with; you’re just gonna end up lonely.” It lets us know that she is focused on success but also understands the importance of having people close to her.

WonderMind is the company, and the startup investments are already well over $2 billion. It is unclear as to what the total earnings for Gomez will be, but with being a cofounder, it could end up helping her to increase her net worth considerably.

Who is Richer: Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez?

It’s often asked who is richer between the two that had a budding romance for so many years – Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez.

Bieber has a net worth of around $285 million, which is nearly three times as much as Selena Gomez.

However, that could easily change within the next few years considering all that Gomez has going for her.

Will Selena Gomez Continue to Increase Her Net Worth?

Selena Gomez is only 30 years old, so she could continue to work in show business for several more decades.

In late December 2022, Gomez told Billboard that “I’m ready to have some fun” when asked if she was going to make more music. We’ll take that as a yes.

With the potential for a new album as well as a new music tour that will accompany the album release, it could increase her net worth by $30 million or more. If her album were to go gold or platinum, it would have significant earning potential. And with the amount that she’s made on past tours, it’s only expected that she’d make at least that – if not more.

As Gomez continues to increase her popularity with such TV shows as “Only Murders,” she will also increase her relevance. It will help with the businesses that she is involved in.

Rare Beauty is growing considerably – and each year, sales are likely to increase.

If WonderMind launches with the success that it is estimated to have, it could easily boost Gomez’s earnings by millions of dollars every year.

Additionally, Gomez has been a brand ambassador for a number of companies including Coach, Puma, Adidas, and Pantene. These could continue – and she could obtain even more that will help her to boost her earnings.

As Hollywood continues to get back on track following the pandemic, all it would take is the right director to want to work with Gomez – and it’s only presumed that she would be able to earn a starring role salary of $10 million or more based on her popularity. After all, she does have over 360 million followers on Instagram.

It’s clear that Selena Gomez net worth will be higher than $95 million within the next five years.

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