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17 Highest Paid OnlyFans in 2023 (+Their Net Worth)

Mia Khalifa

Over the years, OnlyFans has revolutionized the content creation world by creating a strong platform on which creators can share their work. Though often considered primarily an adult-oriented website with NSFW content, it’s a far more diverse platform with music, marketing, and much more. 

In this article, we’ll examine the 17 highest-paid OnlyFans to showcase that this platform is far more than a place for dirty content. Yes, there will be quite a few adult performers here, but some of the top earners don’t perform in that field at all. This blog is perfect for those trying to decide if OnlyFan is the right platform for them.

How We Compiled the List? 

When creating this list, we didn’t just blindly copy content from various sites but did a lot of careful research. We carefully examined each OnlyFans creator’s site and did in-depth examinations of various elements of their content to learn more. For example, we:

  1. Searched for listicle articles that examined each performer in-depth
  2. Checked out their OnlyFans site for more precise information about their earnings 
  3. Reviewed their social media sites to get even more insight into their audience 
  4. Compile information and present it in a streamlined, meaningful way 
  5. Update this information every year or so to keep it accurate for various changes

Here are the 17 Highest Paid OnlyFans Influencers

The following 17 individuals are easily the highest-paid OnlyFans content creators. You’ll find that many of them are women creating “adult-oriented” content. While there are some exceptions, most fall within that range. As a result, anyone who is interested in joining this platform as a creator needs to make sure that they’re prepared for that lifestyle and its potential impact.

17. Mrs. Robinson

  • Subscribers: Approximately 200K
  • Earnings: $617K per month
  • Estimated Net Worth: Around $1 million
  • Content Type: Spicy, NSFW photos and videos
  • Social Media Reach: Unknown

Initially not showing her face in her NSFW content, Mrs. Robinson had a successful teaching and advertising career that she left behind to start a career on OnlyFans. Initially starting her site with her husband, her content exploded and tapped into a unique “cougar” fanbase.

The performer behind this account is 53 years old and breaks expectations on OnlyFans, which is often primarily very young performers. Like many of the most successful performers, she provides new daily content and has thousands of videos and pictures available for her fans. 

She also provides 24/7 chat with her fans, as well as customized requests and even a “sexting” service. Interestingly, her success inspired her daughter, Amber Blake, to join the OnlyFans industry, though she has not become as successful as her mother in this field. 

Both Robinson (a pseudonym based on Anne Hathaway’s character in the classic film “The Graduate”) and Blake claim that running their OnlyFans has been empowering to them. It’s an interesting example of how unexpected success can impact a person who hits a specific niche.

16. Jem Wolfie 

  • Subscribers: 105K
  • Earnings: $814K per month
  • Estimated Net Worth: Over $8 million
  • Content Type: Fitness-based instructions, attractive pictures and videos, non-hardcore content
  • Social Media Reach: 22.1K Instagram

Jem Wolfie is an example of an OnlyFans producer who doesn’t produce hardcore content to succeed. Known as a fitness instructor and specialist, she posts photos of herself in revealing outfits but doesn’t sexualize herself as much as other creators, creating a slightly different fanbase. 

In fact, the biggest influence on her success has likely been her love of basketball, and she often shows up with one in her content. Rather than sexually explicit content, she posts attractive photos of herself, as well as fitness content that helps her fans stay in shape more effectively. 

15. Brienightwood

  • Subscribers: 447K
  • Earnings: $917K per month
  • Estimated Net Worth: $1 million 
  • Content Type: DJ performances, games and contests, 1-on-1 messaging, custom video calls, NSFM
  • Social Media Reach: 468K Instagram, 139K Twitter (X), 15.2K TikTok

Brie Nightwood has an interesting content creation career that has focused heavily on OnlyFans. She primarily creates what she terms “spicy” content, which consists mostly of pictures and videos highlighting her good looks and body. Her dyed neon-red hair is one of her primary trademarks.

Nightwood is also known as one of the most intelligent of all OnlyFans creators, as she earned a neuropsychology degree from college by the age of 20. To fund her education and avoid debt, she broadcast Livestream performances and earned a heavy following on Twitter and beyond. 

Since then, she has become a steady presence on OnlyFans and earns nearly $1 million a month for her videos. These include NSFW content that includes “solo,” “girl on girl,” “boy on girl,” and “boy on girl and girl” content. However, she also produces work beyond this setting. 

Granted, her most popular content is “spicy,” but she also hosts regular DJ performances and gaming streams. As a self-described “hot nerd,” she is known for a high fan engagement level and for interacting with her viewers in a more one-on-one way compared to other creators.

14. Megan Barton-Hanson

Megan Barton-Hanson is known primarily for appearing on Love Island, a U.K. dating show, in 2018. During the fourth season, she and Eyal Booker (her primary partner on the show) broke ground by being the first couple to have sex in the Hideaway, the area where the contestants stayed. 

Interestingly, Barton-Hanson claims that the show was good for her mental health, which is not a common statement by people who work in reality television. Being forced away from her normal world helped remove her from bad influences and reality and gave her a new focus on her life. 

Eventually leaving the show due to “medical reasons,” Barton-Hanson turned to OnlyFans for income and quickly developed a loyal following. She describes her content as “filled with uncensored photoshoots” and other exclusive content, as well as various collaborations with men and women.

Posts include daily messages from Barton-Hanson, videos, uncensored videos, daily chatting, private Snapchat, and a VIP club. Special events include Fetish Friday, $5 Friday, Strip Saturday, Titty Tuesday, and Thirsty Thursday. She’s known for replying to every message her fans send.

14. Bella Bumsy 

  • Subscribers: Not reported
  • Earnings: Not reported
  • Estimated Net Worth: $1 to $3 million
  • Content Type: Photos and videos with some “spicy” content, non-hardcore
  • Social Media Reach: 608K Instagram

Bella Bumzy is a very petite (just five feet seven inches and only a little over 100 pounds) model who is known for her innocent appearance, red hair, and role-playing videos and photos. Bumsy produces “sexy” but not sexualized content, typically meaning provocative photos and some nudes. 

She is known for interacting directly with fans and providing customized content when available. These include special request videos, photos, and other unique content. At just 24, she’s one of the younger performers on this list and likely to improve her earnings with increased content creation.

13. Belle Delphine 

  • Subscribers: 1.2 million
  • Earnings: $1 million per month
  • Estimated Net Worth: $3 million
  • Content Type: Sexy photos and videos, NSFW content, some pornographic content
  • Social Media Reach: 3.2 million Instagram, 45.2K TikTok

Belle Delphine is an OnlyFans creator who produces “sexy photos and videos” and regular pornographic content with both male and female performers. She boasts of over 11,000 videos and photos on her site and states that she’s online all day and is known to chat with her fans. 

Her content draws upon her naturally youthful appearance (she still has braces in much of it) and her interest in video game culture to create a steady fanbase. Delphine performs “cosplay” and some video game streaming on her site but heavily emphasizes its “naughty” and “gross” nature.

Delphine also has a reputation as a “troll” and once sold “gamer girl” bathwater (just normal tap water) to her fans and even staged a fake arrest. Such marketing tactics have made her somewhat controversial in the OnlyFans world, but she’s made millions in this way and is unlikely to stop.

12. Mila Mondel

  • Subscribers: 1.1 million
  • Earnings: $1.5 million
  • Estimated Net Worth: Unknown
  • Content Type: Sexy and provocative photos and videos, often pornographic
  • Social Media Reach: Unknown

Mila Mondel is known for her provocative and explicit videos and photos and quickly made a huge impact on OnlyFans upon joining. At one point, she was in the top 10 of all earners, though she has dipped a little in recent months. One interesting thing about her is that little is known about her real life. 

Though she is known to interact heavily with her subscribers via video chats and more, she doesn’t share much about her life beyond the site. This approach has helped her keep a rather tight lid on her personal life, and it’s hard to find information about her online: what a mystery!

11. Safaree Samuels 

Though his social media follower count and net worth are nowhere near the same as his former musical and romantic partner Nicki Minaj, Safaree Samuels is one of the highest-earning male OnlyFans creators and one who produces strictly musical content and other content for his fans. 

On his site, Samuels posts new musical tracks, discusses his career, and provides unique content that keeps his fans engaged. He also posts content that shows off his muscular physique, which likely does appeal to a certain subset of his fanbase. 

That said, Safaree’s success is a reminder that naughty or NSFW content is not the only way to succeed on OnlyFans. In fact, there are several other musicians who continue to make great money on the platform, including some chart-topping rappers.

10. Bhad Barbie

  • Subscribers: 16 Million
  • Earnings: $52 million
  • Estimated Net Worth: $25 million
  • Content Type: Racy videos and photos, non-hardcore
  • Social Media Reach: 16 million Instagram, 6.7 million TikTok

Bhad Barbie, aka Danielle Bregoli, ’s success on OnlyFans has been staggering, especially considering how it all started. On an episode of “Dr. Phil,” she was highlighted as a troubled teen who stole cars and threatened her parents. She went violent after she threatened another guest with the phrase “cash me ousside how bow dah.”

Though Bregoli later went through rehab and experienced some real legal troubles, her moment of infamy made her famous. To her credit, she jumped on that odd celebrity and has transformed it into a career that has earned her a staggering $52 million. 

Since then, she has started a career as a rapper, created a makeup brand, and even appeared on reality television shows. On OnlyFans, she posts racy and sexualized photos and continues to make a steady income beyond her already successful music career.

9. Dannii Harwood 

Dannii Harwood made a name for herself as a British model and actress long before she ever joined OnlyFans. Known for her blonde hair and curvy body, she was the first creator to set up an OnlyFans account. That early adoption made her the first person to make a million dollars on the platform. 

Since then, others have surpassed her in popularity and earnings. It’s a testament to her popularity and success, then, that she remains within the top 10 earners on the platform. She has expanded her branding to include consultancy services for other women interested in joining the platform. 

Her company, OnlyFans Management, is not affiliated with the site. It provides about 250 women interested in joining the site with financial, technical, and personal support. This has made her one of the most respected creators on the platform today.

8. Pia Mia

  • Subscribers: No longer available
  • Earnings: $2.2 million per month
  • Estimated Net Worth: $8 million
  • Content Type: Sexy pictures and photos, nothing hardcore
  • Social Media Reach: 10 million Instagram, 1.8 million TikTok

Pia Mia is a singer who joined OnlyFans in 2022 and made an instant impact on the platform. She earned a staggering $2.2 million a month on the platform during her time on it. She was one of the highest-paid OnlyFans online and posted mostly lingerie and slightly sexy photos of herself.

Since then, Pia Mia (who is also an author and speaker) has quit the platform, but her brief appearance on it made her one of the highest-paid OnlyFans. Since leaving, she has focused mostly on her music career and occasionally on modeling. 

7. Gemma McCourt

  • Subscribers: Over 1 million
  • Earnings: $2.3 million
  • Estimated Net Worth: Likely more than the $400K reported by Biography Daily
  • Content Type: Sexy and “spicy” but not pornographic
  • Social Media Reach: 24.2K Instagram 

Gemma McCourt has taken a slightly different route than many of her compatriots on OnlyFans. She has become one of the highest-paid OnlyFans creators, not by spamming millions of followers with low prices but by charging a high rate ($30 per month) to a smaller number of people.

McCourt also bucks a trend toward hardcore content by posting sexually appealing but tasteful images of herself. Known for her strikingly black long hair (though she has dyed it blonde in recent years), McCourt also offers a free subscription plan with less racy content.

Furthermore, McCourt uses her platform as an influencer and makes money highlighting various products throughout her posts. This career path has helped her become a very successful and rich person, and she is known for her business savvy as well as her looks.

6. Bella Thorne

  • Subscribers: The site is no longer available
  • Earnings: $11 million
  • Estimated Net Worth: $12 million
  • Content Type: Model content, attractive but non-racy or hardcore photos
  • Social Media Reach: 25.1 million Instagram, 5.6 million TikTok

Bella Thorne is a strange example of what can happen when an already successful person joins the OnlyFans platform. Within 24 hours of joining the platform, this Disney singer, model, writer, and actress made $11 million and shared mostly innocuous images of herself in swimsuits and modeling.

Since joining in 2020, she has since left the platform, but her brief time on the site highlights how quickly it can be used to make good money. Thorne has been criticized in some circles for taking advantage of her fans, while others have praised her as a trailblazer.

5. Abby

  • Subscribers: 5.3 million
  • Earnings: $4.49 million
  • Estimated Net Worth: Likely more than the $650K mentioned on Stark Times
  • Content Type: Saucy “booty shots” and moderately spicy content
  • Social Media Reach: 392K Instagram, 490K TikTok

Known only as Abby on her OnlyFans account, Abby Wetherington has become one of the top-five highest-paid OnlyFans creators in recent years. Known primarily as an Instagram star before her move to OnlyFans, Abby posts attractive and mostly mild photos of herself on her sites.

However, she is also known for posting” adventure” content, such as visiting various unexpected sites and giving her commentary on them. Though she mostly highlights this type of content on her Instagram and TikTok accounts, some get onto her OnlyFans as well. 

On OnlyFans, she provides “never before seen” pictures and videos of herself, live streams in which she interacts with fans, her Snapchat username, and VIP packages with more content. This diverse array of content has helped her amass a steady and impressive income.

4. Mia Khalifa

  • Subscribers: 22.7 million
  • Earnings: $6.42 million
  • Estimated Net Worth: $8 million
  • Content Type: Spicy photos and videos, non-hardcore content
  • Social Media Reach: 27 million Instagram, 37.9 million TikTok

Mia Khalifa is a legend in the adult industry for her gorgeous appearance (she is Lebanese American) but for her outspoken views. Whether saying that being in the Army is “worse than OnlyFans,” getting calls for her being “canceled,” or getting fired by Playboy for supporting Hamas, Khalia is not afraid to speak her mind.

It also has not impacted her earnings, as she is consistently one of the highest-paid OnlyFans in the world. Though she no longer does hardcore pornography (she says her work is “safe for work but spicy”), she uses OnlyFans as a way to control her work. 

In fact, she has become a strong advocate of OnlyFans because it allows creators to control their work and protect themselves. She has come out against the pornography industry in general, stating that the three months she spent in the industry were toxic and dangerous.

3. Tyga

  • Subscribers: 21.8 million at his peak
  • Earnings: Not known
  • Estimated Net Worth: $8 million
  • Content Type: Music, personal videos and photos
  • Social Media Reach: 44 million Instagram, 11.3 million TikTok

Rapper Tyga bucked expectations on this platform by becoming one of the highest-paid OnlyFans creators who didn’t produce sexualized content. Though Tyga has left the platform to create a similar sharing site, he was once one of the top earners on the site and deserves a spot here.

2. Cardi B

  • Subscribers: 81.7 million at her peak
  • Earnings: $9.43 million
  • Estimated Net Worth: $80 million
  • Content Type: Safe pics, photos, behind-the-scenes content, music
  • Social Media Reach: 169 million Instagram, 23.8 million

Rap sensation Cardi B is respected not only as a performer but also for her entrepreneurship and her ability to build a major financial empire. Worth a staggering $80 million after funding her early music ventures with stripping, Cardi B has used social media to build an amazing business empire. 

Her brief time on OnlyFans helped her earn a significant amount of money quickly and has made her one of the highest-paid OnlyFans creators and earners. Her move was celebrated because she shared a lot of content during her time on the platform, including music, videos, photos, and personalized fan messages.

1. Blac Chyna

  • Subscribers: 16.2 million at her peak
  • Earnings: $20 million
  • Estimated Net Worth: Likely far more than the $5 million reported by In Touch Weekly
  • Content Type: Saucy photos and videos, themed content based on days
  • Social Media Reach: 17 million Instagram, 5.7 million TikTok

The strange thing about many of the top-earning OnlyFans creators is that they almost inevitably leave the platform with time. The same is true of Blac Chyna, the undisputed earnings queen on the site. She made $20 million a month off of 16.2 million followers for many years. 

As a television star, model, and entrepreneur, she clearly made a big impact on her fans. Her decision to leave the platform wasn’t because she’d outgrown it, which is why Cardi B and others left it. Instead, Blac Chyna left because she rediscovered a Christian lifestyle and no longer supported the site. 

During her time on the platform, she made an unbelievable $240 million. The fact that the top three highest earning (over their lifetime on the site) OnlyFans creators have since left the site, Mia Khalifa, is technically the top-earning current OnlyFans producer.

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Written by Benjamin Smith

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