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10 Reasons You Should Hike Annie's Canyon Trail

Annie's Canyon Trail is one of San Diego's best-kept secrets. The short trail off of Solana Beach gives more than it would seem. The trail is an easy hike for ages 6 to 90. Annie's Trail gives hikers a picturesque view of the ocean and lagoons. Hikers and strollers can enjoy the views and enjoy hiking through an acutual canyon. Here are 10 reasons you should hike Annie's Canyon Trail.

1. Fun for the Whole Family

Annie's Canyon Trail in San Diego, California is a great short, scenic hike for the whole family. Both young and older and people of all skill levels can make the simple loop. The anyon trail has two options. Going through the narrow "mushroom caves" is more difficult because it is narrow and has ladder-like steps, it's still not too difficult for those in good shape. Many people visit Annie's Canyon to stroll the easier loop trail because they can bring their small children in strollers and dogs if leashed.

2. Recently Opened to the Public

Plagued by vandals and danger, Annie's Canyon Trail was recently opened to the public. Going off the trail is not at all advised. It would be easy to slip and fall. You could also be hit by crumbling canyon walls. For many years, the area received a lot of vandalism. Unfortunately, people went to the site and left graffiti on the canyon walls. Not only was this disrespectful and ugly on one of the country's most beautiful natural places. Residents wanted to stop the graffiti and any human damage to the trail. They helped get the canyon and trail were recently restored through funds raised by several local groups. Now, the public can enjoy this naturally beautiful site safely.

3. Location

Located near Solana Beach on North Rios Avenue in San Diego, Annie's Canyon Trail is easy to get to. Just start at North Rios Avenue and Solana Point Circle. Pass through the scenic Rios Trail and signs will lead the way to Annie's Canyon Trail. The trail is open year-round. It is open daily from sunrise to sunset. The trail is popular and heavily traveled. Sunset seems to be a good time to go.

4. Easy Access

When you leave Solana Beach, you'll want to head to the Rios Trail. Green signs will direct you. This .6 mile stretch takes you through a beautiful space filled with sage and wildflowers. This short stretch has a slight decline so it's easy to walk. There are benches located throughout so you can stop and enjoy the beauty of this spot. There are great views of the estuary channel.

5. Easy and Short

The entire trail is just 2 miles. You can opt to take the moderate loop or the tougher canyon trail. Many opt to stroll around the loop twice for a nice, comfortable hike. The entire trail can easily be done in less than an hour. Many hikers opt to walk Annie's Canyon Trail and go on to hike the longer Solana Trail. People who have discovered Annie's Canyon Trail are excited by its ease and its picturesque scenery.

6. Options

Once you reach Annie's Canyon Trail, signs will direct you to either the moderate switchback trail or the trail right through the tight canyon which is more difficult but is amazing. If you opt for the canyon trail, you'll return on the switchback trail which features wide steps and runs along the edge of the canyon. As you make your way on the one-way path, you'll notice a moderate incline for the first 1/4 mile. The path will become more and more narrow until you're going right through the tight canyon walls. You will get a chance to see and touch the "mushroom caves" and even explore an actual cave. In order to get to the top of the canyon, you'll have to climb footholds which are steep ladder-like stairs. This is why you can't take smaller children in strollers. Young children can manage the footholds, however. Some people opt to bring babies if they can be worn on the body. Some people have brought smaller dogs that they can carry with them as they climb the ladder. The views at the top of the canyon are amazing.

7. The Views

Hiking or walking the amazing Annie's Canyon offers some of the best views in the world. At the top of the canyon you can see the Pacific Ocean, the San Elijo Lagoon, salt marshes and rocky terrain. Hiking Annie's Canyon Trail feels like you're in a different world. Although the scenery is beautiful any time of day, it's breathtaking at sunset.

8. The Geology

Annie's Canyon Trail takes you through some of the world's most amazing geology. The tight canyon is made of delicate eroding sandstone. Although you'll have to be careful and try not to damage the walls of the canyon, it's amazing to see the different wall formations that line the canyon.

9. The Caves

Locals called Annie's Canyon the "mushroom caves". There are other mushroom caves in the United States of America and all are interesting to see. The rock formations of eroding sandstone create a variety of shapes and look much like mushrooms. There is an actual small cave on the canyon trail that hikers can explore on the trail. Unfortunately, graffiti in the cave could not be completely removed, but you can witness how sad it is that this occurred in such a beautiful place.

10. Things to do near by

There are many things to do near Annie's Canyon Trail including exploring the other trails in the Solana Beach area. Of course, the beach is fun for all ages. There are several chic boutiques in the Cedros Design District. If you need to fuel up before your hike, Beach Grass Café serves breakfast all day. There is also the Solana Beach Coffee Company and Homestead Café. There are a variety of restaurants in Solano Beach including Beeside, Ranch 41, Claires and several pizza restaurants.

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