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The 20 Best Things to do in Broken Arrow, OK

Broken Arrow Community Playhouse

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, was named after a Creek village established by Creek Indians was forced to move from Alabama to Oklahoma via the Trail of Tears. It is a quaint yet bustling town located in Northeast Oklahoma. For the third time since 2006, a national publication has ranked Broken Arrow as one of the best small cities in northeastern Oklahoma to live in and raise a family. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is the largest suburb of Tulsa and the fourth-largest city in the state, with a total population of 98,850. The city is in one of the state's Green Country regions, which is recognized for its climate and lush green vegetation. Broken Arrow is a booming city, and with it comes a vast amount of attractions and great things to do. Broken Arrow does not disappoint when it comes to dining and beverages. It is well-known for being home to one of the most well-known barbecue enthusiasts in the United States. While visiting the city, you will have the privilege of exploring the vast dining, historical, shopping, cultural, and entertainment options. The number of parks in the area will also astound you and you can be sure to have a good time anytime you are in Broken Arrow.

Military History Museum

20. Explore the fascinating Military History Museum

While in Broken Arrow, visitors can learn about military history and feel patriotic by visiting the Military History Museum. The museum's mission is to promote patriotism by preserving military history. Everything in the museum was contributed by veterans' families and Oklahoma people. Each artifact in the museum has its own tale and has played a vital role in every war it has aided and abetted in.

Play a round of golf at Battle Creek Golf Club

19. Play a round of golf at Battle Creek Golf Club

Broken Arrow's Battle Creek Golf Club is a world-class golf course that opened in 1997. If you wish to play a round of golf in Broken Arrow, a trip to the Battle Creek Golf Club is necessary. The 18-hole golf course has a par of 72 and spans 2.21 kilometers. The great greens here are renowned as some of the best in the city and are set in an ideal setting that includes rolling hills and luscious grassy meadows. You'll love playing golf on the beautiful Bermuda grass fairways and excellent bentgrass greens here. Weddings can also be held on the lovely greens of the Battle Creek Golf Club.

Unwind at Haikey Creek Park

18. Unwind at Haikey Creek Park

At Haikey Creek Park, you can relax and take a well-deserved break. It has 61.11 hectares of park space with numerous picnic spaces, playgrounds, grills, and picnic tables. The park also features a walking and running trail, four football fields, three lighted softball fields, a disk golf course, and an outdoor fitness court. The park is popular with locals and people living in the hectic city to unwind.

Blue Bell Creamery

17. Have some ice cream at Blue Bell Creamery

Blue Bell Creamery has been in operation for 112 years. Blue Bell Creamery was started in Texas in 1907 and has since spread across the country thanks to its incredible ice cream products, including the legendary Moo Bars. Blue Bell's delectable ice cream can instantly change your mood on a bad day. Their specialities are Blue Bell Ice Cream, Light Ice Cream, No Sugar Added Ice Cream, Sherbet, and frozen nibbles. Their ice creams are made the old-school way, with the greatest and freshest ingredients.

Ray Harral Nature Park

16. A nature walk at Ray Harral Nature Park

The Ray Harral Nature Park is situated off Tucson Street. The park is approximately 40 acres and features various amenities. These amenities include 3 miles of trails varying in trail grades, a nature centre, two picnic shelters, park benches, a natural spring system, a suspension bridge, an outdoor classroom, and pollinator gardens. Ray Harral Nature Park is a true gem in the middle of town. This park is home to different sea creatures and reptiles like tree frogs, goldfish, turtles, lizards, and tarantulas.

Broken Arrow Performing Arts

15. Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center

The Broken Arrow Performing Center is the venue for the city's top performances. The Performing Arts Center of Broken Arrow accepts volunteers from the surrounding community to assist with musical performances and theatre plays. Many Broadway musicals, concerts, live plays, and other entertainment events are hosted in this arts centre. The centre accommodates approximately 1500 people. The Broken Arrow Performing Center is situated in the middle of the city, so you can easily go to eateries and shop before or after seeing a show at the centre.

Broken Arrow Historical Society

14. Broken Arrow Historical Society

We are always interested in learning about the beautiful history and culture of the destination we visit. By visiting the Broken Arrow Historical Society, one can learn so much about the history of Broken Arrow. The Broken Arrow Historical Society is situated around the former site of the city’s train depot. The various exhibits in the museum are interactive and educational.


13. Explore Persimmon Hollow Village

Visiting Persimmon Hollow Village takes you back in time during the Old West. You may not have lived in the 1800s, but a visit to Persimmon Hollow Village will allow you to feel what life was like back then. It may appear to be a late-nineteenth-century bar, but it is a unique shopping establishment. The Persimmon Hollow Village comprises several speciality stores with vintage storefronts that sell various products like antiques, one-of-a-kind items, handmade items, and souvenirs. There are also live exhibitions of how handcrafted things are manufactured, live band performances, and much more.

Rose District

12. The Rose District

Broken Arrow's lively Rose District features a variety of distinctive eateries, stores, boutiques, nightlife, entertainment, and other enjoyable activities. The interactive water display, public pavilion, landscaped planters, and Performing Arts Center are here. The district has newly paved brick walkways and flashing street lighting for pedestrian safety. The Rose District plays the role of bringing out the liveliness of Broken Arrow.

Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue

11. The Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue

Dining at the Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue should be on everyone's to-do list while visiting Broken Arrow. The owner, Joe Davidson, is the World Champion Barbecue Pit Master, an outstanding title to fame. Their mouth-watering and best-selling slow-smoked ribs, burnt ends, and pulled pork are worth a try. Oklahoma Joe's Barbeque is also famous for having the best barbecue in Oklahoma, not just Broken Arrow. They also serve freshly baked bread, and their sauces are crafted from scratch with the finest herbs.

Pinot’s Palette

10. Paint at Pinot’s Palette

At Pinot's Palette in Broken Arrow, you can unleash your creative side alone or with friends and family. Pinot's Palette gives you an opportunity of a lifetime to get to experience the fun activities of a "Paint and Sip" studio. Working on your artwork at the Pinot’s Palette is quite a memorable experience because one gets to interact and network with other people while painting. Pinot's Palette is an excellent place for everyone to be free, relax, and decompress. One can also consider having a Palette party in this place during their baby shower celebration, birthdays or any other celebration in their life.

Broken Arrow Lanes Bowling Center

9. Broken Arrow Lanes Bowling Center

Broken Arrow Lanes Bowling Center is the ideal location for a family night out, a group celebration, or a simple hangout. Bowling is a go-to fun activity that most people engage in during their leisure time. The centre is a 36-lane bowling arena. The center also accommodates a bar and a restaurant where you can eat while you bowl. People of different ages are assured of having a good time while at the center.

Broken Arrow Warren Movie Theater

8. Broken Arrow Warren Movie Theater

Broken Arrow Warren Theater is a great place to catch the latest movies. The theater is perfectly fitted with comfortable seats, a powerful sound system, several projectors, and other conveniences that make your experience in the theater worthwhile. They also provide a private suite for those who want a more comfortable cinema experience, with a personal waiter bringing you food and drinks while you enjoy the movie.

Hunting and Fishing Destinations

7. Outdoor Solutions: Hunting and Fishing Destinations

Outdoor Solutions: Hunting and fishing destinations is the best places to be for anyone who enjoys hunting and fishing. They have collaborated with the best outdoor and hunting experience possible to provide you with the best outdoor and hunting gear manufacturers like Danner, Remington, Carl Zeiss Optics, and Hornady. They also offer hunting and shooting classes to prepare you with the required skills to make the most of your outdoor trip.

Country Aire Park

6. Country Aire Park

Country Aire Park is yet another wonderful place to spend the weekend and holidays as a form of relaxation. The park measures approximately 4-hectares, consisting of a sports arena and picnic amenities. Other facilities in the park include a drinking fountain, two basketball courts, a playground for kids, two picnic shelters, and three tennis courts. The Country Aire Trail, which connects to the park, is many people’s favorite trail for hiking.

Events Park

5. Events Park Broken Arrow

Events Park in Broken Arrow is the most recent addition to the city's several parks. The park is one of the city’s multi-phase projects. The Events Park in Broken Arrow will feature massive events and music festivals. Everyone's next destination for everyday relaxation and entertainment will be the park. There is already a lake in the park where visitors can fish, boat, and row. There are also an event gazebo, walking tracks, a softball court, an outdoor amphitheatre, playgrounds, and many other amenities.

Bass Pro Shops

4. Bass Pro Shops

The unique décor at Bass Pro Shops will take your breath away the moment you step in. A stone fireplace and a two-story waterfall welcome visitors at the entryway. The beautiful freshwater aquarium at the centre of this place will make you gaze in awe. Fishing is one of the fun activities carried out on the site. There is a fishing pond where you can try to catch some fish.

Aces Alley

3. Aces Alley

At Aces Alley in Broken Arrow, one is offered an opportunity of a lifetime to get into an airplane’s cockpit and experience the excitement of flying with or against your buddies. The centre ensures you get to experience this with your favorite aircraft. Anyone who has ever been intrigued by aircraft will enjoy this adventure well. Flying lessons are provided at this location. Aces Alley is a well-equipped and extensive flight simulator facility where you can immerse yourself in the spirit of aviation by flying various planes, such as World War II machines or modern-day jets. Circumnavigate the globe. Aces Alley is the starting point for your flight simulation trip.

Broken Arrow Brewing

2. Tour the popular Broken Arrow Brewing Company

Broken Arrow Brewing Company is the first brewery in Broken Arrow and is among those few breweries that are Native American-owned in the United States.The tour provides a joyful and exciting experience in the company and is very helpful in learning about the brewing and production process of beer. Broken Arrow Brewing Company offers a variety of artisan beers to suit everyone's taste. There is no doubt that you and your loved ones will enjoy every sip of your beer while admiring the earthy charm of the area, which is based on the original Broken Arrow Ice Plant and Light & Power Company.

Broken Arrow Community Playhouse

1. Broken Arrow Community Playhouse

The Broken Arrow Community Playhouse allows you to watch aspiring actors and actresses from Broken Arrow perform live on stage. The playhouse accommodates around 250 spectators, and it is the town's first performing arts center. The playhouse is presently operated by a team of people committed to producing high-quality plays and performances while also encouraging more people to enter the performing arts business. Every play you see helps to fund the theater, notably its upkeep, as well as the people who aspire to be stars in the coming future.

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