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A Traveler's Guide to Hiking in Tel Aviv, Israel

Hiking Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has plenty of exciting landmarks, cultural experiences, outstanding restaurants, and busy flea markets to enjoy during your visit. However, there is also plenty to explore outdoors. Hiking is one of the best ways to see the sights of the city and the surrounding area. There are trails to suit everyone, regardless of whether you prefer urban, rural, or coastal hikes. Here is a traveler’s guide to hiking in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Hayarkon Park Trails

Hayarkon Park is a large park in Tel Aviv that surrounds a river that runs for almost 17 miles through the city. Although there are several trails to explore in the park, the best option is to walk along the river, says The Culture Trip. It is important to note that it is not safe to swim in this river. There are botanical gardens to enjoy along the way, and there are plenty of pretty spots where you can stop for a picnic.

Take a City Walking Tour

There are many walking tours available that allow people to explore the city. Some focus on the historic areas of the city, such as Jaffa, while others are themed to suit different interests. For example, there are food, art, and architecture walking tours around the city. The city tours vary in length and duration, and there is a fee to take part in most of the walks.

Hatzook Beach Walk

For those who enjoy coastal walks, All Trails recommends the Hatzook Beach Walk. The walk is a fantastic way to enjoy Tel Aviv’s coastline, and it is an accessible walk that is predominantly flat and goes along both the beach and the boardwalk. It is just over three miles long, so it is not too strenuous and easily achievable in a morning or afternoon. However, you can make a day of it by spending time on the beach.

Central Tel Aviv to Jaffa Beach Loop Trail

The Central Tel Aviv to Jaffa Beach Loop Trail begins at the historic Rothschild Boulevard, which is also known as the first boulevard. It is a five-mile trail that takes you past the Great Synagogue and then through the Kerem HaTayanim market neighborhood, where you can stop to buy some souvenirs. The trail then heads to Jaffa Beach before heading back through the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Some of the notable points along the way are Independence Hall, the Etzel Museum, Clock Square, Jaffa Port, and Hakarmel Market.

Tel Aviv Beach to Afek Park via Yarkon River

One of the longer trails to enjoy in Tel Aviv is the trail that runs from Tel Aviv Beach to Afek Park via Yarkon River. Although the trail is 17 miles long, it is classed as a moderate walk as there is level terrain. It will take a full day to complete the walk, but there is the option to complete shorter sections or to turn back halfway.

Tel Aviv Marathon Trail from Hatzuk Beach to Jaffa Beach

The trail from Hatzuk Beach to Jaffa Beach is one of the most challenging trails in Tel Aviv, as it is more than 20 miles long. Therefore, it is best suited to experienced hikers and people who are regularly active. It is known as the Tel Aviv Marathon Trail as it is used for the city’s annual marathon event. Although the trail is primarily used for hiking and running, it is also used for mountain biking. Although walkers can take along their dogs, they must keep them on a leash along the trail.

Israel National Trail Part 4: Israel to Dan

At 215.99 miles, the Israel National Trail Part 4 is the longest trail system in Tel Aviv, and it takes you to the city of Dan. It is a trail to complete in sections, and it is popular with those for whom hiking is the major element of their vacation. According to Wikiloc, the trail takes you through forests, across beaches, along rivers, and over agricultural land. You will also pass through many historic towns and see ancient ruins along the way. It is an excellent trail to complete if you are visiting Tel Aviv but want to explore more of Israel.

Sharon Beach and Cliffs

The Sharon Beach and Cliffs trail begins at the Sharon Hotel in Herzliya, just outside Tel Aviv. It is almost 15 miles long and runs along the beach heading north. There is a section where the trail splits, and markers identify the red, blue, and black paths to follow. The red route is the one that runs closest to the cliffs, although you do not go over the cliffs because there is a military camp at the top. There are some sections of the trails that are difficult to pass during high tide, so you might want to check the tide times before departing and then choose your route accordingly.

Ramat HaHayal and Tzahala

Ramat HaHayal and Tzahala is an easy, 5.5-mile loop trail. The hike takes you through an area past the edge of Yarkon Park, and a section runs past the river. It is accessible for all skill levels as the terrain is predominantly flat. The trail is used not only for hiking but also for running and road biking. Those who use the trail can bring their dogs along, but they must keep their dog on a leash.

HaZuk Beach to Kikar HaMedina

The HaZuk Beach to Kikar HaMedina is a four-mile, point-to-point trail. It is an urban trail that begins along the shores of HaZuk Beach, also known as Cliff Beach. The trail then runs through suburban areas of Tel Aviv and along the Yarkon River. It ends at Kikar HaMedina, which is one of Israel’s largest squares. This trail is considered easy as it takes under two hours to complete and covers mostly even terrain. Therefore, it is accessible to all ages and skill levels.

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