A Traveler’s Guide to Hiking in Texarkana

Hiking Texarkana

Due to Texarkana being a city that is predominantly urban, people may not necessarily think about it being a destination for hiking. However, if you enjoy hiking, there are several parks within the city that have trails to hike, and there are also hiking trails in the surrounding area to explore. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy the outdoors during your visit to this city. Here is a traveler’s guide to hiking in Texarkana.

Phillip McDougal Trail

According to The Outbound, the best and most popular trail in Texarkana is the Phillip McDougal Trail. This trail is in Spring Lake Park, and it takes you along the park’s perimeter. There is a section of the trail that diverts to the lake, and this is the most popular route that people take. If you choose to divert around the lake, then the loop trail is just 1.7-miles long, and there is an elevation of only 39 feet as the path is mostly flat and even. Therefore, it is an easy trail that is accessible to everyone.

Bringle Lake Park Full Loop

The Bringle Park Full Loop trail begins at the parking lot at Bringle Lake Park East. Close to the trailhead, there is a playground where you can spend some time if you are hiking the trail with children. The loop trail takes you through wooded areas and to the lake’s edge, and then back through a different wooded section of the park. It is an easy trail of 6.8-miles that takes approximately two hours to complete.

Bringle Lake Trail West, The Wilderness Trail

Another trail to enjoy in Bringle Lake Park is the Bringle Lake Trail West, which is also known as The Wilderness Trail. It is a 6-mile out-and-back trail with some bridges and boardwalks that goes through the forest. The latter section of the trail runs alongside the lake. It is considered a moderate walk as the terrain is varied, although the elevation gain is minimal. It takes around two hours to complete the trail, although you should set aside a little longer if you want to spend some time by the lake.

White Oak Ridge Trail

If you want to enjoy a hiking trail with river views, then the White Oak Ridge Trail is a good option. It is a 2.9-mile out-and-back trail with a section running along the Sulphur River just outside the Texas part of Texarkana. You can easily complete this trail in under 1.5-hours.

Elm Street to Farm to Market Road Trail

Although this trail is one of the longer trails in Texarkana at 6.4-miles, it is a relatively easy trail to complete as it involves walking along flat sidewalks, and the overall elevation gain for the trail is only 144 feet. However, you can expect it to take more than three hours to complete due to the trail’s length. Therefore, you should set aside a full morning or afternoon to complete the walk. It begins on Elm Street, then takes you to a farm, then on to Market Road, which you will access via the T & P Trail.

Rustling Leaves Trail

The Rustling Leaves Trail is in the Dangerfield State Park. The trailhead is on Park Road 17, and part of the trail runs along the perimeter of Dangerfield State Park Lake. It is a 2.6-mile loop trail that you can complete in under 1.5 hours. Although the terrain is varied along the trail, it is fairly even, and the elevation gain is just 114 feet. Therefore, the trail is accessible to most people.

Nix Creek Trail

According to All Trails, one of the best trails in the half of Texarkana that is in Arkansas is the Nix Creek Trail. It is a 4.5-mile paved trail that runs through a wooded area along Nix Creek, and it is an easy trail that is accessible throughout the year. Completing this out-and-back trail takes approximately two hours. The trail is also used by runners, bikers, and dog walkers.

Bobby Ferguson Park Loop

The Bobby Ferguson Park Loop is a short loop trail of under one mile that runs around Lake Deffenbacher in the park. It is easily accessible for all skill levels, as the trail is flat and well-maintained. The lake is a popular spot for fishing, so you will see a wooden fishing pier jutting into the lake. It is a pleasant nature walk to enjoy, as the trail runs through trees in the park, and there are opportunities to see wildlife. There are also some open grass spaces and gazebos along the trail. The park has a paved parking area close to the trailhead.

Hobo Jungle Trails

Hobo Jungle Trails is a 1.7-mile paved trail that runs around Hobo Jungle Park. This out-and-back trail is suitable for all skill levels. Although walkers predominantly use it, it is also used for road biking, running, and dog walking. The park is also home to the Ermer Dansby Pondexter Sports Complex. There is parking available at the entrance to the park, and there are six designated accessible spaces.

Sister Damian Murphy Trail

One of the shortest trails to enjoy in Texarkana is the Sister Damian Murphy Trail, as it is less than a mile long. It is a well-maintained loop trail that runs around a duck pond with koi and turtles, and it is close to St. Michael’s Hospital in Texarkana. Mountain bikers also use the trail, and dogs are allowed along the trail if they are on a leash. According to the Texarkana Gazette, an interesting feature of the trail is the Hands Up Sundial Garden. It is a stone and gravel sundial on the ground, and you stand on the stone for the correct month of the year. If you raise your hands above your head, your shadow will show the right time.

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