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Hilton Lifetime Status Program Description and Review

Credit card companies have evolved over the past decades and many engage in a competition to offer the best possible rewards programs to attract and retain loyal customers. This works to the advantage of the subscribers because they have a greater variety of packages to choose from when searching for the best possible savings and rewards programs. In 2014, Hilton developed and launched a new program that has some fairly amazing features. They call it their Hilton Lifetime Status Program. It wasn't a new approach as others including Marriott, Starwood and Hyatt had already set similar programs into place, but it is unique in its approach. It offers subscribers the opportunities to earn elite status and reap the benefits. We're going to take a closer look at Hilton Lifetime Status so you can decide if this program is the right one for you.

How to qualify for Hilton Lifetime Status

Lifetime Diamond Status can be achieved for only those who meet the following criteria. You must have reached Diamond status and maintained it for a total of ten years throughout your life. These do not necessarily need to be consecutive years, but rather, the total cumulative.

You must have paid for a minimum of one thousand nights worth of stays. While in the past, this has only included those that you have actually paid for, the new changes which are taking effect in January of 2017 will allow you to also include any stays that you have earned awards for and used towards the one thousand stay total. This makes it easier to reach the threshold for many users who have been loyal to the program to date.

A third requirement in addition to the other two is that you must have accumulation of a minimum of two million base points fro the time that you joined the Hilton Honors program. All HHonors members will have two ways that they can achieve Hilton Lifetime Status as of 2017. The first is to have a total of ten years of maintained Diamond status over their lifetimes and a minimum of one thousand paid or awarded nights stays. The second is y having Diamond status for a minimum of ten cumulative years and a total of at least two million points from the time of joining the Hilton Honors program to date. They are making it a little easier to become a Hilton Lifetime Status member as of the new year.

Other ways to earn Hilton Lifetime Status

Because customers have given their feedback about the program, Hilton has made the changes to accommodate loyal members who have an interest in this program. On occasion, the company offers this program for free for a period of ninety days. This promotional is a nice incentive to give members just a taste of what they can expect when they actually achieve Lifetime Status in one of the two ways outlined above.

What is Hilton HHonors Diamond status?

Diamond status is the top level in the Hilton's rewards program that is earned by members. It can be accomplished a few different ways. You can earn it through achieving thirty stays, sixty nights or one hundred and twenty thousand base points. Automatic Diamond status is awarded when you hae spent forty thousand dollars in one calendar year by using your Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card or by using the Hilton HHonors Surpass Card which is issued by American Express.


The rewards that are given for Diamond status include a fifty percent point bonus which means that Diamond members earn the highest bonuses of base points for a total of fifty percent more than non Diamond members. When figuring the worth of the points, if you earn seventy two thousand points, it is worth a total of $360. One of the more popular perks of diamond status is an upgrade to the adults only section of the Conrad Bali.

Other benefits

Diamond status also gives you a forty eight hour room guarantee which is worth twenty five dollars. you get the fifth night free which has a value of seventy five dollars and this is a very popular feature that gets frequent use by diamond members. There are also other smaller benefits which add up quickly, including free premium internet which has a fifty dollar value. Instead of getting the free WiFi that all guests enjoy, diamond members have free access to premium internet speeds in the locations that this option is available. You get more bandwidth and greater speed.

You also get two bottles of water, complimentary which are valued at forty five dollars and complimentary access to health clubs and fitness centers which is valued at one hundred and fifty dollars. You can also get room grades for up to fifty dollars a stay in valuation with a cumulative annual total of eleven hundred dollars. You can also use points for complimentary breakfast for up to four hundred and forty dollars.

Will everyone qualify?

If you have enjoyed diamond status for ten year then you're well on your way to achieving Hilton Lifetime status, but the only way that you can earn this distinction is if you meet the other criteria as well. You must have at least one thousand stays in addition. If you are unsure of your status, you can easily check online by going to your account and viewing the points that you've earned and the total number of stays that are recorded for your account. If you are close, don't despair. Wait until after the new rules have become effective and with awarded stays, those who are very close may well be put over the top for qualification of this elite distinction.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of additional benefits that go with Diamond status. This are just a few ways that you can achieve the Hilton Diamond lifetime status and it's within your reach if you have bee a member with diamond status for a total of ten years throughout your lifetime. In the end is it worth it for you? This depends on your lifestyle, your usage of Hotel room stays and if you enjoy staying with a few additional perks.

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