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How To Use The Hopper App for Hotels and Flights

Hopper App

Hopper is an app that provides travelers with real-time information and prices on the best hotels in the vicinity. Besides comparing rates for nearby hotels at different time constraints, Hopper also has a flight deals feature that quickly finds the cheapest airfare. This app works by searching for super low rates and showing them to users who choose to view the flight or hotel deal.

It saves travelers up to more than 40% off expenses in some cases by comparing today's prices with yesterday's pricing. In addition, the Hopper app allows users to book deals right through the app. In a nutshell, the Hopper app is a travel deals app that saves people money on hotels, air travel, and car hire.

It has been around for a while. The service is well known for its many discounts and its no-hassle way of finding the best deals on the market. This app has extensive features, making it reasonably easy to use for anyone. This article will in detail discuss what Hopper does and how it works, and how to maximize it to save on your future travels.

How does Hopper work for Hotels?

The Hopper app knows what people want and when they want it. It analyzes how people book hotels and then creates a web of statistical data to foretell the best time to book a deal. The app will display the cheapest deals on hotels at present. It also has other app features that allow you to find a hotel in your budget that isn't full.

Hotel Pricing

Hopper will show you the prices available for hotels you wish to book. It presents these deals in real-time, so you can instantly see what your best deal would be if you booked right now. There are two ways to find a hotel using the Hopper. The first is the price comparison method, which allows you to compare different prices for different hotels throughout the country.

Here, you get to see real-time pricing and information such as the hotel's city or area, number of reviews, approximate distance from your current location, and star rating based on a five-star system. You'll also have a glimpse of how much you are saving on each deal right away.

The second way is by using the search feature to find a hotel. The best part about this method is, finding a wide variety of hotels from unique chains and seeing photos of the hotel and its amenities - such as a pool or gym - before booking your reservation.

Using the Hopper App

To use Hopper, you’ll first sign up by filling in your details. You can also key in your credit card details to ease your booking process. Once you submit all the necessary information, you'll be presented with the search bar where users enter their travel dates and destination.

After inputting your search information, you'll see a summary of what the app has for you to compare. Next, it'll display available deals for the dates and destination in question showing you how much each hotel costs on a daily rate basis. All the hotels are color-coded, from green indicating the lowest prices to red meaning the most expensive hotels.

You can select your preferred hotel, and you'll receive alerts about the price changes for at least 48 hours or if the deal is below your desired price. In addition to receiving alerts, you can also bookmark a hotel as a favorite and get reservation reminders.

You can select multiple hotels that you'd wish to be notified of, create your searches by location or area, and search through different hotel chains to find out which deals are available in terms of cost. The Hopper app will help you stick to your budget while ensuring you get the trip or vacation you deserve. Enter your travel information, and the app will show you all the hotels within your budget nationwide. The best part is that Hopper alerts you when prices go down so that you can maximize the best deals.

What Makes Hopper Special?

Simple, how it gets its deals! The app observes booking patterns of different hotels to see when people book and when they don't. It will then send you notifications when prices are low to avoid missing out on a deal. The app doesn't just show you a deal - it displays the best to help you save more money.

1. Ability to Book Hotels

Hopper makes it very easy to find and book a hotel, and you can make your reservations immediately you spot a great deal. You can even change your booking later if you need to, without any extra charges or fees for canceling. Thanks to Hopper's search engine that makes it easy to find what you're looking for! But much credit goes to the app's complex algorithmic technology that allows you to compare all of your travel options, providing you with the best deals available.

2. Price Alerts

Perhaps one of the most convenient benefits of using Hopper is the alerts it sends you when prices change. So you get to receive real-time updates and notifications on changes to the cost of your hotel. These alerts will notify you when a hotel is being sold at below market value, which allows you to secure the best deal possible.

3. Hotel Deals

Booking a hotel through Hopper means you won't have to pay for any extras when choosing your room, like parking or breakfast charges. Through comparison, Hopper knows which hotels offer free parking and other amenities. You can still choose to add these features to your hotel booking, of course, but Hopper will make sure you know everything you'll be paying for before completing your reservation. This app allows users to view deals and wait until they are at their best price. While this isn't always a good option for booking flights considering flight prices change frequently, it is excellent for securing a hotel at the best possible price. When you use the Hopper app, you'll save on your travels and still have a good time.

4. Works on All Devices

The Hopper app is designed to work across all operating systems and devices, meaning all users can access their frequent flyer accounts through one app. It's a feature that makes Hopper very convenient for users. You can access it all through your trip, regardless of your location. Hopper is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Windows App Store.

5. You can Save up to 40% on Hotel Bookings

The app will show you how much you can save during your next trip as it can tell if the current price is below or above the recent prices for the same hotel. That way, you'll have an idea of the overall cost of staying in that hotel without making any inquiries. Remember, Hopper determines which deals are available by comparing prices from various sources, including popular travel booking websites, social media sites, and other travel-focused websites. You can also view daily deals for hotels, which means you won't have to worry about missing out on a great price.

6. Price Freezing Feature

If you like a hotel but want to book at the best price, you can use Hopper's price freezing feature. Let's say that you want to book a hotel in San Francisco. If you see a deal for $200 and want to settle for it, the price freezing feature allows you to hold that price for 20 days without changing. The app's price freezing feature is excellent for any price you are happy with and want to ensure you won't miss out. Once you book the app by paying a deposit, the deposit acts as the initial payment of the service that will freeze your chosen price. If you want to complete the payment a few days later, and the booking cost has gone up, you'll only pay the amount you'd previously resolved to pay.

7. Last-minute Hotel Booking Feature

With Hopper, you can easily save on hotels, finding the best deal possible for the trip you have in mind and booking your travel before it happens. You'll also get to find deals that offer last-minute or weekend rates. You can request more info. on hotels at the eleventh hour and still, make your booking at your comfort using your smartphone. Interestingly, no extra fee will be charged when booking rooms. This feature allows Hopper users to make online payments, change their booking details before handing over their payment, and view reviews and reservation requests.

8. Filter Search Options

With Filters on your search features, you can show or hide various components of the hotels you are viewing, such as whether it's pet-friendly, has a spa, or offers breakfast. You'll also be able to see information about the hotel's rating with Yelp, the category on another popular travel site, and the location to help find out if it's close to your preferred destination. Other filters include price and star rating. Moreover, Hopper has brand filters, meaning it can narrow your search based on a particular brand name.

9. Offers the Best Recommendation

Hopper will recommend a hotel for you based on your past searches, travel preferences, and your travel location. Just enter the purpose of your trip, the dates of your stay, and the location, and the app will predict your best option. When the travel plans are finalized, Hopper will send out a notification with your booking information.

10. Finding Deals on Selected Hotels

Hopper can help you find and purchase a hotel at the current cost, allowing you to book your trip before the price increases. This feature works great where you have specific selected hotels that you prefer to use their service during your vacation or business trip.

11. Deliver Deals and Prices for Different Dates

The Hopper app is designed to provide deals for different dates if a hotel has an unexpected price increase. Therefore, when evaluating a hotel in which you intend to stay in, you can view all their cost details, the long past, as well as their current price. As in most cases, the prices will likely go up, but with Hopper, you'll not be caught by surprises. The app prepares you for what to expect.

12. Sign up for Email Alerts

Hopper alerts users when prices change so they can quickly act before it's too late. If you know you're going to book a hotel, you can sign up for the Hopper email alert service to get notifications when prices change. That way, you can secure a great deal whenever prices drop and save on your travel plans. This feature is excellent for anyone looking to save money and still get the most out of their trip.

13. Show Description of Hotels on The Map

Using Hopper's maps feature, you can view all your preferred hotels based on the hotel rating, star rating, and other details. The app will narrow your options based on your preferences. For instance, if you plan to put up in a hotel with a complimentary breakfast, you'll be able to find out which hotels within your preferred proximity have such a description in their menu. Hopper allows its users to see each hotel's details on a map. Using it ensures you find a hotel that suits your vacation or business trip.

Summing Up

When you use Hopper, your travel budget won't be inconvenienced. This means you'll spend what you'd resolved to expend on your trip. Besides, it makes it easy to find the best deals for hotels in any city. Users can track prices and wait until they go down further before booking. Hopper ranks among the most popular Travel Apps of age. It's an excellent option for those who want to find and book air travel and car rentals online quickly while saving money in the process. The Hopper app is available on the Mac App Store, Windows Store, and Google Play.

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