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How Mike Piazza Transitioned from Baseball to Business

Mike Piazza

Many people only know Mike Piazza from his playing days as a 12 time baseball all-star. However, many people do not know that Piazza has transformed into a businessman and is just as successful in this arena. Piazza believes that his days playing baseball helped him to be a more savvy businessman. He attributes his success in multiple fields to the self-confidence that he has built over the years. It is not easy to succeed in the worlds of baseball or business, but Piazza has put himself a step above the competition with his dogged grit and will to win. Even more impressive is the prodigious number of investments that Piazza has made in disparate fields. Piazza has his hand in everything from car dealerships to internet startups. It goes to show that learning never stops for the greats. This is a lesson that everyone can take from Piazza. He is dedicated to his craft and more than willing to endure hardships to get to his ultimate goal.

Perhaps most impressive is that Piazza’s latest venture is an online startup that helps companies with “marketing, payroll, and other business functions. It’s just the latest step in a storied career that spans decades in both baseball and business. But, it’s not a surprise that Piazza has natural business chops. In fact, it runs in the family. Piazza first learned about business from his father who was an entrepreneur in his own right. Vince Piazza entered the business world by selling used cars. It was not long after that the Piazza auto group was formed. Though it started as a small enterprise, it continued to grow and gain profitability through Piazza Sr.’s hard work and ingenuity. It is that same work ethic that helped his son cultivate the winning attitude of a Hall of Fame inductee. In fact, he was the lowest drafted player to ever make the Hall at 1,390. But ultimately, Piazza had the guts to succeed. It was an experience that would serve him well in the business world which can oftentimes be just as grueling as the major leagues.

Though its questionable if Piazza even needs the extra cash from his business ventures. Many websites list his net assets as being worth more than $70 million. This is not surprising given that he is one of the most prolific hitters of all time. But he deserves credit for being savvy with his money and not allowing fame to go to his head. For guys like Piazza, a big part of accumulating wealth is the ability to give it back. In fact, some people have argued that the most ethical thing to do is to accumulate as much money as possible and give it back to causes where it gets the most benefit. It is not surprising that Piazza has a generous heart. There are different sources that list the multiple charities he has donated his time and money to. Some of these include the Jason Taylor Foundation, the Nevada Cancer Institute, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Piazza Auto group has continued to grow since it was first started by Vince Piazza several decades ago. The impressive thing is that Piazza has continued to expand his business profile. An avid golfer, he added two golf courses to his long list of properties. It is not uncommon for Piazza to stop by and play a round of golf on his luxurious golf courses. These days he is trading a baseball swing for a golf swing and doesn’t have to answer to anyone but the people that rely on him for a paycheck. His businesses have employees that have been with him for more than 20 years. Because of this, he feels a duty to continue to make the businesses successful. Golf courses are not the only exotic investment that Piazza has. He also owns a major stake in the A.C. Reggiana 1919 Italian soccer club. It is a throwback to his Italian heritage and a strong reminder of how far he has come since being drafted by the LA Dodgers in 1988. That was a pick that paid off dividends for the club and remains on of the best steals in MLB draft history. It is not often that someone who is so overlooked becomes so a Hall of Fame superstar.

One pattern that seems to repeat itself with any Piazza venture is his ability to make mistakes and learn from them. This is a crucial part of success as a champion in any endeavor. He has taken on major responsibilities at the soccer club and acts as the president of the organization. Piazza will often fly over to Italy to get more hands-on experience with the team. Managing a team is much different from playing on one of course. But, that does not deter the dogged winning approach of Piazza. He is used to being counted out and revels in the role of the underdog. Piazza is truly a renaissance man who wears many hats. He even has tried out his hand in the theater, playing the role of a gangster. He is an impressive person and has lived a very impressive life. The big takeaways that anyone can get from Piazza are the determination to never quit and the ability to see which way that the wind is blowing.

One thing that is for sure is that Piazza’s attitude and propensity to improve himself have allowed him to succeed in many different areas in life. He is an indefatigable spirit who will not stop working until the job is done. In this sense, we all have something to learn from Piazza and his approach to life. He is also a family man who makes sure to spend time with his children often. He has an approach to time management where he puts ‘first things first’ and lets the chips fall where they may. It is clear that Mike Piazza is an inspiration to anyone that has ever been counted out. His continued track record of success will let everyone know where he stands among the greats. Mike Piazza is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure, and we should all aspire to copy his best traits for our own success.

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