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Why You Should Probably Skip That Free NFL Reddit Stream

NFL Games

Every time that an NFL new season beckons, even those who aren’t fans know about it from the fuss created by a majority of folks nationally. Loyal fans are always eagerly waiting for Sunday afternoons when they join in packs, gangs or families and root for the teams they support. Most folks prefer going to local pubs or restaurants where they can get cold beverages and enjoy the company of other fans. Even Monday and Thursday game nights are always phenomenal. That’s just the beauty of the game, and watching it live is never anything short of phenomenal.

The reason why most folks turn to Reddit for live NFL game streaming is that TV networks show state-specific games. On Sundays, if a state or city team is playing, residents in that area have to go to local pubs to watch other games playing live. Home games always take the first precedence. So what happens when your area of residence isn’t your hometown, and your favorite team is playing concurrently with the game of your residency team? Well, most folks hit commercial entertainment spots if they can afford it while some stream the games live on Reddit.

Is It Possible to Stream NFL Games for Free on Reddit?

Definitely, and very many folks do it since they discovered the trick. As long as one fan has access to a live stream of any NFL game, that person can share the stream with many other Reddit users. Basically, such Reddit users access the live feed through their own financing and share it for free for all and sundry. Therefore, as long as there is such a user sharing the game you’d like to watch, you can stream it for free. In fact, Reddit has a segment that is purely dedicated to NFL streams. It’s all good; most folks tend to think. No harm done, right? Unfortunately, as convenient, justifiable and fun as it may seem, it is very wrong to do it. You shouldn’t do it just because you can.

Sports are good for any country/state or federation because they bring about cohesion, unity and patriotism. The NFL is one of the most celebrated football leagues in the world, and American football is one sport that solidly unites the United States. It also generates so much trade and commerce that it is an economic asset as well as a social one. Just last year, the NFL distributed 8 billion dollars to its 32 participating teams depending on their performance. The teams spend too much money to be duped by piracy, and they are dependent on the NFL’s revenue collection to continue bringing in the action. Make no mistake about it; regardless of the lucrative product endorsements and paraphernalia trade, NFL teams badly need the revenue collected from live viewing and broadcasting.

When you stream an NFL game live on Reddit, you basically deny all the teams struggling to keep us entertained and united the revenue they need. Essentially, a fan that gains access to a live stream of NFL games and distributes the game for free isn’t really a fan. It constitutes to killing the game. If you try searching for free NFL game streams on any search engine, you’ll find that many websites are also advertising the trendy and new form of piracy. For the good of the game and yours as well, always resist such offers from parties that aren’t even licensed to offer the service.

Is It Legal to Stream NFL Games on Reddit?

As long as NFL hasn’t licensed any streaming or broadcasting network to air its content, you’ll be guilty of consuming pirated content. The individuals distributing the content are most unfair to the game, but your complacency won’t exonerate you either. NFL considers Reddit streams a theft of its Intellectual Properties, and it does so with good reasons. Just like people share their Netflix passwords and allow unsubscribes undue access to the well-produced and expensively directed content, it is illegal to distribute or consume NFL games or Reddit or any other unlicensed third parties. Still, people do it, and it is a popular habit. In fact, most Intellectual Property laws are always abused fragrantly by the complacent masses. It takes concerted efforts between victims like the NFL and law enforcement to stop such abuse. It may not be common, but one day, the NFL could sue you for sharing its content on Reddit. Worse still, you’ll be driving the good game into bankruptcy and oblivion should you insist on infringing NFL’s property rights further. Therefore, it is entirely your call as well as your risk.

When you share your Netflix or HBO password, the entertainment enterprises still benefit big time. Not only do your market them, but you also consume their adverts and grow their audience. The NFL already enjoys many decades of phenomenally successful marketing, and it doesn’t benefit in any way if you steal its content via Reddit. It is only Reddit that benefits from the accumulated audience and the money advertisers will pay it for its popularity. Typically, the NFL is losing potential sponsors who scamper away to spend advertising money on Reddit because of the NFL’s content.

Did you know that the NFL once sued a Protestant church for airing a Super Bowl game and charging admission fees? Well, it seems the league really means to protect its property rights. Towards that end, the NFL also fines teams that videotape games and post them on their social media profiles. When teams do that, they deny the league control of the content, and it becomes unable to monetize the adored and seasonal spectacle despite the huge investments injected.

Do You Still Want to Save Money?

Of course, you do, who doesn’t? Well, there are many ways of watching NFL games cheaply or for free without infringing on the NFL’s rights. Well did you know that you could still stream the games for free without any cable TV? All you have to do is download the NFL App to access most of your local team’s games for free as well as the games that are broadcast nationally. The offer includes the whole season. How about that: Prime Time NFL games for free, legally and all season?

It gets even better; you don’t have to pay a dime for the App because you can get it for free on the Internet. The App will give you free streaming access to games that could only be watched to pay TV networks. You can watch Monday night games for free on your PC or smartphone. However, just like Netflix, you’ll need some good Wi-Fi connectivity or plenty of data bundles. If you got a smart TV, guess what; you can even watch the game on it?

Another medium through which you can stream NFL games for free is the Yahoo Sports App. The App is also free, but the NFL limited the streaming to mobile phones and tablets only. Unlike the NFL App, the Yahoo app pays for personal streaming only, and you can’t watch the games on your PC or TV. Screen casting is disallowed, and it has something to do with advertising revenue. The NFL can benefit directly from advertising if people watch its games on its website traffic, and Yahoo typically pays a fixed price for the streaming license. There was just no way that the league could empower Yahoo to screencast the games for that major reason.

The free streaming on Yahoo’s and the NFL’s apps is limited to regional games only or the nationally broadcast ones. So what happens if you’d like to watch a game in a different state? Maybe you live in Colorado but like following all Chicago Bears’ games, what would you do for that kind of access? Well, you’d definitely have to pay for a special out-of-market games package. Not to worry though, you’d only have to fork out 300 dollars for the entire season.

There are Cheaper Options

Well, you already know about the in-market and out-of-market packages, and the ease with which you can keep up with your favorite NFL games all season. It gets better because of the many other options that are available to you. The NFL will let you stream its games in high quality from DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. This option is not only cheaper, but it also allows you to pay in smaller monthly installments. You can choose to pay for the month with the most heated action and abscond the other months. For a month, you only have to pay $69.99 for every month or $279.96 on-off charge for the whole season The great offer doesn’t come easily though: folks must qualify to enjoy the perks of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket online streaming. To qualify, you must meet some of the following requirement:

  • Live overseas where DirectTV is unavailable
  • Live in real estate without access to satellite TV
  • Particular areas of large cities

Clearly, the online streaming service is purely meant to supplement for those without the proper access to televised shows. The thoughtfulness was also extended to students in a special way. If you are a student, you should hesitate to take advantage and enjoy as many NFL games as you please through Direct TV’s special student deal. It goes for $24.99 every month, and you’ll spend just less than 100 dollars for the entire season if you don’t miss a single month. Students do not have to watch every game night because they should be essentially busy. On average, they just follow their team’s games, and it can average into 16 games for which they can spend less than 7$ a game. Also, the offer gives students the chance to follow games at home, the hostel or an apartment instead of spending more than 6.25$ per game at local pubs or eateries.

Another great way to afford to watch your favorite NFL games is to cost share with friends. Already, people watch the games socially as they strive taunting others and coming up with catchy game night slogans. If you already have established gaming relationships with your fellow NFL buddies, why don’t you get them to pay a share of the cost for online streaming?

Regardless of your stature and lifestyle, a Sunday NFL game is always surreal. The game is just beautiful, and every coach, player, manager and marketer puts in really tough work to keen American Football alive and growing. It’s part of our culture, and we should not dare to destroy it with cheapskate tendencies such as free Reddit NFL streams. It constitutes piracy that goes on to water down the advances secured by the game. It is also illegal, and fragrant abuse will lead to the NFL taking restrictive measures. Maybe Reddit will soon acquire a license to air NFL games, but there are numerous streaming services that already took that initiative. Furthermore, as you can see from this article, the streaming services are very fairly priced, and it would be mean trying to cut corners.

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