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How to Experience Madagascar in Style

Madagascar is a secluded tropical island, completely surrounded by miles of beautiful blue sea. One of the most beautiful places in the world, Madagascar offers an abundant amount of diverse wildlife you won't find anywhere else. With 150,000 species of wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else; from lemurs to frogs, birds to chameleons, experiencing all Madagascar has to offer is a vacation you will never forget.

From rustic outdoor camping to a luxurious hotel or resort on the beach, there is an experience for every one.Enjoy a romantic honeymoon or get away as a couple to reconnect with nature and yourselves, bring the family and create lasting family memories. Or, come by yourself and take a guided tour of the wonder of Madagascar and meet new people as you witness nature's most treasured island. Take pictures that you will cherish forever.

Here's our "travel guide" if you undertake the Madagascar adventure:

Hotels and Resorts

Andilana Beach Resort

Rated the best resort in Madagascar four years in a row, Andilana Beach Resort provides the ultimate luxury all-inclusive vacation. Experience succulent gourmet meals, the native foods of the locals, fresh baked bread, and rich desserts. Experience the vacation of your dreams with two massive sandy beaches surrounded by never-ending, crystal clear, blue water. Your dream tropical vacation experience can be relaxing and tranquil or interesting and adventurous when staying at the Andilana Beach Resort. From spectacular tribal dances to exclusive excursions, experience everything you could possibly want from a Madagascar vacation and more.

Another excellent place to stay is the Constance Tsabanjina Madagascar.  With no televisions and no phones, take in the full Madagascar experience without interruption. Get reacquainted with nature and enjoy your own private thatched roof bungalow, serene blue waters, and powdered white stands. Walk barefoot on the beach, take a dip in the pool, enjoy a delicious outdoor BBQ, and find exotic fish while snorkeling. Enjoy the uninterrupted beauty that is Madagascar at this luxurious, secluded hotel.

Gourmet Dining

Pily Pily Restaurant

While vacationing in a new place, it is customary to indulge in the local cuisine. Madagascar is full of delicious gourmet restaurants just waiting for you to come in, sit down, and eat your heart out. The finest gourmet restaurant in Madagascar is in the Le Louvre hotel in Antananarivo. With something for every palate, this fine dining gourmet restaurant offers savory local dishes and the finest international cuisines. You will experience succulent foods, fine drinks, and a modern, friendly atmosphere here.

Another choice is the Pily Pily Restaurant which serves the finest seafood along with amazing scenic views. Perched atop a large rock, you are privy to a panoramic view that will take your breath away. Try the fresh catch of the day, the local shellfish and seafood, or take a walk on the wild side and sample the zebu fillet or skewered crocodile. Savor every moment you are in this luxurious restaurant.

Amazing Sights

Arboretum d'Antsokay

There are many wondrous sights to see while in Madagascar.  The Arboretum d'Antsokay in Tulear, Madagascar is a must see for both adults and children. Here, you will experience the natural beauty, exotic plants, and interesting wildlife that the forest has to offer. Take a guided tour through the botanical trail and discover the diverse flora consisting of more than 900 species of plants. Observe the more than thirty four species of birds.  Take a walk through the little museum.  Create lasting memories of a world far different from your own.

To experience all the abundant, unique wild life in Madagscar, visit the many parks scattered throughout this beautiful island country. Exotic birds, over seventy species of lemurs, color changing chameleons, and so much more can be found while you explore. Among the best are Andasibe-Manrandia, Kirinidy, Masoala, Ranomafana, and Berenty.

If you want to experience the mystical ancient history of Madagascar, visit the "Wicked Queen's" palace at Antananarivo and witness the very place where the vicious 17th century queen executed and punished as part of her daily routine. Go to the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga where ancient burial sites, city ruins and religion abound.


madagascar berenty

With so much to do and see in Madagascar, taking a tour or excursion is one of the best ways to take it all in. Take an excursion out to Andasibe park and witness first hand the exotic lemurs of Madagascar in their natural habitat. The biggest of the lemur species, the Indri, reside here.

A Berenty excursion will let you tour the best place in all of Madagascar to see and interact with the ring tail lemur. You can also take a leisurely tour through museums, sisal fields, and much more.

A Masoala excursion will take you eye to eye with nature's beauty. You may even see a whale or two in the big, beautiful blue sea if you go in August or September.

Looking for more of an adventure? Take an excursion to Bernaraha park where a personal guide will take you deep into the forest where you will witness the diverse wild life of Madagascar in its most natural form, Trek through the Tsingy park, hop on a ferry to belo sur tsiribihina, watch the beautiful, soaring eagles I the sky and look for exotic fish in the sea.

There is an excursion for everyone in Madagascar. Whether you want to take an exciting adventure or a leisurely pace through the history of Madagascar, lay on the beach, or whale watch, the possibilities are endless in this large tropical, secluded island full of amazing sights and sounds you won't find anywhere else.


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Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar -

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Royal Hill of Ambohimanga -

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