How to Experience Tomorrowland Festival in Style


Tomorrowland (Belgium) is arguably one of the largest electronic musical festivals worldwide. It is held every year in Boom, Belgium, which is north of Brussels by 32 kilometers and south of Antwerp by 16 kilometers. The festival’s original founders included ID&T Belgium and the first one was held in 2005. In the past 11 years, Tomorrowland (Belgium) has been numbered among the globally preeminent music festivals of all time.

It is definitely one of the most outrageous EDM festivals for stage design and layout and it is enjoyed by visitors from around the world. The main arena is open from 12pm every day during the festival until 1am, except Sunday when it closes at midnight. Ticket prices vary according to which package plan you choose.

Another interesting feature of Tomorrowland (Belgium) is the fact that they issue personalized bracelets in a special case instead of tickets to festival attendees. This not only helps save trees but also gives people something to get them into the campgrounds and the festival with greater ease. So, if you’ve never been to Tomorrowland (Belgium) before, here are a few hints regarding food, festivities, fun, and friendly accommodations.

1. Places to Go


Some of the major events at Tomorrowland (Belgium) include:

The Stages

Tomorrowland has almost 20 stages, and every one of them offers its own individual personality and artists’ styles. The sheer number of stages equates to a number of artists that play at the same time. Each stage is assiduously decorated. This means that the sheer brilliance of the decorations is as exciting as the overall event itself and the amazing music.

The Legendary Tomorrowland Main Stage

Every year, the festival has a different theme and that theme determines what the Main stage’s design will be. Many of them are amazing enough to cause total sensory overload. 2012’s theme was “the Book of Wisdom” and another year it was “The Arising of Life” Half the fun is not knowing what outrageous and amazing idea they’ll come up with this year until you get there.

Tomorrowland Lakes

The site of the festival is virtually covered with trees and lakes. Paddle boats are also available for rent and visitors can enjoy relaxing by the lakes for escaping the 120,000 to 200,000 other people in the festival crowd. Relaxing lakeside is a very serene experience.

The Church Of Love

One area of the festival has been designed just for lovers complete with privacy for 10 to 15 minutes, a bed, and even condoms.

Meeting the Locals

The Boom residents only total abut 16,000, but they’re a very interesting lot. They’re affectionately called “Boomers” and, yes, even Wikipedia calls them that. Just exactly how do they feel about the mad rush that hits their small town every year when Tomorrowland (Belgium) comes to town? Why not try meeting a few of them and find out? You can usually find them hanging out in the local bars or at many of the local restaurants. There are probably quite a few of them to be found at the festival itself, too.

2. Places to Stay – Nicest Hotels


Hotel Domus- Antwerpsestraat 15, 2850 Boom, Belgium-1.6KM from Tomorrowland (Belgium)

Room prices for 2 people are from $122 to $150 per night. This hotel offers king size beds in very spacious rooms with bathrobes, television, Internet, room safes, and also with breakfast included.

Fevaca Inn- 2.9KM from Tomorrowland (Belgium)

A single room at this inn will cost you $94 and a double room runs $103 per night with breakfast included, plus a minibar, shower, bath, and television.

Holiday Inn Express/ Mechelen City Centre – Veemarkt 37 C, Mechelen 2800, Belgium- 14.8KM from Tomorrowland (Belgium)

At this hotel, a room with 2 single beds runs $126 a night and it’s located in close proximity to the city centre. Rooms have TVs, hair dryers, desks, coffee and tea makers, and continental breakfast.

VixX Hotel- Muntstraat 11, Mechelen 2800, Belgium- In the center of Mechelen

This upscale hotel received a Certificate of Excellence and has very chic and luxurious one-bedroom suites featuring convenient kitchenettes complete with Nespresso machines, as well as flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and even Bose speaker systems plus amazing terraces and living rooms. In addition, you can enjoy the roof terrace and bar, sauna, complimentary secured parking, and a fabulous breakfast buffet.

3. Places to eat


Sea Food Restaurant

This well-known local restaurant was once called the ‘Belgian North Sea Restaurant’ and has now come back to Tomorrowland as a truly authentic Sea Food Restaurant. You can have the opportunity there to enjoy choosing between lobster or mussels on the menu or choose from a number of tasty items on the Sea Food Deluxe menu.

Sea Food ‘Deluxe’ Restaurant

This is the perfect restaurant for you if you’re a real seafood fanatic. Your can dine at an exclusive table for two and experience the seafood platter that dreams are made of, accompanying it with an excellent bottle of champagne. Spoil yourself and your significant other with natural flavours and true luxury. The sumptuous Big Sea Food platter for two with champagne is reasonably priced.


This is a unique restaurant that offers excellent food from a top chef in keeping with the festival’s atmosphere and music. It’s considered by most who’ve been there to be a magical experience full of surprises.

DreamVille Bistro

If you’re looking for an excellent lunch experience while you’re visiting Dreamville, then you should check out the new Dreamville Bistro. It’s the perfect place for taking a rest and enjoying a good meal before heading over to Tomorrowland. You can enjoy the main course of beef stew with fries or pasta with a nice glass of wine for $22 per person. This eatery is located close to the Marketplace and food truck Island.

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