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How Vrai & Oro Could Disrupt the Entire Jewelry Industry

Vrai and Oro

For a start-up jewelry company that is founded on the values of simplicity, transparency, and quality, Vrai and Oro, which loosely translates to truth and gold in French and Spanish respectively, fits its name in every sense. The company, which was founded in 2014, is where you can get timeless, beautiful, fine, and simple jewelry at a reduced price through a less-stressful process than in traditional jewelry dealers.

  • Vrai and Oro pops up in every shopper’s search engine page results for affordable and alternative jewelry solutions.
  • What makes the company move ahead of its competitors boils down to three important factors: high quality, beautiful styles, customizability, and transparency.
  • The company offers budget friendly, customized, and unique gifts to its shoppers.

Vrai and Oro’s story has become even more interesting over the past two years. Since then, it has been acquired by Diamond Foundry - a company that grows diamonds using solar energy. All the pieces affiliated to this company are designed, manufactured, and distributed from Los Angeles. The very unique form of localization and the amount of control inserted over the entire process enables the company to make sure that ethical practices are followed, prices are significantly reduced, and quality standards are maintained high.

Basically, this company symbolizes a growing movement of jewelry startups that hope to do business differently; they are rewarded with loyal fans. The decision to work with Diamond Foundry, for instance, was not a hard one in particular since the founder’s desire to establish change in the jewelry industry and show the availability of high-quality diamonds untainted by environmental and social concerns was unwavering.

The Vrai and Oro Weddings and the online custom and design studio give new power and sufficient space to the shopper to express his needs. If you do not wish to follow the crowd and stand inside a traditional jewel store, you can choose to shop online with no pressure whatsoever. You will, moreover, not miss out on the much-needed experience of physically trying out rings because Vrai and Oro will ship about three-ring samples to you through its Home Try program.

It is still okay even if you do not find a combination you like because the design studio will let you choose every feature imaginable: the prong, setting, metal type, band width, engraving, polish, diamond type, and so much more. There are more than 3500 style combinations included in the studio and each ring is made exactly in line with the order. Vrai and Oro follows a dainty and minimalist aesthetic; you will, therefore, be hard-pressed to find something you do not fancy at your well-dressed up occasion or laid back get together.

Vrai and Oro Sustainability Practices

Vrai and Oro’s manufacturers are not their suppliers, they are their partners: Diamond Foundry. The Diamond Foundry team forms an integral part of every jewelry design promoted by the company. As the company strives to come up with a healthy and renewable cycle with every touch, the Diamond Foundry team also shares the same efforts for sustainable business. Tortov, the company’s partners for all matters to do with packaging and shipping, lives and breathes paper products. Based in Shenzhen, the most innovative and green city in China, Tortov promotes sustainability within the region. Other than using non-toxic ink and recycled paper, the company offers generous incentives to team members who take public transport or bike to work. As part of the corporate culture, the company allows people to bring pets to work.

Vrai and Oro Offices: As the company grows, so does the Los Angeles office grow. It is, even so, becoming more mindful of the waste it generates thus making every effort to recycle, reuse, and only use natural products in their duties. The office recycles anything and everything they can: from coffee cups to returns packaging. When the company reuses items – like the Home Try packaging boxes and mock rings – the company prefers to clean them up and maintain them for future use.

Moreover, the company has gradually moved away from plastic cutlery and cups, and the dishwasher is either made of reusable ceramic or biodegradable. The company’s soaps and candles are free of any toxic substance and only use plant-derived products. Lastly, keeping the jewel inventory ready and clean for sale is one of the company’s highest priorities. Since the designs are crafted for long-lasting wear, they might require a pick-me-up from time to time. In this regard, the company only uses friendly cleaning solutions manufactured in the United States.

While the company stands firmly behind diamonds and what they symbolize, it does not support the practices of done traditionally in the industry. Instead, through Diamond Foundry, the company has chosen to take another path. By harnessing solar energy, Diamond Foundry has been able to recreate the conditions in which diamonds are formed in nature.

Diamonds made by Diamond Foundry are real diamonds with similar characteristics as mined diamonds. The two companies joined hands so as to disrupt the closed-door jewelry industry, creating sustainable and positive change along the way. The resultant gems are sustainably and ethically grown diamonds that have been made through solar technology. High-quality gold is Vrai and Oro’s motto: never plated, vermeil, or filled. The 14 and 18-carat gold designs do not rub off on the human skin or change their appearance with time: the jewelry lasts.

The company looks closely into working with ethical gold suppliers. The firm ensures that whenever it is involved in purchasing this commodity, the mined land is preserved and protected, the miners are compensated and treated fairly, and waste is reduced to a minimum. However, while Vrai and Oro can be sure of its diamonds, gold is a little bit tricky since it is hard to trace the real origin of this metal. The firm in this regard has taken the step to work with only certified gold for all its in-house items – this means that all jewelry and engagement ring designs are fitted with only certified gold products. Certified gold is quite earth-friendly, removing additional environmental and human uncertainty around it.

Vrai and Oro Recycled Gold Facts:

  • 90 percent of the company’s recycled gold comes from deformed pieces and scrap gold: a positive result of the firm’s Los Angeles manufacturer’s production processes.
  • Gold is a renewable resource with zero degradation in quality when recycled repeatedly.
  • Recycled gold undergoes refining processes that reduce them back to their original state, so you should never worry what alloys are included in your finished jewel. This process is conducted in accordance with EPA regulations for health and quality standards.

Vrai and Oro Engagement Ring Warranty and Guarantee

Vrai and Oro guarantees that your jewelry will be free of any manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase. Defects might include missing pave stones, clasp breakage, loose prongs, or loose diamonds. Manufacturing defects, however, do not include wear and tear, stretched rings or chains, scratching, lost jewelry, or jewelry that has been damaged due to improper storage or cleaning. The warranty, moreover, does not apply to final sale jewelry or Limited Edition Pieces.

If you do believe that your ring has a defect, you can send it back to the company for inspection where they will either replace or repair your ring depending on which move is more appropriate. Since each ring is made in accordance to orders placed and crafted by human hand, slight variations are normal, and they are, therefore, not viewed as a defect. If any damage is deemed to be outside the manufacturing umbrella, the company will communicate to you the associated price of repairs before commencing work on the ring.

The company’s warranty does not include replacing the center stone, or stones larger than 2 carats. Since the company stands behind all its manufacturers and designers, any third-party jeweler who attempts to repair your jewelry voids the warranty agreement with Vrai and Ovo. The only exception to this rule comes in if you are buying outside the U.S and you are need of a third-party jeweler to resize your engagement ring.

Diamond Upgrades

It is important to realize that every diamond bought from Vrai and Oro is eligible for an upgrade over the purchaser’s lifetime. The company guarantees that the value of your diamond will not depreciate, and a credit will be extended to the buyer in the value of 100 percent of the buying price of your diamond. You can choose to use this credit anytime towards upgrading your engagement ring. This credit is non-transferrable and it does not include the cost of your setting.

Your setting is not returnable or refundable to you, and you will have to buy another setting if you wish to upgrade your diamond since each setting is made to order in accordance to the diamond’s measurements. The credit, also, does not include tax or any duty paid on the diamond or any associated shipping costs. All applicable taxes and duties are charged based on the retail price of the jewelry before credits are applied. Your diamond, moreover, must be in its original condition and you must have the original buying receipt. Damages to the original diamond might disqualify the ring from this program.

Vrai and Oro works with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group to provide replacement and repair insurance on jewelry purchases. If your ring gets stolen, lost or damaged, the insurance group has got you covered.

The Diamond Foundry Team

After many years of solar power technology innovation, the Diamond Foundry team of top-notch engineers innovated a new way of growing diamonds above the ground. One by one, they connected atoms to a line of carbon lattice; this grows into a diamond within a few weeks. Today, the team of Ivy League engineers has grown, with both female and male engineers ensuring that only high-quality diamonds are produced. In addition to its modern and energy-efficient facility, the corporate’s culture is quite collaborative. This enables the team’s growth beyond just creating diamonds.

Diamond Foundry, through its chief executive Martin Roscheisen and his team of Stanford, M.I.T and Princeton engineers, aims to shake up the diamond industry by introducing man-made gems that are not distinguishable from the others. The manmade stones are identical in physical and chemical composition to those found underground.

At the moment, man-made diamonds represent only one percent of the 14 billion dollar market, according to a report on August 2016 by Morgan Stanley. However, the product prides in its big potential to expand to over fifteen percent of quality melee diamonds – which are commonly known as diamond chips – and about eight percent of larger diamonds by 2020. Despite such untapped potential, most of the firms producing man-made diamond stones only sell their gems to industries; only a few of them sell their product to retail customers, and Diamond Foundry makes part of the enlightened few. Indeed, the most obvious customer benefit of using diamonds grown in labs is that they are not marked by the ethical concerns that surround diamonds as captured by the popular Hollywood film “Blood Diamonds” that dramatized the unethical side of “Conflict diamonds” – named after how they were used to finance wars in Africa.

The opportunity offered by man-made diamonds is part of the reason why Diamond Foundry has been able to attract just over $90 million in funding. The company’s bold backers include actor Leonardo Dicaprio – who starred in Blood Diamonds – and Silicon Valley heavyweights such as Mark and Alison Pincus.

  • What makes the company move ahead of its competitors boils down to three important factors: high quality, beautiful styles, customizability, and transparency.
  • The company offers budget friendly, customized, and unique gifts to its shoppers
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