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iBand+ A Truly Smart Wireless Bluetooth EEG headband


We all know how important it is to get a good night's rest, but many of us don't get the sleep that we need. While many try all manner of things to help them sleep and dream well, now there's an option that relies on technology rather than pharmaceuticals or ineffective techniques: the iBand+. It doesn't just help you sleep better, the device actually affects how you dream. Here's more about this incredible tech gadget.

How It Works

The iBand+ was created to help improve the quality of your sleeping and dreaming. It's a wireless band that you put on your head when it's time to get some rest, and its connectivity is maintained via Bluetooth technology. All you have to do is download the device's app onto your smartphone, and you'll be connected within minutes. The app tracks all information gathered by the device, allows you to customize the band's settings, and provides useful data about your sleep patterns and history.

The device tracks and analyzes your sleep cycle, which can reveal patterns and signals being sent from your brain to your body. With this information, the iBand+ uses its unique algorithm and auto-learning software to adjust the audio-visual signals that it sends to you. It has RGB LED lights and a set of soft speakers that work together to send the signals, all without you needing to make any adjustments. Simply put it on, and the iBand+ takes care of the rest.

After a few sleep cycles, the device will use the information and stats that it records to recommend pre-loaded sound files to help you sleep better. The sounds are lifelike, soothing, and meant to help include restful sleep. Alternatively, you have the option of choosing to listen to files from your own library of audiobooks or music.

The type of dream state that the iBand+ enhances is called lucid dreaming. Essentially, it's a way to make yourself aware that you're dreaming without waking up. By wearing the iBand+, you can manipulate the types of dreams and sensory experiences that you have while sleeping. The things that you see, smell, taste, or do while in a dream state will seem much more authentic and real -- depending on what you happen to be dreaming about, that could be an awesome thing. Plus, you'll have a greater chance of remembering what you were dreaming about in the first place, which is something that eludes most people after waking up.

Smart Features

You could definitely use the iBand+ just to get to sleep easier, get more REM sleep, and wake up more refreshed. However, it's the lucid dream features of the iBand+ that truly make it stand out. No device before it has purported to allow people to enhance or improve their dream state, especially at such an affordable cost. That it's wireless and automatically adjusts to provide optimal audio-visual stimuli that works with your sleep patterns is also quite unique.

The device also aids some users in waking up more naturally, as opposed to relying on the startling tones of an alarm to get up and going in the morning. One of the ways that the iBand+ helps wearers feel more refreshed in the morning is by simulating natural sunlight, which sends your body a cue that it's time to wake up. However, this cue doesn't come until you're at the optimal point in your sleep cycle, so you get the rest that you need and aren't suddenly stirred awake.

Along with these benefits is the fact that iBand+ can track certain health stats while you're wearing it. In addition to your body temperature and heart rate, the iBand+ tracks and measures the amount of movement that you make during the night. The latter can provide clues as to what's been giving you sleep issues -- more movement typically means a less restful night.

Another nice feature of the iBand+ is that it's small, lightweight, and comfortable. Such a gadget wouldn't do much good if it were a hulking piece of equipment, and it would certainly fall short of its promises to help you sleep better if it felt like a two ton weight hanging on your head. It's sleek looking and barely noticeable once you have it on, so no matter what position you prefer to sleep in you won't have to worry about the device causing any discomfort during the night.

The Creators

The company was founded by duo Samir and Purva Raut, who hold electronics and computer engineering degrees and launched iBand+ to improve the lives of others. When they themselves has experienced sleep problems, they began to wonder if their knowledge of technology could somehow provide a solution. After testing the concept of the band and seeing that it worked, they set out to bring it to consumers.

Other members of the team include model developer Roeland Rietsema, industrial designer Bas Bruining, and concept manager Eric van Dorst, who came onboard to help further the development of the iBand+ and get it to market. The iBand+ was built and engineered by Vanberlo, a Dutch industrial design firm that's also a Red Dot award winner and the brains behind a number of innovative tech tools and electronic devices.

Funding the Concept

The Rauts used some of their own money to start working on developing the iBand+, but they soon realized they needed to come up with a plan to secure additional funds for the best chances of quickly bringing the product to consumers. They decided to try crowdfunding, set up a Kickstarter campaign, and originally had a goal of $56,119. As of October 5, 2016 and with 21 days left to go in the funding campaign, $243,655 has been raised by 1,406 backers.

How to Get Yours

If you want to be one of the first to own the iBand+, your best bet is funding the Kickstarter campaign for the product. Though the goal has been surpassed, there are still opportunities available for you to secure an iBand+. The company is also offering a limited edition model of the device that features 22 karat gold plated features, a custom embroidered name on the strap, and your choice of fabric color -- just one is available, and it comes at a pledge cost of $7,861.

Other pledge levels start at $167 and include a complete iBand+ set. Order fulfillment for those who snag an iBand+ via Kickstarter will begin in July 2017, and those who don't make a pledge during the campaign can buy one later on in 2017.

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