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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Instabase CEO Anant Bhardwaj

Anant Bhadwaj

Startups in Silicon Valley provide a broad range of impactful solutions to clients globally. Behind the success of these startups are innovators who we know not so much about until their technological products hit “a home run” in terms of monetary valuation. Being a chief executive officer is quite an achievement in anyone’s career despite the responsibility that comes with the position. Anant Bhardwaj is the epitome of success; he contributes to both the technology field and that of academia. You may know him for founding Instabase, but he has also gradually scaled the academic ladder, causing a stir in the San Francisco tech hub. Besides Anant Bhardwaj leading a technologically colorful life here are more details, you did not know about him.

1. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Instabase

Anant Bhardwaj set up Instabase a software platform that enables organizations to automate business operations in 2015 while studying at MIT. The software company in-built application functionalities facilitate users to process data, recognize optical characters and build machine learning models. In general, it provides a useful collection of services and tools for developers and organizations to simplify their processes. According to the company’s website, it is on a mission to shape the way we use applications, empower innovators, help companies create business applications using building blocks and bring unforeseen usage of the application to businesses.

2. He studied at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Away from the corporate world where the computer scientist and technical genius seeks to meet the customer demands of Instabase users, he maneuvers through the academic corridors in pursuit of knowledge. He was a PhD student in the (CSAIL) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, under the joint counsel of Samuel Madden and David Karger. However, he dropped out from the highly-acclaimed institution to pursue the corporate agenda of Instabase as its CEO.

3. He was a research intern at Google

Anant Bhardwaj served as a research intern at the world-leading technology company, Google. He served in Mountain View offices of the organization as part of the company’s research team. Anant shares his amazement of how much data about people the company has about its users; Google knows more about us than we do about ourselves. He gets the delight to see the company’s organizational culture as a data scientist. During his stay at Google, he learnt the company’s take on privacy and security of personal data alongside its software testing protocols and procedures.

4. He participated in MIT AI Conference 2019: Future of Computing

Having made a name for himself in the Silicon Valley, Anant got to be among the visionary and influential leaders that graced the third edition of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence conference 2019 whose theme was “the future of computing.” He, among other keynote speakers, engaged the audience in multiple areas in the computing domain. In the list of his discussion are cutting edge technologies to keep an eye on alongside practical lessons on current realistic business results. As a business executive, Anant uses the real world innovator anchoring on Artificial Intelligence to excel across the industry.

5. He is an alumnus of Stanford University

He holds a Master of Science degree from Stanford University in the discipline of Computer Science. After completing his undergraduate degree from MES College of Engineering, which is allied to Pune University in India, he applied to go to Stanford.

6. He worked as a Research assistant

According to his LinkedIn profile, we trace Anant Bhardwaj’s prolific grad student career. Bhardwaj served as a graduate student at both Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While at Stanford, he was a graduate teacher in Web Applications, Human-Computer Design: Interaction design studio and Object-Oriented Programming from Modelling and Simulation Perspective. At MIT, Bhardwaj was a research assistant to Haystack, and Database Groups. He also taught User Interface Design and implementation.

7. He was raised in India

Anant Bhardwaj is an Indian native who moved to the United States in pursuit of education. The 33-year-old was born and raised in Eastern India’s rural state, Bihar.

8. His heartfelt lessons from Stanford Professor

While at Stanford, Anant Bhardwaj took a keen interest in the nuggets of wisdom his professor, John Ousterhout, kept sharing. He mentions a few that he finds quite earnest to him in his career as a technology expert. Anant learned to use his intuition to ask questions rather than answer them. Another lesson he got from the great mind is that facts should precede concepts. He is passionate about the ideology that facts are needed to develop concepts and uses this knowledge to teach and explore foreign areas.

9. His choice for Startup of the Year in 2012

Anant Bhardwaj maintains a low social media profile but keeps a well-updated LinkedIn profile. He took the time to respond to some questions on the American question and answer website, Quora. When asked which firm he would choose for Startup of the year in 2012, he said that would be the industry pioneer in data preparation technology, Trifacta. The company is a global leader in offering software that explores, transforms as well as binds dispersed data for analysis. The reasons behind his choice for this venture include his adoration for the excellent workforce driving the Trifacta agendas. He also credits the company’s team for offering solutions to somewhat very tough challenges. They engage in solving real-world problems that have a visible impact.

10. He does not read the statement of purpose due to a tight work schedule

Anant Bhardwaj backed his choice on not reading through Statement of Purposes, citing several reasons. First, he stated that he gets a lot more calls for assistance on Statement of Purpose than his ability to make a response. Also, he receives an enormous number of emails, and since he has limited time due to other commitments, he cannot go through the statement of purposes.

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