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10 Things You Didn't Know About Robert Reffkin

Robert Reffkin

Robert Reffkin is an American businessman and entrepreneur who currently serves as the chief executive officer of Compass. Compass is a highly successful real estate technology company that assists clients in the purchase, sale, and rental of real estate assets in an online platform. The company is based in New York, New York. The business has grown and expanded and this made us want to know more about the leader who sits at the helm. We looked into his career history and here are 10 things about him that you probably didn't know.

1. Robert Reffkin is also Compass' founder

In addition to being the leader of the company, Robert Reffkin also helped to found the company, along with a partner. He is the part-owner of one of the most successful real estate tech companies in the United States, according to Crunchbase. The company was launched in 2012 and has been active for over 8 years.

2. He is a former Goldman Sachs executive

Before Robert Reffkin went out on his own to establish Compass, he worked for the notorious yet prestigious Goldman Sachs financial. He held a high-ranking position with the company, serving as the Chief of Staff to the president and COO. He earned this top position after being with the private equity division of the firm for five years. It's not easy to obtain a job like that and it tells us that Mr. Reffkin had to be one of the top candidates in his profession.

3. Reffkin was employed at Lazard, McKinsey & Company

Before working at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Reffkin was a member o the team at Lazard and McKinsey & Company. Lazard is a publicly-traded financial advisory and asset management firm. The business deals primarily with private equity funds and alternative investments. He spent two years in the position as a team member from 2003 through 2005.

4. He served as a White House Appointee

In 2005, Mr. Reffkin went to work for the Secretary of the Treasury in the capacity of special assistant. He was appointed by the White House to fill this position. He likely made many significant political connections during his time at the post. This lets us know just one more fascinating fact about Robert's interesting past that helped him to get where he is in the business world today.

5. Mr. Reffkin was raised by a single mom

According to Business Insider, Robert Reffkin was raised by his mother as an only child. His mother is Ruth, a single mom who raised Robert in Berkeley, California. Robert shared that he started Compass because of the influence that his mother has on his life. He claims that she is the embodiment of the "entrepreneurial spirit." This tells us that he is very close to his mother.

6. His mom works at Compass

Reffkin's mother works at the company that he owns and leads. She is a real estate agent for Compass. The 41-year-old Reffkin is proud of his mother's accomplishments and is happy to be working at the same company.

7. He is a family man

Robert Reffkin appears to have it all. He is young and successful in business and he also has an idyllic personal life. He is married to his wife Benis Reffkin. She works as a business and life coach in New York City, where the couple lives. The couple also has three wonderful children together and it appears that they are living the American Dream. Robert has declared that Benis inspires him and she has become the most important person in his life.

8. Compass isn't Reffkin's first business

Many years ago, Robert started his very first business. When he was only 15 years old, he took his babysitting money and funds he had received from his bar mitzvah and launched his own company that he titled Rude Boy Productions. it was a DJ business that earned the young entrepreneur a total of $100k by his high school graduation date.

9. He is a philanthropist

Robert didn't grow up in a wealthy family but he has always had a knack for making his own money. He has a keen business sense and he's a hard worker. He is a very wealthy man now, but he has earned every penny and has become a self-made man. He is generous and shares with others who are in need.

10. He combines his passions with philanthropy

We also learned that Robert Reffkin is passionate about running. He is known to run for good causes. So far in his running career, he has run in marathons in all 50 of the United States. In doing so he has raised $1 million which was donated to youth enrichment and education programs. This in itself is a significant accomplishment. He also believes in education. Mr. Reffkin founded a program called America Needs You. This is a non-profit website that seeks to encourage economic mobility for first-generation college students who show that they have the ambition to succeed. Before that, he founded the Success Academy Charter Schools. This is a school system that is designed for New York City's Hispanic and Black kids that are from low-income families. The school system intends to decrease the educational disparities that are so prevalent in today's society. these educational programs were established by Robert before he launched Compass. He is a lifelong learner himself and he knows the value of a good education. He also realizes that anything is possible if you believe you can accomplish your goals. His life is a good example of that. He was raised by a single mom and the man has made his way through life to accomplish many significant feats. He is in a good position in life but he has worked very hard to carve a niche for himself in the world and to turn his dreams into realities. He is an example of how hard work and a little talent can take you to the stars.

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