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10 Things You Didn't Know About Mickey Boodaei

Mickey Boodaei

Mickey Boodaei is an Israeli businessman and entrepreneur. He is the current chief executive officer of Transmit Cyber Security. Boodaei is a well-known investor who has built a successful career in the cybersecurity industry as well as making wise investments in promising startups. We were interested in learning more about him, and how he came to become so successful. We made some interesting discoveries about him that you might be interested in knowing. Here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about Mickey Boodaei.

1. Mickey Boodaei is the founder of Transmit Cyber Security

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Boodaei is not only the leader of Transmit Cyber Security, he is also the owner of the startup. He established the business in Boston, Massachusetts. The tech company provides customers and members of the workforce risk management as well as passwordless identity solutions. The company has received a total funding amount of $538 million so far, through venture capital funding rounds.

2. Mickey is also a prolific investor

Mr. Boodaei knows that to make money you must spend it. He has made multiple significant investments in a variety of different startups that present opportunities to bring in a good return on the investments. He invested in a Palo Alto, California company called Armis Security. This is a business that is involved with cybersecurity, information technology, the internet of things, and network security. The business provides an agentless IoT security solution. He also invested in Preempt Security of San Francisco, California, Excelero Storage of Santa Clara, Fireglass of Tel Aviv, Israel, and several others.

3. Boodaei has made 14 investments

Mickey's investment portfolio includes 14 investments that he has made as an angel investor. In addition to the companies listed above, he has diversified his portfolio and included companies that are spread across multiple industries. He invested $12 million in Laminate Medical's Series C funding round along with a $15 million investment in Insert, an Israeli-based mobile engagement company, along with several others.

4. Mickey Boodaei is a celebrated entrepreneur in Israel

According to Calcalis Tech, Mickey Boodaei has a solid reputation in the business world in his home country of Israel. He self-funded the company that he and a partner co-founded called Transmit Security. This is quite a feat that tells the world that he was successful before launching the company. Mr. Boodaei does not need to rely on funding sources from others, but he will engage in deals that are to his benefit if necessary.

5. He is a serial entrepreneur

Boodaei is credited with building a unicorn status company before he launched the very successful Transmit Security in Massachusetts. He formed a partnership with the co-founder of Check Point Shlomo Kramer. He was instrumental in building the company that they called Imperva to the status of a unicorn. While some struggle to make their new startups work, Mickey seems to have had little trouble achieving success in the majority of his business endeavors.

6. He was an early investor in big companies

Mickey Boodaei invested in startups before they became giants in the industry. He seems to have an intuition about good investment opportunities. For example, he invested in a company called Aorato, which is now a part of the Microsoft Corporation. He also invested in Lacoon and Hyperwise which now belong to Check Point. He also invested in a company called FireGlass which has joined the Symantec Corporation as a subsidiary.

7. His opinions are respected and in-demand

Mr. Boodaei is an expert in entrepreneurship and executive leadership. He has earned the respect of his peers with his long track record of success that goes back for a few decades. n 2017, he joined the Technology Advisory Board at HSBC Holdings as a member of the board. He is also a member of Cyber starts, which is a cybersecurity-engaged venture capital firm.

8. Mickey Boodaei is an engineer

According to his LinkedIn page, Mickey was educated in Israel. He attended Ben Gurion University earning his MBA. He also attended Technion Israel Institute of Technology where he studied in the field of computer engineering. He attended from 1990 to 1994 when he earned his M.Sc degree. He is a highly educated professional who holds two master's degrees. One is in the engineering aspects of computer science and the other is in business administration. When he set out to carve his niche in the business world he had a solid educational foundation in key areas that would work together to provide him with the knowledge necessary to make good business decisions.

9. He sold one of his companies for $1 billion

Mr. Boodaei is also the founder of a company called Trusteer. He launched the company in September of 2006. He spent 7 years and 4 months as the chief executive officer, leading the company forward to a valuation of $1 billion. In December of 2013, IBM acquired the startup and was willing to pay him $1 billion for ownership. Mickey was off to a good start and used some of the proceeds from the sale of the business to make more than a dozen investments in other companies to develop his impressive portfolio.

10. Mickey Boodaei is just getting started

Mr. Boodaei has done a lot in his life, but he is far from being finished. He's one of those talented entrepreneurs who has a keen sense of intuition when it comes to assessing the merit of potential investments. He also knows how to build a company from the ground up and turn it into an enterprise that is valued at over a billion dollars. He is a serial entrepreneur, and although most of his attention these days is focuses upon his current venture, Transmit Security, it wouldn't surprise us to see him establish a few more unicorn companies in the future. He's a dynamic businessman, investor, and leader and we're likely to be hearing more about him in the months to come.

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