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20 Things You Didn't Know About Julian Teicke

Julian Teicke

Julian Teicke is an entrepreneur who founded the Wefox company, which is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. He serves as CEO of the highly successful insurtech firm, and he has achieved a great deal of success as a young businessman. Teicke is a role model for those who have a dream of making it in the business world and when it comes to new business startups his knowledge and experience are of high value. There is a lot that we can learn from the example that he sets and we wanted to know more about who he is and how he came to be more successful, so we looked into his career history and his early years. We made some interesting discoveries that you might find inspiring. Here are 20 things you didn't know about Julian Teicke, CEO of Wefox.

1. He is just 33 years old

Julian was born on October 10, 1986, in Berlin Germany. He turned 33 years old in 2019. Teicke took up entrepreneurship at an early age. He grew up in a home with a father who worked in the insurance industry and his father was an inspiration in his early in his life. He learned a lot from his dad about business and what it takes to become successful in business. Teicke was gifted with a natural talent for taking an idea and turning it into a moneymaking venture.

2. Teicke built a solid educational foundation

While living in Berlin, Julian attended the John F. Kennedy School. After graduation, he made the decision to pursue academic studies in Switzerland. He was accepted at the University of St. Gallen, where he studied in the business program. This gave him the information and knowledge he needed about business principles and there he learned how to apply this knowledge to start up a business and to get it off the ground. He graduated from St. Gallen with his academic degree prior to launching his career as an entrepreneur.

3. He worked for other companies to get experience

Before Julian Teicke established a business of his own he spent some time working for other companies to gain experience and to learn the ropes. After he graduated from university, he worked for Chocri in the division serving the United Kingdom. He helped to launch the company and get the business established. After this, he stayed on in the UK and worked with Groupon.

4. He launched his first business in 2011

Teicke put his entrepreneurial skills to work in 2011 and with the help of a partner, he co-founded a new business called DeinDeal. This was an E-commerce website that was based in Switzerland and the company grew at a rapid pace. In addition to being a co-founder, Teicke served as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. He spent four years in this position until the company was sold to Ringier in 2015. This was his first big success as an entrepreneur.

5. He founded his second company in 2014

Just 3 years after establishing his first business venture and getting it off the ground, Julian Teicke founded his second big success. He launched EMPAUA in October of 2014. The company was a consultancy partner of Offices were located in Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid, London, and Berlin. The firm provided services for businesses and start-up companies. This was an area that Teicke excelled in.

6. Teicke launched Wefox 1 month after founding EMPAUA

When it comes to putting his ideas into motion, Julian Teicke is not one to procrastinate. Although he had just established a company in October, just a month later, he put his ideas for yet another business into action. He launched Wefox in November of 2014. Wefox is an online insurance management company that was formed through his other company EMPAUA. It was a spinoff that seemed to evolve as a natural progression.

7. He is an investor

Teicke has a strong track record for making successful investments in companies that deliver a good return on his investment. We learned that so far, he has made 6 major investments. He knows how to put his money to work for him so it will multiply and add to his personal net worth.

8. Teicke invested in Via

Via is a tech company based in Triesen, Liechtenstein. According to, he invested 600,000 in euros and was the sole investor in the company that provides the Internet of Things data, decentralized technology, user-friendly data privacy, contextual data, data control , and SWIFT for personal data management. Julian Teicke led the funding round and he is also the sole investor.

9. He invested in tech for the medical industry

Doctorly is a cloud-powered company that is fully centralized and billed as a digital-first practice management platform for doctors. The company is based in Berlin, Germany. The amount of the investment that Julian made in the new company that is aimed towards providing management technology for physicians is not known, but he is getting in on the ground floor of the company that is currently in its Angel Seed stage of development. This investment was made in January of 2018. Diversification is good for personal wealth management because it provides options across a broad spectrum for keeping a positive return as when one industry takes a downturn, investments in other industries may perform at higher levels. It's a good investment strategy.

10. Teicke is covering a wide scope of technology investments

The companies that Teicke invests in are inter-related because of their need for similar technology tools and services, but there is a broad scope of industries that are covered in his choices. Julian has also invested in OrgOS which is a Human Resource platform that provides assistance for companies seeking to streamline and enhance their practices for managing staff through the use of technology. This company is located in Berlin, Germany.

11. Julian Teicke has invested in a company to help startups

HeartSpace is yet another company that Julian Teicke has invested in. The Berlin, Germany based company provides a coworking space that provides support for new business startups. It challenges the way that employees work in organizations and it falls into the employee management sector of technology. This shows us a pattern that Teicke has developed in his investment strategies. He has carved a niche for himself in the business technology world and his innovative ideas capitalize on the use of technology to assist businesses and professionals in managing their workers as well as the use of data.

12. Julian Teicke is ushering in a new age in the European business world

Teicke has been instrumental in bringing Europe into a new age where technology has changed the way that companies conduct their business. The ecosystem of Europe has reached a degree of maturity that requires new kinds of technical support. He is using his knowledge of technology to create innovative software systems and companies that offer solutions for the management of people and data within organizations that effectively changes the way that companies do business.

13. He is also an educator

Teicke speaks to leaders and entrepreneurs often about the way that business in Europe is evolving. He shares his vision for the present and the future and talks about how networks transform into communities and help to build a new infrastructure that offers tremendous benefits for all stakeholders within an organization.

14. He is a big dreamer

When Julian Teicke speaks about big dreams, it isn't pie in the sky or wishful thinking. He has demonstrated in his own life how dreaming big and then following through with good ideas can change the world around you. He speaks of redefining our mindsets and increasing the scale of ambitions. This is a process that has been going on for years, Teicke explains, and after encouraging European entrepreneurs to "dream bigger," it's paying off with a new breed of European entrepreneurs who are taking their ideas to the global stage and they're holding up in the competition. He speaks about the visions and journeys of these bold entrepreneurs and the stories that he shares are inspirational for new entrepreneurs who are up and coming. Julian Teicke dreamed big. He encouraged others to do the same and he also puts his money into new ventures that he believes in.

15. Teicke took a simple concept and turned it into a fortune

When it comes to the Wefox Group, Julian Teicke used a simple concept to build a company with products and services that would have a high demand. He looked for a problem that needed fixing, then created a company that would focus on effective solutions for that problem. In his case, it was for the insurance industry. His father worked in insurance for 30 years and Julian was familiar with the issues that were problematic for both brokers and their customers. It's simple yet brilliant. The relationship between customers and insurance companies could be improved upon. Brokers and those looking for insurance had to go through time-consuming processes to find what they needed. Teicke's WeFox Group's platform provides a one-stop-shop for clients to find information from a pool of brokers and to compare packages and costs in one convenient place. They could fully customize their information on the site to access all insurance information for new and existing products, including necessary forms, contracts, and histories in one place. Brokers could do the same. WeFox provided multiple solutions in one convenient fix.

16. He found success in disruption

The insurance industry was a slow-moving machine that didn't operate anywhere near its potential for efficiency. The change was necessary, but nobody else was addressing it. Radical change does come with risks, but Teicke knew how to keep it simple for end-users. Realizing that the world is heading towards a massive integration of technology interfaces for the sake of cohesion, Julian took the risk and developed a system that would be transparent and easy to use. His platform has disrupted the insurance industry by infusing a complicated system of technology innovations that are simple for stakeholders to use. Teicke has disrupted the industry and encouraged consumer demand for greater efficiency in processing and convenience for end-users. Companies offering insurance products must either come on board and become a part of the solution or they are likely to be passed by with consumers migrating to those who offer services in a way that meets their demands.

17. Teicke is a part of the fourth industrial revolution

Teicke has a vision that includes a holistic approach to changing the insurance industry. He is very open about the fact that simply changing the technology aspect isn't enough. The industry was ripe for the revolution and with more organizations coming on board, things in Europe are beginning to settle into a less volatile evolutionary pattern where change begins to occur more naturally as professionals and consumers become more accustomed to the new technology that is available to them. It's natural for old school professionals and organizations to resist change but when it becomes obvious that refusing to change could signal a loss of customers, it's a do or die situation. Digitization of the insurance distribution offering brokerage services for insurance brokers and a resource for all stakeholders was a major step for WeFox. The timing was right and Teicke is a major player in the new industrial revolution that is coming in the form of enhanced technology and the Internet of Things playing a major role.

18. Teicke sees the value in criticism

Even though it is apparent that Teicke is sponsoring a movement that is bringing about changes that are beneficial for consumers and insurance company stakeholders, the process of change can be painful. He has not escaped criticism while undertaking this disruptive process, but he takes it in stride. He's not offended nor put off by the fact that he has gained a few critics along with way. He sees it as a good sign that he is being noticed, but even more importantly, that the concepts he is introducing to the industry are being seen, felt, and that there is a strong reaction to them. It's a part of the process of change.

19. You can follow him on social media

Julian Teicke has an Instagram account and so far he's made 113 posts. This is an excellent resource for new entrepreneurs who want to learn more about successfully starting a new business venture. Teicke has just under 25,000 followers on the site so far.

20. Julian Teicke is a powerful agent for change

Teicke inspires people to dream big and to change their lives and the world around them. He knows the value of dreams and ambitions if they include follow through to bring the dreams to fruition. He is a visionary who sees a bright new future for Europe and it includes, but extends beyond the insurance industry. You don't have to be involved in any one industry to benefit from the wisdom that he shares because it's portable across all industries and it starts with attitudes, beliefs, and a willingness to take action.

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