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10 Things You Didn't Know about Tao Ling

Tao Ling is the chief executive officer at Ostin Technology Group. Ling has served the company since it first opened its doors for business. He is a dynamic leader who brings years of experience to the job. We were intrigued by the Ostin Technology Group and wanted to learn more about its chief executive officer, so we looked into his personal and career history to learn more about him and how he came to be the leader of the company. Here are ten things we learned about him that you probably didn't know.

1. Tao Ling was the first director of Ostin Technology Group

Ostin Technology Group confirms that Tao Ling was the first director of Ostin Technology Group. He served in the position since the company first opened its doors for business. The company launched its operations in December 2010. Tao Ling has been a member of its leadership team for twelve years as of 2022.

2. Tao Ling advanced since his first job at Ostin Technology Group

Mr. Ling joined the Ostin Technology Group as a director in 2010. Since that time, he has grown with the company. He became the Chairman of Jiangsu Austin in December of 2010 but advanced to the level of chairman of the board of directors. Ling became chief executive officer of the company in June 2020. His dedication to the company made him a valuable asset. He got promoted to leader of the business. The company is flourishing under his leadership. He knows what it is to work up to the top in the corporate world.

3. Tao Ling was educated at the Southeast University in China

We also learned that Mr. Ling attended the Southeast University in China on two different occasions. He first studied Radio Technology during his undergraduate years. He completed his requirements and earned his bachelor's degree in the program in 1985. The degree helped to open doors for his emerging career in technology. The education helped him to secure his first job after college in his career field.

4. Tao Ling returned to school after nearly two decades

Mr. Ling earned his first college degree in 1985. He left school and went to work in the radio technology field, but he later realized that he had ambitions to take on more responsible job duties. Seeking to advance his potential for aspiring to leadership jobs, Ling continued his education. After being out of school for nearly twenty years, he returned to the Southeast University in China to study for an advanced degree in business administration. He earned a master's of business administration from the institution in 2004, which helped prepare him for higher management and executive leadership positions.

5. Tao Ling started his career at a radio factory

Tao Ling didn't begin his career at the top, but he knew he had to start somewhere. In 1989, he got hired by a company called the Nanjing Radio Factory. He began at entry-level as most workers do. He worked hard to prove his merit. By 1994, Tao had proven his value and was assigned leadership positions that allowed him to take over the technology licensing division of the company. He gained exposure to international companies and worked with some of the larger businesses including Uniden, Ericsson, Hitachi, and Harris. It gave him experience in working at higher levels with greater responsibility. He saw first-hand how leadership worked on the international level.

6. Tao Ling is a proficient fundraiser

Seeking Alpha confirms that Tao Ling is a skilled fundraiser who knows his way around investment circles. He helped in the efforts to secure venture-capital funding for Ostin Technology, working with large investment companies and pointing out the potential of Ostin Tech to succeed in providing them with a healthy return on their investments. It takes skill and diplomacy to achieve such a feat. He is also an investor who joined in the fundraising efforts with SHYD Investment Management under his purview, JAQZY Investment Management, and Renown Investment Management, raising over $10.5 million for the company.

7. Tao Ling led the Ostin Technology Group through its IPO

Mr. Ling stood firmly at the helm, guiding the Chinese tech firm through its initial public offering. The company went from a privately-owned enterprise to a publicly-traded entity under his leadership. It's been another feature in his cap. The company raised a total of $13.5 million by the close of the day. The IPO kicked off on April 2022 under the ticker symbol OST on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Ostin Technology Group was incorporated in the Cayman Islands for tax purposes, conducting its operations in China and several subsidiary companies.

8. Tao Ling worked for Nanjing Panda Electronics

Mr. Ling continued to gain experience with increasing responsibility in his new jobs. He accepted a position working as the vice president of Nanjing Panda Electronics in 1995. The international company put him in charge of sales for its products. it produced televisions and other household appliances. He remained in the position until June of 2000 when he decided it was time to move to another company for opportunities to advance his career further and gain more experience.

9. Tao Ling worked at Nanjing Sharp Electronics

In 2000, Mr. Ling accepted a position working for Nanjing Sharp Electronics. The company exports its electronics products throughout the world under the Sharp brand. He worked there from July 2000 through March 2008, occupying key sales and supply-chain management roles. He also advanced to operations management jobs, gaining more experience to prepare him for advanced leadership positions.

10. His final job before Ostin was from 2008 to 2010

Tao Ling left Nanjing Sharp Electronics to accept a position at Nanjing Shunyijing Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It is an air conditioning systems manufacturer and distributor. He became Chairman of the company. Ling had responsibility for the budget, sales, and strategic planning. He spent less than two years in the business, learning the ins and outs of how to develop strategic plans and operate a master budget that was contingent on sales. The experience prepared him for the position of CEO, which he soon earned after spending a decade working as a director of Ostin Technology Group, the company he left Shynyijing Electrical Technology to join. It took Tao years to prepare for his current role, but he gained many insights along with way. He is an inspiration and a role model for young businesspeople interested in working their way to the top.

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