10 Things You Didn’t Know About James Callinan

James Callinan is the current portfolio manger at Osterweis Capital Management. Callinan is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has created a successful career in the financial sector of business. He is an excellent example of how young hopefuls in this field can rise to the top of their professions. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about James Callinan that can give you a few tips about how to succeed in hedge fund management.

1. He has a solid education

James was accepted at the prestigious Harvard University after graduating from high school. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the school. After earning his undergraduate degree, he continued forward to gain yet more knowledge earning his MS degree in Accounting from New York University, and then an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He honed his skills and achieved the rank of Chartered Financial Analyst.

2. He started out as a research analyst

Callinan began his carer in finance in 1987. His first post was at Putnam Investments. He started out as a research analyst in the equity division. He was able to begin at such a high position because of the time and effort that he dedicated to his education prior to launching his business career. He advanced in his career to become the portfolio manager of the Putnam OTC Emerging Growth Fund. He occupied this post from 1994 through 1996.

3. He worked for Robertson Stephens Investment Management

In 1996, Jim Callinan had a few years of hands on experience in managing financial assets. He was working with the Robertson Stephens Investment Management company in 1996. He was a manager for the RS Emerging growth Fund in 1996 and served in this position until 2010. This was his second post and it gave him yet more diverse experience. We see a pattern with Jim in his career choices. He didn’t remain with any one company for too long, which gave him a better idea of how the financial asset industry worked as a whole. He understood that it was important to diversify his experience to more finely hone his skill set and knowledge base.

4. He is the founder of a fund

While working for Robertson Stephens Investment Management, Jim co-founded the RS Growth Group LLC. His prior experience had equipped him with the knowledge and skills to set up growth funds, attract investors and manage them. He was a valuable asset for Robertson Stephens, and he made several major contributions to the betterment of the group.

5. He started his own business

Callinan was busy during his time with Robertson Stephens. During his tenure, he not only established an offshoot company, he was able to transition the new branch into his own firm. His entrepreneurial skills were high and he took advantage of the opportunity to create a business for himself. His analytical skills were high and he offered his services as an analyst and asset manager through his own company. He managed the Emerging Growth Partnership, LP.

6. He co-founded another business previously

Jim has a long history of working hard and spinning off new companies from opportunities that he’s taken advantage of while working in the financial management sector for other companies. Before founding EGP, he co-founded RS Investments. He served as the Chief Investment Officer for the firm. Jim Callinan has extensive experience in the asset management industry and he has applied the knowledge that he gained to the start of his own business partnerships rather than continuing to work for others solely.

7. He is active in the community

Jim also serves on a variety of different boards in an advisory capacity within his community. He gives back by offering his knowledge and expertise as an executive Committee member of Weatherbie Capital. This is an Alger Company. He also serves on the Friends of Harvard Football Board Advisory Board. He maintains support and strong connections with his alma mater and he is active in supporting the Ivy League school with recommendations and input on the best ways to manage the school’s football team business.

8. James is also the CEO of his own company

James Callinan also established another business that he calls Callinan Asset Management LLC. He founded the company in 2012 in San Francisco, California. Since the business launched, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer, overseeing all aspects of th company’s progress. He has served in this high position of leadership for nearly 8 years and he continues to occupy this post at the present. CAM LLC is a concentrated small cap aggressive growth, domestic equity fund that he established. It is somewhat of an elite fund that is designated as long only and open to only accredited investors.

9. He bought a company he worked for

It’s worth pointing out that James Callinan purchased a company that he worked for as an asset manager. He bought Robertson Stephens Investment Management in 1999. He purchased the investment group from Bank of America after establishing the RS Growth Group and receiving Morningstar Manager of the Year in 1999. Mr. Callinan is highly respected in fund management circles. After 13 years, he left his post with RS Investments as Chief Investment Officer, President, and Co-Founder. He shows us all that when you’re really good at what you do, and you make wise decisions, you could end up owning the company that you work for.

10. James Callinan is an award-winning entrepreneur

Callinan has received numerous recognitions and awards for his contributions to the asset management sector. In 1995 he was recognized by Boston Globe as a top performing Massachusetts equity fund manager. In 1995, he was the recipient of the Lipper #1 Ranked Mutual Fund for Putnam Emerging Information Sciences Trust. In addition to this he received the Micropal Honors for Putnam Emerging Information Sciences Trust 1994-1995.Callinan has established an outstanding reputation in his field and he has built a fortune by making sound business decisions.

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