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10 Things You Didn't Know about Vincent Bryant

Vincent Bryant

Are you a real estate agent struggling to sell your company? Perhaps, your company does not meet the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements. 'Environmental' denotes a house that operates in a way that does not harm the environment. As for 'Social,' it means your property should impact society in terms of education or wealth. Lastly, 'Governance' concerns the standards of running a company. How would you know whether your building meets the ESG standards? Fortunately, Deepki can help you answer that question. Deepki is a French company that collects ESG data through its SaaS platform. After getting a comprehensive report on the ESG of your property, you can determine areas to improve. Without further ado, we are going to learn ten things about the co-founder and CEO of Deepki, Vincent Bryant. These ten facts will give us further insight into how Deepki works.

1. He Won the 2019 Proptech Awards for Having the Best Business Execution

In the Proptech competitions, the public votes for their favorite startups. During the competition, hundreds of CEOs show up for this event. So when he bagged this award, it was also a significant chapter for him. Winning this award means that you get recognized for your entrepreneurship activities towards improving the real estate sector. Earlier, we saw how he was unable to sell his product in Switzerland due to how they presented their product. Luckily, winning this award demonstrated that he learned how to present a product for sale.

2. He Went into a Partnership With SNCF

Partnering with SNCF seems like a strange match since SNCF is a French railway company. However, he explained that he could still help them exploit their existing data more efficiently. Besides managing their data, he explained that he could streamline their water and energy consumption.

3. He Struggled to Get Partnerships

With its high winning streaks, you may be tempted to think that the company was always successful. However, before a company emerges successful, it must undergo a series of hardships. One of the challenges Vincent faced was landing a partnership. When he tried to partner with a company in Spain, he discovered that they both had different interests. He then tried to market his product in Switzerland but realized that the demand for their product was non-existent. Also, he admitted that he may have had faults in the way they presented their product. Finally, he was lucky to secure a partnership with Italy.

4. His Company Won the MIT Innovation Prize in 2015

By 2015, he became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in his country. He was, therefore, qualified to contest for the MIT Innovation Prize in 2015. Winning this competition entailed a lot for Deepki. When you win this competition, you receive a cash prize of $100000. After that, they get trained to articulate business pitches to investors.

5. Vincent's Company Has Won Several Digital Innovation Competitions

Bpifrance is a French public investment bank. The company would periodically host the digital innovation competitions. Each time Deepki participated in the competitions, they would emerge winners. Besides winning the competitions, Bpifrance also supports Deepki whenever they need loans or grants.

6. He Was the Energy Efficiency Director for Engie

Engie is a company that strives to provide energy in a way that reduces carbon emissions in the air. Having worked for Engie explains why he became passionate about saving the environment. As you know, Deepki ensures that a structure meets the ESG standards. During his time in Engie, he applied the knowledge he gathered from the energy company and then started his company.

7. Vincent Sought Help from EDC Paris Business School

Sometimes an entrepreneur needs to consult people on how best to expand their business. Of course, few will agree that you should consult students, yet that is what he did. He asked EDC Paris Business School students to identify potential German clients who may use their services. Additionally, he asked them also to identify German competitors. His aim in conducting this research was to try and conquer the market across the Rhine. Therefore, he did not want to risk starting a business in Germany without finding out whether it was what they needed.

8. GDF Suez incubated Vincent's Company

When Deepki was just established in 2014, GDF Suez (now called Engie) offered to support its growth. Engie is a French company that operates in the energy sector. As a result of their collaboration, Deepki gained 3 energy efficiency engineers, 3 data scientists, 2 IT engineers, and 1 digital marketer from Engie. On the other hand, Deepki assists Engie clients in mapping potential energy savings within their building stocks.

9. Vincent Wanted to Expand His Company With the Series C Funds

Typically, companies receive a lot of money during Series C rounds. The funds are usually enough to start other branches, which is precisely what he embarked on. By this time, he had branches in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and the U.K. However, he wanted to create one more branch in the United States.

10. He Raised Some Series C Round Funds for Deepki

Deepki is one of the few companies offering SaaS services for ESG data. When a company offers a service no one else is offering, it usually gets a lot of attention from investors. Of course, the investors must be convinced that the company will catch on with the public. Fortunately, Vincent raised $164,721,000 in a Series C round of funding. The investors who put up this program together were Highland Europe and One Peak.


Did you get the impression that Vincent Bryant always had it easy starting his business? That is typically what most people think of entrepreneurs. Remember, he had challenges bagging partnerships but later, he was able to secure them. Also, Vincent proved that you might have to deviate slightly from society's expectations to be a successful entrepreneur. For instance, he consulted students regarding setting up a market in Germany. Some people may have scoffed at him back then, yet he may have understood how markets in certain countries work thanks to consulting them. We can indeed learn how to consult people by first eliminating certain preconceived notions.

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