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10 Things You Didn't Know About Clint Reid

Clint Reid

Clint Reid is an American entrepreneur and businessman who currently serves as the chief executive officer of Zonos. The company is in St. George, Utah. It's on a mission to boost the confidence of international shoppers by offering merchants a platform that accurately assesses the various fees associated with buying internationally. It's long been a problem for consumers frequently overcharged for duties, imports, taxes, and other complicated fees for buying internationally. He's a dynamic leader who has built a business that fills a gap in the e-commerce industry. It's helping to inspire greater confidence for shoppers. We wanted to know more about him. After looking into his personal and career history, we made several discoveries we want to share. Here are ten things you didn't know about Clint Reid that you might find inspiring.

1. Clint Reid is the founder of Zonos

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Reid is not only the CEO of Zonos, but he is also the founder. He identified a problem in the global e-commerce industry and developed a solution. Zonos is a company that provides technology solutions that automatically perform the calculations for the fees associated with global sales. The software is fast and accurate. It saves global merchants time and effort and it provides consumers with accurate costs for their purchases. It helps e-commerce business owners to built trust and loyalty in the international community.

2. He launched Zonos on a shoestring

When Reid first launched Zonos, he didn't have a fancy office. He was living in his home with extra space in the basement. He shared that the space was unfinished at the time. His office was framed but it had no walls. He sold his first retailer out of the makeshift space. He didn't wait until he could afford an office space. He made do with what he had available at the time.

3. He attended college in Utah

Reid attended Utah Valley University from 1997 through 1998. He earned his associate's degree from the school, before transferring. While there he participated in Track and Cross-Country. In 2001 he began studies in general communication at the University of Utah. He earned his bachelor's degree in one year, graduating in 2002.

4. He worked for other companies to build his experience

Before launching his business, Clint worked for other companies to learn about the shipping and delivery business. He was hired at Ingenix in May of 2001 as a supervisor of Medallion Customer Service, in Salt Lake City. While there he was awarded the Service Excellence by the CEO of the company for 2002. He left Ingenix in April of 2003 to pursue other career interests.

5. He advanced in his career quickly

Clint was hired at DHL Express in May of 2004. His job was account executive. This was a step up from his previous position with Ingenix. He left eh company in November of 2005, after 1 year and 7 months, and was hired at UPS as an international account executive. He worked at this job from December of 2005 to August 2009. He spent just under 4 years at the job, gaining the experience he would need to strike out on his business venture.

6. Clint Reid founded Zonos in 2009

Mr. Reid left his job as an international account executive at UPS to launch his own company. he founded Zonos in August of 2009. He also serves as chief executive officer of the company. He has served in this position for 12 years and 2 months as of September of 2021.

7. Clint Reid is a local celebrity

According to the Zonos blog, Clint Reid is a local celebrity in the business world of St. George Utah. He has been interviewed for various podcasts where he is asked to share his expertise on international buying. He was interviewed for the Meat and Potatoes podcast, sponsored by Silicon Slopes Utah. They placed the podcast online to help merchants understand more about how Zonos can help them to expand their reach into international markets without adding the hassle of making manual calculations for the associated fees.

8. Reid was featured by the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity

The governor's office interviewed Mr. Reid for inclusion in its series on interesting business executives from the state of Utah. Mr. Reid is a native of the Wasatch Front and he was raised in South Jordan, but his love of outdoor lifestyles caused him to move to the southern part of the state. He shared that Utah is his home and it's where he wanted to establish his business and his life.

9. He is an industry leader

Reid founded Zonos to solve problems for merchants and consumers. His company Zonos, has grown to become a leader in the industry of cross-border technology. Through Zonos, Clint now serves more customers than any other company within its niche of the technology industry. He learned the ins and outs of imports when he worked for other shipping companies, and when he realized how big the problem was, he did something to address it. He is not only a problem-solver, he is the owner of a company that has become a leader in its respective industry.

10. Clint Reid has a good work/life balance

Mr. Reid freely shares his philosophy on business and life. He's a dynamic executive who runs a successful company. He believes in solving hard problems that make a difference for your clients and going into it for the long haul to incrementally improve the broken system. He is married with a family with five children. He has a good balance spending time with his wife and children and taking care of business on the job. He advises others to be authentic with their customers and team of employees and work as a member with everyone else.

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