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10 Things You Didn't Know About Bryant Riley

Bryant Riley

Bryant Riley is an American businessman and entrepreneur, best known for his role as the CEO of B. Riley Financial. We were interested in learning more about him and how he earned his fortune. Riley is top-notch in the finance industry. After researching his personal and career life, we discovered how he achieved success in the business world. To help you become more familiar with him and his accomplishments, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Bryant Riley.

1. Bryant Riley is the co-founder of B. Riley Financial

According to B Riley's website, Mr. Riley is not only the chief executive officer of B. Riley Financial, but he is also a co-founder of the organization. Bryant shares CEO responsibilities with his co-CEO which shows he understands the value of teamwork. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for B. Riley Financial. He is busy in many aspects of running the business at an executive level.

2. Bryant Riley is a man of many talents

Bryant Riley is an asset to any business because of his professional skills across multiple aspects of the financial industry. He is an expert in research, turnaround strategy and management, investment banking, investment management, capital markets, deal structuring, corporate finance, and financial modeling. These talents help him to advise employees of the company on the best practices. His education and experience have helped him to become skilled in running the company.

3. Bryant Riley founded B. Riley Financial in 1997

B. Riley Financial is a full-service investment bank. Bryant built it into the leading bank of its kind. The legal name of the enterprise is B. Riley Financial Inc. It is also known as B. Riley & Co, LLC. He also serves as the CEO of B. Riley Capital Management, LLC. It's an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. The bank has been in operation for 25 years. Mr. Riley has had a quarter-century of experience in banking investment.

4. Bryant Riley is appreciated for his advisement

Crunchbase confirms that Mr. Riley's expert advice is in high demand. He is a member of the board of Lightbridge Communications Corp, a privately held company. He has sat on many boards of directors including Alliance Semiconductor Corporation, Trans World Entertainment, Transmeta Corp, Kitty Hawk Inc., Mossimo Inc., Silicon Storage Technologies STR Holdings, Inc., Strasbaugh, and SI Technologies Inc. He was also on the board of Celeritek, Inc., Integrated Silicon Solution, DDI Corp., Carreker Corporation, Cadiz, Inc, and Aldila Inc.

5. Bryant Riley is a serial entrepreneur

B. Riley Financial is not the first company Bryant Riley established. Before founding the investment bank, he and a partner founded a company called Huberman-Riley. It was a brokerage firm based in Texas.

6. Bryant Riley has worked across the nation

In the early days of his career, Bryant moved from one state to another in pursuit of career opportunities. He wasn't afraid to pull up stakes and move to a new locale. He worked in Texas, running his brokerage firm, and also worked in Los Angeles, working as the co-head of Equity at a company called Dabney-Resnick, Inc. from 1993 through 1997, when he took the leap and founded B.Riley Financial.

7. Bryant Riley is a multi-tasker

We were impressed to learn that Bryant Riley currently holds down two part-time executive jobs. He is doing them simultaneously. It's difficult enough to run one company let alone two, but he's rising to the challenge and doing a spectacular job. Bryant doesn't have just one job at either company. He is Chairman and CEO of B. Riley Financial. He is also a co-founder, co-CEO, and chairman of the board for a company called FBR & Co. The latter is an asset management firm that specializes in full-service investment banking, research, trading, and institutional sales. The company's headquarters is in Arlington, Virginia. FBR & Co has made three acquisitions and it was acquired by B. Riley Financial. The new acquisition operates under the umbrella of its parent company. This makes it easier for Mr. Riley to oversee the executive operations of each entity.

8. Bryant Riley has made several acquisitions

According to LinkedIn, Bryant Riley's company is the parent of several subsidiary companies. It carries out operations through these businesses that have helped to expand the reach of B.Riley Financial into more regions of the nation. The company collaborates to find solutions that meet the needs of its partners and clients. It offers a diverse range of services that run end-to-end from institutional brokerage, investment baking, and investment management to private wealth, corporate restructuring, and more.

9. Riley also provides other services for clients

Bryant Riley is a visionary leader with a unique anticipatory talent for predicting client needs in advance. He's prepared the company for reaching out into other financial services sectors, offering auxiliary services such as liquidation and auction services, appraisal and valuation, operations management, forensic accounting, litigation support, due diligence, risk management, and compliance. He and his partner developed a comprehensive organization with its partners and subsidiaries that covers the gamut of potential client needs in the financial sector. When we seek to understand the secret of his success in the business world, these factors emerge as factors that combine to create a holistic financial services company with customized solutions.

10. Bryant Riley is worth hundreds of millions

Wallmine reports that Bryant Riley has a net worth that is estimated to be $387 at a minimum. It could be more. He owns more than $382 million in B. Riley Inc stock. He has not sold any of the stock in the past 17 years. He's hanging onto it. In addition, Bryant earns an annual salary of $4,909,960 for his role as the Chairman of the Board combined with his duties as co-chief executive officer of B.Riley Inc. Bryant Riley is a wealthy entrepreneur, businessman, and investor with multiple irons in the fire.

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